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Saturday, October 21, 2017

A Vision of Civil War

There are many reasons why the United States of America will become un-united and the facts can be viewed through many different lenses. One lens is through the NFL issue. Where sycophants of Colin Kaepernick say they kneel during the national anthem to draw attention to the inequality of minorities in America, specifically blacks, that rings hollow to the veterans, police officers and patriots of America (many of whom are blacks themselves) who recognize the flag and the national anthem as symbols of freedom and justice. The protests, therefore, must be against America and a criticism of the values America espouses, whether it is always faithful to those values or not. It is, like it or not, a question of American allegiance or rebellion.

Another lens is through the freedom of religion issue. Christians recognize that except in some Western nations, Christians are often the most persecuted individuals in the world, especially in Muslim nations, but also in China and other communist nations. This is a documented fact, not an opinion. However, in America, a largely Christian nation, symbols of Christianity are attacked, defaced and even removed through the force of erroneous law. The First Amendment to the Constitution that protects the freedom of religion states:

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances."

The part ignored by the courts when they rule that a religious symbol must be removed from public land is the clause protecting "the free exercise thereof." Banishing Christian symbols from the public square, schools and even government parks and monuments prohibit the free exercise of religion. So, in one of the few non-Muslim nations founded by people seeking religious freedom, they become persecuted in their own land. The trend now is to accommodate freedom of the Muslim religion using the same clause with which they oppress Christians. This is taken to the extent of accommodating a different legal code in some instances. This is a point of conflict that becomes more apparent and more inevitable as time passes.

Another lens is through the Second Amendment issue. The right to keep and bear arms is a uniquely American concept ingrained in its populace through the testimony of its founders as necessary to a free state and a free people. The possession of arms is and always has been intentionally used as an insurance policy against tyranny. Those who seek to regulate out of existence a right so fundamental to freedom can only be those seeking the very tyranny it is designed to prevent. This is a point of conflict that cannot be recognized as anything else. Though the opponents of the Second Amendment often couch their arguments in the fallacy that fewer guns in the hands of citizens result in fewer crimes or murders, their real intent is documented by the fact that statistics refute this assertion in very dramatic and convincing ways. So, if their premise is a lie, what is their real purpose? That is the question easily answered by the founders and drafters of the Second Amendment: it is tyranny. 

The point at which the Second Amendment issue leads to direct conflict is when it is sufficiently degraded through regulation to have been eliminated in the minds of the patriots. At that point, the arguments of the pro-Second Amendment faction are proven true, so the anti-Second Amendment faction fulfill the dire prophesies of their opponents.

Another lens is that of the deep state. The myth of a political remedy has been exposed by the corruption of the Obama Administration, an anti-Christian, pro-Muslim, communist/collectivist cabal determined to challenge these institutions of the republic through corruption of the immigration system, hostility toward the Constitution at every level and bankrupting the treasury. The idea of voting in loyal representatives as a means of peaceful reversal of these policies is refuted every day when supporters of Donald Trump are attacked and beaten solely for their support. If these actions were taken against supporters of the communist/collectivist/Muslim nation the full weight of the system would be unleashed upon them, but since the attacks are against those who believe in the Constitutionalist/republican/Christian nation, little is done other than casual, curious observation.

Through these lenses and others it has become obvious that there are truly two different nations occupying the landmass of America. The communist/collectivist/Muslim nation and the Constitutionalist/republican/Christian nation. These are diametrically opposed viewpoints that cannot be reconciled under one banner and conflicts between them will take place over many different issues and symbols as time goes on. To date, the most aggressive and insistent faction is that of the communist/collectivist/Muslim, but time will insist that the opposite become activated to defend those issues and symbols that make up their territory, or lose it.

Americans and American Christians must recognize that their understanding of freedom and justice is being threatened and that they are the last defenders of not only Christianity, but the concept of representative government. That their failure will result in representative government and the freedoms possible through such a system will cease to exist on the globe and that reinstituting it in a world dominated by a global dictatorship in possession of all the power and all the weapons and none of the ethical restraints of the US republic might deny freedom to any and all for centuries to come. That is what is at stake today. That is what is taking place during Antifa riots. That is what is taking place when football players take a knee. That is what is taking place when tragedies are used to further erode the Second Amendment. That is what is taking place when free speech is regulated in schools and universities. That is what is taking place when Christian symbols are removed from public places. The opposition to Christian freedom and representative government are already active and determined, while the supporters of such are inactive and passive, so far. 

The biggest paradigm shift necessary to preserve a Constitutional republic and freedom is to recognize that the entire United States need not be saved. The collectivists have been successful in consolidating power in high population centers, through state governments, where a few of them can dictate rules for the inattentive masses. This has already been done and only isolated areas have rebuffed the illegal laws and rules passed in the cities. It is those areas where whatever resistance to a communist/collectivist/Muslim nation must originate.

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