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Lies of Omission
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Saturday, September 9, 2017

Mr. Jeff Sessions

Apparently, we are going to have to deluge Jeff Session's office with demands. Whatever happened to the idea of being able to count on the law enforcement offices to do their job? What level of criminality must be present before the Attorney General will take the steps to hold everyone accountable. The fact is, none of us would have gotten away with what the rich and powerful have gotten away with on television.

Yeah, I know it's been this way for a long time and there is nothing new under the sun, but I had some respect for Jeff Sessions before he became Attorney General and I thought he would be a good AG, because he had always struck me as a law and order guy, no matter which way the blade of justice cut. I don't think that anymore. I have given him time to get his organization in line and start pursuing the obvious criminals standing right in front of him, but he hasn't.

Now, we learn that Lois Lerner, the woman who used the IRS to attack me, little old me, simply because I had gone to a thing called "Take the Townhalls to DC" where a bunch of us met up in Washington DC and went through the House of Representatives, to each of our representative's offices and demanded answers of the staff there and implored them not to pass Obamacare, I was attacked. Within two weeks of this event, I found an IRS agent in my office demanding to see my records. "Where are your papers, Mr. Davis?"

My business was investigated and when they found nothing in 2009, they moved on to 2010 and when they found nothing in 2010 and I was shutting down my business for lack of economic activity in 2011, they found something, or created something. I still maintain that I made every payment, filed every return, but mysteriously, they lost the last return I filed. I guess they waited to try and find something legitimate before they "created" a violation, but I could produce no evidence that I paid it, no canceled check, nothing. Maybe I did miss it, I just don't think so, but since I couldn't prove I paid it, eventually I did pay the required amount. Though they had threatened me with owing them several hundred thousand dollars, they settled for the $3,400 that I actually may have not paid.

Mr. Sessions, you have no idea the thousands of conservatives who were put through hell by the agents of Ms. Lerner. To give her a pass when there was no forgiveness on her side, when the most ruthless of tactics were used as a bludgeon by her and her agents, I cannot fathom your leniency other than corruption. This, sir, is what makes radicals out of the common man. This obvious double-standard for the rich and powerful against the common laborer, who struggles to pay taxes, who has their profits sacrificed to pay for the excesses of others can drive one mad.


  1. Mike's conclusion over at Cold Fury... Nuff said.

    Hoodwinked, bamboozled

    I’m just about ready to call it a Deep State victory and wash my hands of the whole thing at this point.

    Well, you can sure trust this: your vote means nothing. Your freedoms are nonexistent, and your Constitution is a joke. You will do as your government tells you; you will take what it gives you and like it, and bleat for more when told it’s appropriate and allowed. And that is absolutely ALL you will do.

    In sum, you are now—officially, irrevocably, and in every way that counts—EUropeans. You may complain about the taste, but you will assuredly eat the shit sandwich, to the very last bite.


    1. I have entered this comment here because it is closest to the point of being read. We, all of us, need direction. I do not see some direct way of contacting Sessions about his lack of desire to "help drain the swamp" and restore the "RULE OF LAW" to our country. It is hard to be a combat participant with NO LEADERSHIP. The same goes for the POTUS. I strongly support him but as the Commander in Chief. I am from the same time period as "1776vtgmb" and agree to the point that I will not give up. He fought in a war that the Politians chose NOT TO WIN. Now it is for US, the Americans that want to be free.

  2. If trump's life is being threatened, he should come out and say so. Like the 58 thousand fellow soldiers who didn't come back alive from my war, he should be willing to die for his country.

    He's not. He's just a lying scumbag.

    Jesus said to run for the hills... guess it's time.

    1. "He's not. He's just a lying scumbag."
      >>> What is wrong with you? Another potty-mouth liberal of no account? If you want Trump to sacrifice his life for you, why don't you go first.
      Until then, learn how to comment here properly so people just don;t immediately conclude that you're a jerk.

  3. Was that in 2008, as I remember, when you went in January, but I didn't? 2009 was the March on Washington that I did make.

    1. That was in 2009, two weeks before they passed Obamacare.

    2. I thought that was passed in 2010, not that it bakes a hill of beans.:)

    3. It passed in the House in Dec. 2009. Remember when Nancy Pelosi was walking over to the Capitol from the Rayburn have a vote with all her Democrat Congressmen walking arm and arm with her and she was carryin the big wooden gavel? It was passed in the Senate in 2010.

