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Sunday, October 29, 2017

The Second Amendment Is A Test

There is no estimation of the lives saved by the Second Amendment, not just in deterring crime and criminals, but also in deterring the government from its worst temptations. As Mike Vanderboegh detailed in The Vanderboegh Tapes currently available on Vimeo, when he talked to a federal agent many years later, the agent told him that after the assault weapons ban was passed, before it became law and four million semi-automatic rifles were sold (more than had been sold in the previous twenty years) the agent admitted that it rattled them. Because the feds understood that people weren't buying all those guns to turn them in after the ban went into effect, they were forced to reconsider the next step which was to confiscate those weapons.

It's not that the media doesn't understand this, it is because they are pushing a narrative that comports with their collectivist leanings. They want the government to be in control of everything, either because they see themselves as somehow benefiting from the collective, or because they are immune to history and fact-blind to statistics. This is true even when those statistics are produced by the Center for Disease Control. They force the belief that a communist/collectivist future is somehow more humane. There is no point arguing that this is false and easily dispelled by history, because they are communists. In a lot of ways, they want revenge on history, if you can fathom that.

Part of securing the new future is to get rid of the Second Amendment, as if that were the answer. The problem with that thinking is that it reverts back to the issue with the assault weapons ban and all of those gun owners who bought semi-automatic rifles ahead of the ban, they won't just turn them in and they shouldn't. That was the reality before the boom years of gun sales during the Obama Administration, it would be much, much more difficult now. The communists don't care, because civil war is part of their plan if they can't get what they want through legislation or judicial fiat.

A good read of the recently released JFK documents will prove that the communists in government, especially the three-letter agencies, are not above creating false flag events to manipulate popular opinion. Vanderboegh got an up-close view of this during the Fast and Furious scandal he broke with David Codrea. Is that what Mandalay Bay was? Who knows, everything we suspected about these agencies have been exposed in the past few weeks, either through revelations of the level of corruption of the Obama Administration or through the JFK documents. So, it is certainly within their abilities to engage in something like Mandalay Bay to take another run at gun restrictions, because the Second Amendment is the holy grail of the communist/collectivist cabal.

For this reason alone, the Second Amendment, or rather the possession of arms, should be defended by any means necessary. The Second Amendment, I would argue, has always been incorrectly argued in the sense that it is argued in court on the phrase "shall not be infringed" and "a well-regulated militia," but the more important clause, the one that gets to the heart of the matter is really the phrase "necessary to the security of a free state."

Militias back then were state militias, not national militias and they were made up of citizens of those states, so in order to ensure that the states would not be subject to federal subversion and abuse, the citizens of the state should be well-regulated in the use of arms to ensure that if the federal government became abusive and corrupt that the states would be able to ensure their own freedom through rebellion and with arms and trained citizens. In essence, to do exactly as was done when the South seceded and the federal government had no right to resist that action with force, but when it did and when the South lost, it enslaved the whole of the states to the federal authority. One could say that a reckoning has been due since then, because the feds have given no alternative route to  resist them. And so, we have seen the abuses of the federal government multiply over every succeeding generation.

But, this civil war will not be like the last, it will not be anywhere near as civilized, primarily because during the first civil war, the South thought they would be able to simply secede and forge trade agreements with the remaining United States and little would change. In fact, many of the legislators, when they left, offered warm embraces to their counterparts, thinking they would soon engage them in mutually beneficial legislation. This civil war will not be like that, it will be ugly and bloody, because there is no such illusions to be shattered. It will not be a states vs states issue, it will be a guerilla war from beginning to end; a rural vs city struggle fought mostly in the dark, because electricity is the biggest weapon in the arsenal. Cut off the power and the cities will quickly implode. It will be a war of sabotage, infiltration and starvation. But, they will do it, because like every other psychopathic collectivism ever imagined, they cannot tolerate limitations on their power.

The Second Amendment is not about guns so much as it is a test. It is a test of whether or not government officials can be trusted with their armies.

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