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Lies of Omission
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Monday, September 18, 2017

Not Enough

I have been buoyed by the support we have gotten from hundreds of people both while making the film Lies of Omission and by those who have purchased it from the website. None of it was ever done to support me as a person, but to support the message that those in the film were trying to bring to those less astute than the average reader of this blog and many others. It is and always has been a tool to help educate those who will not read The Road To Serfdom or anything else that might expand their understanding of the predicament the people of this nation are in. I hope it is, and we tried to make it, something that even the astute can value for the perspectives that it brings forth by the people we interviewed.

And, then there is the other side of this issue which is to take to task our efforts as foolish and just plain wrong. Well, this wouldn't be a collection of individualists if we didn't disagree about all sorts of things. I certainly have my disagreements with any number of individuals and organizations, but I recognize that it does no good to air my disagreements when I can just as easily address the issues in private e-mails if I feel it is important to do so.

Over the years there are those who have wondered why I have not gotten off the porch. Okay, valid enough question. But first, there is the mistaken assumption that I have not gotten off the porch. Putting every dime of my available funds toward things like the film, the Siege of DC, the Constitutionalist, the Patcons I have paid for myself and on and on is somehow not getting off the porch? Putting myself out there for ridicule and harassment by the IRS isn't getting off the porch? My family would not agree that I have stayed on the porch when so much has been sacrificed to pursue liberty and they know that when it comes to "nut-cutting" time, they will lose out again, but we aren't there, yet.

The reason we are not there, yet is because of this fed-infused movement, this destroy everyone that takes a different tack or comes at the problem from a different angle than someone else attitude that permeates this group, if you can call it that. It is that division that makes this group impotent, because every action requires not only leaders, but those willing to follow and it is the second category that we lack. Where I have led, I have done so, because no one else was going in the direction I thought we should go, or I would have followed someone else. It would have been much cheaper and less demanding on me if I would have been able to simply donate to someone else's "Gone With The Wind" production of a pro-liberty film. Lord knows I didn't need to do this for me, but I saw I was capable of it and that it needed to be done. Because, guess what? There are no reinforcements without things like Lies of Omission that points out the need for reinforcements.

Okay, I have done what I consider to be my duty and will continue to promote the film here and elsewhere, because I owe it to those who gave us the time to do their interviews and those who would benefit from hearing what they had to say. The rest of it, the insults, the criticisms I will take as part of the price of doing what I felt was right and putting my effort and funds toward it and when that time comes that I have to look at my grandkids in the eye (if I'm still around) and explain what I did to stop this insanity, I will have a list. Then, I will explain that had half of this group been willing to follow instead of lead, we might have made a difference, but not enough of us would do it.


  1. "Putting every dime of my available funds toward things like the film, the Siege of DC, the Constitutionalist, the Patcons I have paid for myself and on and on is somehow not getting off the porch? "
    No, it's not.
    You damn well know it isn't.
    What a joke.

    off the porch: To be belligerently up at arms, ready or eager to fight, violently protective.

    This expression originates from the southern United States where it is common for houses to have porches. To be "off the porch" means to be in your yard and looking for a fight with any and all tresspassers.

  2. Just face the fact that there is no "movement". Everything else is just an excuse, to excuse the fact that... there is no "movement". The ONLY "movement" is the Navel Gazing Belly Button Movement.

    You are old enough to know where we came from. Where we are. And then make a pretty good logical conclusion where our posterity will be. Young people only know, what they know, in the environment in which they grow up in. And it has been that way since the founding of this country. After all, here we are. And in light of today's modern edumedication system, they will never grasp an inkling of what OUR generation, nor generations before us, lost. No different than THIS generation, or the generation before.

    While your video was/is noble, and your heart in the right place, the only thing this generation, and the generations before it accomplished, was to make each succeeding generation, the posterity, twice the sons of hell that we are/were. They're not going to be anymore prone to "step off the porch" anymore than the do nothing generations before them. In fact, our posterity will have more reasons to excuse themselves from porch jumping.

    Posterity Americans are never getting any semblance of freedom that each previous generations enjoyed... no matter how much we try to console ourselves by passing the buck to them.

