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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

National Assessment 2017

National assessment: It is now clear that the President of the United States, a former Secretary of State, the Director of National Intelligence, the Director of the FBI, the former Director of the FBI, a former US Attorney, and two Attorney Generals were all somehow involved in attempting to simultaneously cover up the details of a uranium sale backed with payoffs, intimidation, coercion and blackmail to America's enemy and fabricate information to influence a United States presidential election and use that fabricated information as justification to spy on the political opponent of the former Secretary of State while about half of this group was also shielding and distracting the fact that while serving as Secretary of State, the presidential candidate had basically set up a drop box on a personal server in someone's closet for foreign governments to rob of its classified information, for which, it is assumed that these foreign governments would donate money to the family foundation of the former Secretary of State and presidential candidate. All without a single mention in the left-leaning national newspapers or national television news programs.

What these professional football players don't understand is that they took football, the one respite from this daily dose of infuriating, insulting, disgusting gulp of the swamp and plunged it deep into the urine-filled toilet bowl that is Washington, DC. They swirled it around, then shoved it in the faces of the people who protect them on the sidelines, protect them from terrorist attacks, pay their salaries, build their stadiums, fill their seats, buy their over-priced beer and double over-priced hot dogs and think that the recipients of all of this inhuman punishment ought to care about their issues. Well, they don't.

When it comes right down to it, all the players and owners and sports commentators have done is teach the victims of all of this nastiness that they don't really care rushing, passing or receiving stats, that previously was at best a neutral distraction from the constant pie-in-the-face that is daily life in today's America where instead of being able to go out to work, do a good job and go home with full pockets, their lives have become constant question marks.

"How high off the ground do you have to be before you need a harness?"
"How do you throw this away?"
"What bathroom is that dude going to use?"
"Why do I have to spend $400 to have my taxes done?"
"What words are okay to use in public?"
"Why doesn't anyone in politics go to jail?"

That doesn't even factor in the constant drumbeat of collectivist ideas floating around gathering strength no matter how many times their premise has been destroyed by reality or how many times lives have been crushed proving the failure to people who won't see and newspapers that won't print and television cameras that never point in the right direction. When the great ball of inhumanity comes roaring down the hill directly at them and they have nowhere to turn and know they are nowhere near fast enough to outrun it, they become complacent knowing that it has to happen all over again, because collectivism never gets enough victims to make it work.

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