    4. It was passed in the Senate in 2010.

      That's what I saw.

    5. Thought I was losing my mind, I was sure it was in 2009, when it was cold. Thanks CC for correcting the conception. I remember I was focused on the House, because I figured they could get the Senate easier. A lot more offices at stake and thought it was possible to change a few minds. My dem rep was out in 2010, so she didn't gain much. Sacrificed her career for Barack Obama.

    6. I belong to a Tea Party group in the Shenandoah Valley and we were targeted by the IRS when we applied for a tax exempt status. We had to file 800 and some pages of documentation with the IRS. It took our volunteers a long time to gather all the information and documentation they were requesting. It also took quite a bit of money to mail the documents to the IRS. And, after we did that they wanted more. This went on for quite a while. We were finally granted a tax exempt status but only after being harassed by the IRS. Our group is part of the law suit that was filed by Jay Sekulow, Esq. It has yet to be adjudicated.

  4. The IRS targeted me also. I still call it "The Year from Hell". I actually had to file a lawsuit in Federal court against the IRS to resolve it. Once the lawsuit was on the docket, it took them all of three minutes to "exonerate" me of all claims.

    To see them all walk proves that the rule of law is dead in what is left of the United States.

    1. I had forgotten about that. Pure coincidence I am sure......:(

  5. I am sick to death of your
    pussy whipped wailing.
    Shut the fuck up!

    hummus abedin

    1. Are you back begging daddy for attention you anonymous troll? You never make any rational or intelligent statement so why bother?

    2. It's just cavmed from over at special k's place. He's another one that berates everyone for not stepping off the porch, while he's sitting on the porch or maybe hiding in his mom's basement.

      For me anymore he's kind of like the dogs that bark at your car as you drive through town, they(he) aren't going anywhere while you are. Yep that's 'ol cavmed, a bark in the rear view mirror.


  6. It is beyond contestation, YOU are not my Dad.
    However, it is blatantly transparent that the
    whole lot of you, the DVD humpers and the impotent commentariat, are tear squirting, whiny, pussy whipped, breathless pearl clutchers and intergenerational asshats.
    And for the record of factual relevancy, "hummus abedin" is no more anonymous than
    "David DeGerolamo," "A concerned citizen," "1776vtgmb," "Sawman," and their ficitious blogs and empty goggle+ plus page.
    I thank God every minute of every day, that no real fight depends on any of you.

    Anonymously, "hummus abedin"

    P.S., Without question, only those who agree
    with you, them, all of the patriot blogosphere, meet your standard of "free speech," individual freedom and liberty.
    And those who shamelessly hitch their wagon
    to the failed actor, whoring shill, criminal fear monger, and fedgov informant that is Alex Jones, aren't fit to carry an unwashed jockstrap, regardless of his success as a novelist.
    At best, all of you are impotent controlled opposition, and at worst, you are knowingly so.

    1. See, this is why you are a child, of whatever age. All you have are insults. And, when it comes to a fight I would not have you anywhere near me, because you would not do your job and would criticize every command, backstab every commander, weaken the cohesion of the unit to point of immobility. Unless, of course, you were the commander and in that case anyone under you could expect to be exposed by your carelessness and intemperate reactionary fits of anger and when you command is wiped out through your stupidity and arrogance, you would find all manner of folks to blame for it. So, if you would not have me in your command, thank you, thank you, thank you.

      And, if you get a chance tell me which federal government agency you work for, because you become most abusive when I have attacked one agency or another.

    2. abedin,

      If you don't like what the blog author writes then why do you read it ? In your anonymity you spout extensive amounts of vile commentary against folks you don't know. Myself, I would like a face-to-face with your cowardly self. We can dispense with your childish anonymous rants if you do the below:

      1. Post a copy of your .gov issued photo ID
      2. Post a copy of your social security card
      3. Post a copy of your latest utility bill
      4. Post your current address verified by #3.

      Do the above four requirements and I'll pay you a personal visit. Then neither of us will be anonymous and you can then spout your keyboard warrior talk face-to-face.

      Grab yourself by your mangina tough guy. You like to talk the walk the walk.

    3. Hey Dan, good to see you. Have missed your commentary over on WRSA, not that I spend all that much time there myself any longer.

