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Friday, September 1, 2017

Those Who Seek Power

The recall effort in Custer County, Colorado is more than a small town problem being dealt with, it is instructive as to how politics in this nation must be done. It is self defense, it is defending the homestead from invaders, because if you realize that these county commissioners had drafted legislation and were intent on pursuing a policy whereby a person could be jailed for repairing a broken outdoor light fixture (typically a yard light on a farm or ranch) in the interest of perhaps 6 or 7 other collectivists who wanted to eliminate "light pollution" in a rural mountain village and surrounding county and still think that the overwhelming majority shouldn't toss them out on their ears, then we will never understand each other. And, to the degree that this course of action might be emulated elsewhere, where the collectivist hooks be extracted by legal force, this is a good thing.

Collectivists operate by deception, it is their trademark, and these three individuals, having secured their seats one at a time, masquerading as conservatives to a largely disinterested population with much more to worry about than the actions of a county commission sworn to defend the Constitution, simply picked a few "Rs" on the list and gave it no more thought, until the Trojan Horse candidates revealed themselves for their true natures.

Ann Bathrop and Ann Willson took it upon themselves, being nothing more than ticked off women who had been betrayed, like every other resident of Custer County and dug into the statutes to discover the long and arduous process of having all three commissioners recalled at the same time, a monumental task, but not beyond their abilities nor their energy and they succeeded.

What was the response from these representatives of the people? Of course they came into the meeting bothered, angry and belligerent with the air of people who have told the citizens to pack sand only to have that sand thrown back at them. Who did these little people think they were? They were, by God, the rightful rulers of their domain, the owners of the seats in which those belligerent asses sat. Sometimes that has to be recalled and emphasized, if for no other reason that to put the next thug in line on notice.

Unfortunately, this is not a victory dance, but rather a well-deserved respite and a chance to gather strength before the push begins to have those seats filled with other, more appropriate posteriors in the coming months, but for the two Ann's it is a job well done and a grateful county thanks you for your tireless effort. Had they any interest, these are two of the people who should rightfully take those seats, but as I have noted before: "the people who seek power are hardly ever the ones who should possess it."

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