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Lies of Omission
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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

The Remnants of the Republic

The American left might be unable to investigate obvious and openly committed crimes, produce jobs, improve the economy or know which bathroom to go to with the highly limited options of "men" or "women," but they can keep a secret for decades. And, we thought Harvey Weinstein was the news of the day.

It now appears that the reason the Fast and Furious scandal and Hillary Clinton's emails couldn't be competently investigated is all of the leadership in the FBI and the Justice Department were involved in tracking the bribes, payoffs, pay for play, coercion, money-laundering and extortion associated with Russian purchase of uranium and apparently covering up the facts of the investigation to allow the uranium deal to go through.

While Jeff Sessions seems to be an affable sort of guy, that's really not what is needed here and now. This is the sort of thing that proves a government to be a banana republic; this is the sort of thing that leads to revolution. The person who will decide that is Jeff Sessions. While we all knew what was going on in the Holder/Lynch DOJ, there was no smoking gun and without that you don't take down anyone of real political power. But, because they thought Hillary Clinton was going to win the election and everything would be kept safely under the rug and any whistleblowers would be dealt with in the Arkansas fashion, there are smoking guns laying all around Washington D.C. with engraved initials.

From what I heard, Mueller (the head of the FBI during the Fast and Furious scandal), Eric Holder (the Attorney General during the Fast and Furious scandal) Rubenstein and Comey all had specific knowledge of the aforementioned bribes, payoffs, play for play, coercion, money-laundering and extortion taking place during the Russian acquisition of 20% of America's uranium. This is only curious, because these are the same characters involved in the investigation of the Trump/Russia collusion investigation.

The troubling part of this becoming known is when Attorney General Jeff Sessions was asked if Rubenstein the Deputy Attorney General should be allowed to investigate his own role in the Russian/Clinton collusion investigation into these allegations of criminal activity, Sessions replied: "It would be his [Rubenstein's] decision. He is a man of integrity and ability..."
Are you kidding me? An ethical person would have "leaked" this sort of information to the media BEFORE the election and would not have appointed Mueller to investigate the bogus allegations against Trump/Russia collusion to sway the election, a man who covered up the facts of the investigation and withheld them from the Senate Judiciary Committee for seven years.

These are not the actions of a man of integrity and Jeff Sessions seems much too mild-mannered to hold the post that he holds at the time that he holds it. This period in time where crimes committed by members of the Obama Administration are blatant, wanton, deliberate and persistent calls for a man  who will be aggressive and tireless in his pursuit of the truth and ultimate convictions. Nothing else will salvage the Justice Department or perhaps even the nation. Anything less than an aggressive prosecution of crimes will restore the needed sense of credibility to the Justice Department and without that credibility the whole government apparatus will be exposed as corrupt and unworthy of power.

It doesn't matter that all of those on the parapets, who have been watching this clown show for the past eight years know all of this and more, the bluff is being put up and it is Sessions' responsibility to call the bluff. Now that it is out front and involving everyone, it seems, involved in current investigations into the sitting president, this is already a ridiculous and ironical farce of justice. Everyone investigating Trump should be in jail for treason.

Governments and indeed nations don't long survive this level of corruption without a painful and wire-brush-level cleansing. I don't know how long it takes for the faithful to look eastward toward Washington and dedicate themselves to their duty to alter or abolish, but I do know that it begins with this investigation and if it turns out that this is not a Harvey Weinstein take down,  we can all watch as the rats devour the remnants of the republic.


  1. When will the Hammonds be vindicated and set free? MEH....don't hold your breath

  2. The USA is a failed state. Has been for some years. Events are just waiting for someone to notice.

    Will anything change because of this? No.

  3. I really believe "AG" Sessions to be a top notch guy, but as you noted, he's not what we all need right now if the plan is to try and clean out the trash. The present problem is who do you get from Washington?
    I don't see anyone except one or two I will not mention as they all seem to turn to pussycats when the times get rough.

  4. Maybe Sessions will get in gear once he finishes the supremely important tasks of cracking down on cannabis, and reinvigorating government theft of property (gov calls it asset forfeiture).

    Total government corruption just pales in significance compared to the scourge of cannabis...

  5. Sessions is a Swamp Creature, a long-standing member of the Deep State and simply a weasel. My disappointment in POTUS Trump is both 45's appointment of Sessions as AG and the inaction of putting H. Klinton in leg irons and waist cuffs.

    Soetoro-obama, B and H Klinton, Eric "Contempt of CON-gress" Holder and a host of treasonous scum (including those of Republican variety) too numerous to list here, will NEVER pleasure me with the punishment due a traitor....swinging from a rope. Hell, they will never even see the inside of a Fedgov jail cell let alone death by hanging.

  6. "That which cannot stand, won't."

    We all dance around the steaming pile of horse-apples like a professional marching band but sooner or later someone has to go scoop it up. Obviously, Sessions won't do it so someone else will have to. This is the same sort of problem people faced back in the 1770s and - sure enough - it got scooped up. As a nation, we came out of that one pretty well. We may not be so lucky next time and I think that's why we're dancing our way down the street.

    I don't think many of us (even the liberals) believe we can vote our way out of the mess we've voted ourselves into. Conservatives have been stockpiling guns and ammo for years and now the liberals are climbing onto the bandwagon. Sooner or later someone will realize that parity might not be a good thing and kick off a new revolution. It's going to happen. There's nothing we can do to stop it. Human beings - indeed ALL life on this planet - exists because of the outcome of some war or territorial dispute. It's what we do.

    Our daily news brings us accounts of mass executions of civilians by ISIS because they are the boogy-man du jour, but similar things happen in all wars and by both sides! They will happen again too. I would not be surprised if the Clintons and their ilk were left hanging from a lamppost by bands of "irregular" soldiers.


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