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Monday, October 2, 2017

Is Paddock A Typical Democrat These Days?

I don't usually write a post this close to an event, because I like to have my facts in line before I spout some nonsense, but some things are already clear and I feel comfortable wading in at this point, because many of the issues brought out today have been true for a very long time.

From everything I hear about Stephen Paddock, it would suggest that he was not a violent person motivated by hatred or politics. That is what I hear, but the facts don't seem to line up with that description.

One point is that the leftists are much more violent than in previous years. There are no normal type Democrats left, they have all been radicalized by the election of Donald Trump, or the lost election of Hillary Clinton. This from a CBS lawyer Hayley Geftman-Gold: "I’m actually not even sympathetic [because] country music fans often are Republican gun toters.” So, what is the definition of a "typical" Democrat these days? The leftist support of Antifa says a lot more about the degree to which they believe that Republicans, or more accurately conservatives or Trump supporters deserve the violence done to them. Think on that a second, the average run-of-the-mill Democrat believes and is comfortable enough in their bigotry to post on social media their belief that their political opponents deserve to be hurt or killed simply because of their political beliefs.

As far as Stephen Paddock is concerned, he would seem to be the average run-of-the-mill Democrat. But, we know that he committed this act of violence against what only an American would identify as conservatives for the type of music they listen to. The act was planned far in advance. For one thing, I am as tied into the gun-culture as anyone, but I don't know where I would go to simply purchase an automatic-fire weapon without having endured the massive cost of obtaining the permits and suffering the anal-exam of the federal background check. But, he did.

If Paddock had no ties to extremist groups, yet was capable of this level of planning and capable of obtaining automatic-fire weapons, he was a patsy and all of this was arranged by a group that was motivated to commit a terrorist act and place Paddock at the scene to take the fall. That goes against everything that is being put out by government officials.

But, we live in a society today that encourages this sort of violence against conservatives, white people and Trump supporters. This is the perspective that makes genocide possible and these smaller acts of violence seem encouraged, or at least silently supported by people like Geftman-Gold, who express no sympathy for this level of carnage against people who listen to country music.

This is what I have been posting about for a long, long time. When any given political party is infused with the attitude that it is "open season" on the opposing political party genocide is possible. And, if it is possible, it is likely. But, this is why it is imperative that we find out as much as we can about the motivations of Stephen Paddock, so we can gauge our progression on the genocide timeline. But, that is increasingly difficult where Facebook and Twitter can be scrubbed before the independent and citizen media can get the critical information to oppose and expose the "fake news" that is likely to be put out by the propaganda outlets of the MSM.

That the left is already rushing to the concept of gun control raises several questions. Yes, of course, they will go for that every time, but there is more at stake here with the new paradigm of "typical" Democrats and their desire to side with Jihadists and Antifa and disarm conservatives while at the same time building the narrative that it is at least nominally acceptable to kill conservatives.

The death cult of the left, from Stalin on down to Geftman-Gold, is alive and well and aimed directly at the right wrapped tightly in their justification for their murderous inclinations. So, if Stephen Paddock turns out to be a typical Democrat, we are very close to the promised genocide and every gun restriction they propose is meant only to disarm their enemy. If Stephen Paddock has been radicalized by Antifa or Jihadists, it is only because the left has gone so far with its message of hatred that it seemed a reasonable response to an election. Consider that for a second. This is a case for expanded open carry rights rather than a reason to comply with those who want to disarm Americans.

On a day when we should all be banding together to come to grips with this tragedy, we are forced by statements from Geftman-Gold and the calls for the disarmament of the law-abiding right, to defend ourselves.

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  1. Thankfully, the CBS exec was FIRED.
    CBS learns...NFL, not so much....

  2. "...without having endured the massive cost of obtaining the permits and suffering the anal-exam of the federal background check. But, he did."

    Forget even the background checks and tax stamps. A *LEGAL* full-auto AK is thousands of dollars. The same stamped metal POS AK you can get in the middle east for pocket change is pricey as hell here because of the regulations.

  3. Stadium shootings
    Enemies Foreign and Domestic
    Matt Braken

    False flag.

  4. 53 million dead babies due to Demokrat abortions.

    1. They have been practicing for a long time :( and it's looks to be coming back to haunt us.

  5. "Is Paddock A Typical Democrat These Days?"
    Yes, and I contend that modern American liberalism is a mental illness. Being very serious when I suggest that.

  6. Plausible scenario - Paddock was indeed the patsy / fall guy, but for the husband of the girlfriend (who conveniently E&E'd to the Phillipines with $100K either she or Paddock wired over).

    The GF is the mata hari / tempation; the husband (rabid anti-Trumper, read up on his background) is the shooter, and the body left in the Mandalay is the fall guy, Paddock. Fits with the facts as I read them, so far

  7. Another question is why did he fail his physical for his pilots license?

  8. Driftwood:

    If he had a pilot's license why do you content that he failed his physical? My question is rather how did someone with no military experience built platforms to shoot from, tot hundreds of pounds of guns and ammo into an establishment that doesn't trust their own employees without being noticed? How does a man supposedly non a gun fan come to gather enough fire arms to arm a platoon and get them modified illegally? How does one obtain a fully automatic weapon without setting off some questions-such weapons legally obtained cost 25,000 plus.

    In short nothing here seems right. Apparent he fired for over an hour yet no one took quicker action?

    1. I have been to Mandalay bay. Nobody searches suitcases. He just made a couple trips a day to get his rifles and ammo upstairs. Has anyone verified anything was full auto? The all sounded like slide fire in audio. They cycle rate was slow. He fired for about 15 minutes sporadically and then stopped as the crowd scattered and his. Not surprised it took the cops an hour to find him

  9. Jonah's First Postulate: "The entire premise of progressives and the other leftists of the Democrat Party is to DESTROY the United States of America, OBLITERATE the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, destroy Western Civilization, remove all voting rights in guise of socialist dictate, and finally, to kill all conservatives and non-progressives (per Congressman Scalise)."


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