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Saturday, September 30, 2017

Hypocrisy Before Annihilation

Spenser Rapone, the Marxist West Point graduate who outed himself on Twitter, is just another example, maybe the most illustrative example, of the constant push of communists in society. There is no lack of evidence, even though when I write about "communists" it sounds like a throwback to the Cold War and difficult even for myself to take seriously. But, that is just the point. Through the educational system and the constant brainwashing of the media, I have been taught to take threats of communism in our society with a grain of salt. It worked!

Intellectually, I understand the issue quite well and have written extensively about the encroachment of collectivism in America, but naming it "communism" seems weak and irrational. But, this is the success they have had in branding all accusations of communism in our society as baseless and fear-mongering. It is a testament to the depth and persistence the communists have had over the past hundred years.

Americans have to continually rebrand things as the success of countermeasures increase. Accusations of communists once worked well to expose those working to undermine and control the republican state, but McCarthy went too far and in his zeal destroyed the anti-communist instinct for decades including up to the present. Or, was it that the communists in the media destroyed McCarthy as he became more effective in identifying and calling them out in government? Truth is hardly ever what any one person thinks it is. It does not change the current situation, except that it makes the accusation of communism seem weak and desperate, but that is exactly what we are facing.

Communists and jihadists have always been aligned along the same trajectory, the destruction or the conquering of the West. The methods are roughly the same, to dig into Western societies, get into the root of it and bend the rules and the laws toward their purpose. The larger problem is that the West is weak and incapable of resisting these intentions while maintaining their inclination toward freedom. This forces Western societies to hold back, to restrain themselves in an attempt to preserve what makes them unique: the ideals of free speech, religious liberty, majority rule, the immunity of individual rights to the majority, etc.

The crux is that communism is alive and well and gaining ground as we avert our eyes in an attempt to seem "reasonable." There is always a point where civility and reasonableness must be suspended as war is neither. When confronted with an uncivil and unreasonable foe, it must be matched and even exceeded in order to win. Just as barbarism led to the settling of this nation, a fact that the enemies of America have used as a means to reconquer it in the name of communism, it will be necessary to revert to barbarism in order to keep it.

This is a fact that many Americans find abhorrent, but it is a fact. The choice is fairly clear: maintain reasonableness and suffer defeat, or abandon reasonableness and survive. It is the seed of individual rights that must survive, even if we, as a people, must deny it to others to retain it for ourselves. What I am describing here is hypocrisy. It is a dangerous prescription and fraught with temptation to become exactly what we are trying to defeat. It's a risk we will have to take, because being reasonable and offering ourselves up to cultures too barbaric to understand the complicated nature of individual liberty will get us annihilated.

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