    Remember that the new excuse to not "jump off the porch" is waiting for the inevitable "IT" to happen, whatever that "IT" is, other than postulation. And if the "IT" doesn't happen? Well... see what Navel Gazing Belly Button Movement did there?

    After all, no more Fort Sumters! Is that in the video?

    But hey, we can hope. That our posterity will be... different?

    1. The film was an attempt to reach out and there are organizations like Turning Point USA, founded in and operating in universities that grounded in the idea of liberty with no designated political affiliation, though obviously trends toward Republican, it is not controlled by the GOP like other orgs.

      The fact is, this is all going to come down on their heads, like it or not, ready or not. I am trying to help them get ready, to have a plan after everything is destroyed. That's all. I never claimed to have THE answer to anything. I try and that is a lot more than many, too many who are content to deride and criticize everything everyone else DOES, but never wind up doing anything themselves. I saw a need and put everything I had into it. That's all, I never said I was right and what I was doing was going to solve anything, but it still has a chance to move liberty forward.

    2. Like I said, "While your video was/is noble, and your heart in the right place..."

      Sad news though, it will come down on their heads, no different than it came down on our heads, and generations before us. The only difference, is this and upcoming generations will be dazzled with technology.

      For those who do have their eyes open? Well, good luck. Just don't count on ever getting your traditional freedom and liberty back.

  3. I miss the America I grew up in but it is not coming back. Like many other people I was busy trying to make a living and raising a family so even though I was aware of the transgressions against liberty that were taking place I was willing to overlook them. It wasn't a big deal because it was a small push here and another small push there. All I wanted was to be left alone to raise my family and make a living.

    Jefferson Davis said "All we ask is to be left alone" and how did that work out for the Confederacy? I willingly admit that I am to blame for where we are and that there is no pulling back from the edge of the cliff we are about to go over.

    Yes I wrote letters and sent emails to my representatives and voted and did my civic duty but it was all a joke. And the joke was on me. They never cared and never will. So it goes. Now all is left is to see who survives the fall off that cliff.


  4. Whew, what depressing stuff. Here, try this for a more optimistic "big picture" look at what's going on. It'll be a tough road getting there for sure, but then it wouldn't be worth very much if it weren't. Winners win.

    1. That is funny. Some lame-ass on another blog put up a graph in the comments showing the disparity of IQ between blacks and whites. What this dumb-ass failed to do, was show his intended gullible audience, that IQ's for both were rapidly declining.

      And this is why so many people get stuck in cognitive dissonance, and refuse (or are incapable) to face reality. And in many cases, project it into the future... where they won't be held accountable for their dumb-ass predictions.

      And it is easy to spot... when you see the MAGA Emperor repackage globalism into American Nationalism, and millions of cognitive dissonance navel gazing Americans fall for it.

      But, I am sure the combined schizophrenic brilliance of the Navel Gazing Belly Button Movement will decentralize the government... sometime... in the future... because some other talking-head says so. Who probably won't be around, when it doesn't happen.

      The navel gazing movement is too chicken-shit to make it happen, and too chicken-shit to admit it won't happen, because of its chicken-shittery.

      But damn-it! Somehow, someway... we'll pass it on to our posterity, as IQ's across the board continue to drop dramatically.

    2. "But, I am sure the combined schizophrenic brilliance of the Navel Gazing Belly Button Movement will decentralize the government... sometime... in the future... because some other talking-head says so."

      I'm inclined to agree with the sentiment. OTOH I'm not sure it matters what navel gazers do. In my experience, Do-Nothings do nothing; hence I conclude they're not much of a problem.

      One thing for sure---dissonance kills.

  5. You speak the truth here. No where other than this "movement" is it more plain that efforts only seem to merit criticism, rather than a call to action which it is. I was a donor for the movie, and almost forgot that it takes many good ingredients to make a good stew. And that it's not a miracle, but a process, done a step at a time, with the right amount of heat and skill.By the way, thanks for a kick-ass documentary.

    1. You are welcome and as you know we did it to honor those in the film, not personal gain and that's why I continue to push to get it out there. Thanks for the comments and your donation.


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