      Anyway, here's to things going well for you.


    4. Hi Wes,

      Thanks for the kind comments.

      Yeah, I'm still kickin'. FWIW, I gave up on WRSA. Decided to take my own advice on not reading what a blog author writes or allows to be posted.

      Take care Wes.

    5. 1. Post a copy of your .gov issued photo ID
      2. Post a copy of your social security card
      3. Post a copy of your latest utility bill
      4. Post your current address verified by # 3.

      I suggest you post the above first.
      And then maybe, I might read it and
      possibly give a shit about anything a
      gay fanboy like you slavishly belches.
      The only visitors at my front door
      would be the jackboot goons of LEO you
      direct there, you statist shitbag.
      You porch humping, keyboard rapists
      are all the same.
      You'll sit back and watch egregious and unchecked treason and high crimes committed, allowing the perpetrators to continue unabated,
      but you're always in a such a hurry to "fight" someone who voices that factual truth or disagrees with your sorry asses.
      I suggest you get some rest.
      Most likely, you have a shift of overtime
      to work soon.
      You gotta get out there and make more taxable
      income to finance fedgov services for illegals
      and keep the welfare state afloat.
      Now get out there and pay for their groceries.
      Obviously, you have not grown tired of being raped and sodomized by the Uniparty of D.C.,
      if you want to fight me.
      Whatever, it's your time, waste it.
      Honestly, I'm surprised you have the
      energy for anytging else.
      With all the effort you put
      into calling your fedgov "representatives,"
      signing petitions, prostrately wimpering
      for grievances to be redressed, and whatever
      else pear clutching faggots waste their days on.
      The rule of law and equality of justice is
      long dead in America.
      Not that a statist shitbag and intergenerational
      asshat like you cares.
      Enjoy it, you failed "patriot" leader.
      You stupid mutt.

      Most affectionately, the FUSA slave and former
      citizen of a Constitutional Republic, hummus abedin

    6. Well, well, well abedin....just as I knew, you would weasel out telling me to post contact information first. Seems to me I provided the challenge to your inane, childish threats and insults. Appears to me you are the .gov weasel challenging folks you don't know with incessant attacks against them.

      Like I addressed you....provide the contact information or just continue to be the instigating coward spewing venom, that you most certainly are.

      BTW keyboard warrior, you rant about those you don't know failing to hold perpetrators of treason and high crimes unaccounted for. Well, seeing as you are such a tough guy, why haven't YOU punished those in .gov you allege to hate ?

      When are you going to step off your porch and do the deeds you want others to do, but not yourself. Same as my challenge to you to grab yourself by your labia and post your personal information,so I can pay you a visit.

      You are a fraud. Your rants make little sense and appear to be pre-written, prepared separately from the topic at hand. Cut and paste saves you weasels a lot of time. Yet it doesn't diminish your .gov instigating.

      A short rope and a tall tree is what you deserve.

    7. Yawn…………………………………………………

  7. "And, if you get a chance tell me which federal government agency you work for, because you become most abusive when I have attacked one agency or another."

    I am retired from the only fedgov "agency"
    I served.
    And those years as a soldier did not
    inculcate me with any slavish love for
    the other agencies.
    Unlike the overwhelming majority of the
    impotent "patriot" blogosphere commentariat,
    who still WORK for fedgov, praising it from their
    prayer rugs and happily taking their tainted pieces of silver.

    Most affectionately, the FUSA slave and former
    citizen of a Constitutional Republic, hummus abedin

  8. I am crude, but helpful.
    Allow me to wipe the shit from your mouth.

    College Park to allow non-US citizens the right to vote in local elections
    (including illegals)

    Most affectionately, the FUSA slave and former
    citizen of a Constitutional Republic, hummus abedin

  9. Ha, ha, ha, ha………
    Suck it, you posers, conmen, schilling whores
    and craven backwalkers.
    Reap it!
    Reap it all.

    Democrats say they have deal with Trump on illegal aliens:

    Most affectionately, the FUSA slave and former
    citizen of a Constitutional Republic, hummus abedin

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Mr. Davis,

      You do understand that this cowardly piece of flotsam "hummus abedin" is also the troll "cav med" ?

      Tough guy "cav med" has been an instigator at numerous conservative blogs. Now the keyboard warrior is attempting to target this blog.



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