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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Lies of Tolerance

The leftist, Marxists liberals lie to themselves (and everyone else) so much, they have no understanding of the truth. Donald Trump is the main reason the nation is struggling with every issue under the sun, while simultaneously being the most inept, out-of-touch, do nothing, know nothing president we have ever had.

They lie to themselves about the reason GDP is up over 3% for the first time in about 10 years for consecutive quarters. To do so would be to acknowledge that Barack Obama had no interest in making American strong, but to drive the people away from jobs and into dependency. They lie to themselves about the nature of the family, telling themselves that any sort of combination of human beings can constitute a family, forgetting that a family requires some hierarchy of authority, discipline, respect and values handed down generation after generation. They lie to themselves about gender as if it is fluid, not recognizing that by exalting one, they denigrate another. They lie to themselves about morality, believing that they are the judges of what is moral with no corresponding aversion to amorality. They lie to themselves about fairness, seeking fairness only for those with whom they agree, reserving unfairness for whom they have decided amongst their clan deserves no fairness.

Their lies are evident in the "all white people are evil" message that has taken hold in their corrupt cabal. Their lies are evident in the "all immigrants are virtuous" belief that is only valuable to the political leaders of their doctrine. The Kate Steinle verdict only shouts this truth from the highest mountains.

Their hatred (often self-hatred) drives them to making statements about "all." That is the language of bigots and racists. Anyone who uses the word "all" when discussing any class, race (including the white race) gender, religion or age is a bigot and/or a racist. There is no people who "all" share a common trait, something diversity should undoubtedly prove again and again and while they have laid claim to these words "diversity" "bigot" and "racist" as the only ones able to utter them, they violate or endorse the very definitions of these words and they have become common lies among those who choose liberalism, leftism, collectivism or communism as their ideology. It is a time-honored tradition among those with those social views.

Their focus is not on their own corrupt ideology or blatant hypocrisy, it is on making those they hate pay for their crimes of existence. When so steeped in lies, the truth becomes a sort of virus they cannot allow to take hold in their isolated and increasingly shrill and violent community. They speak of peace as if it is something that can only be achieved by the obliteration of their enemies. In this, they are not unique. Any number of murderous dictators have used that same logic to massacre millions in the past century alone. When the Hutus slaughtered the Tutsis, they referred to them as cockroaches, beneath them, undeserving of sympathy or mercy, a plague that must be obliterated with machetes. It is the same language, the same logic with which liberals communicate today on Twitter and Facebook when discussing those with whom they disagree as they preach their lies of tolerance.

Friday, November 24, 2017

Giving Thanks and Taking Issue

It is a time of Thanksgiving, a moment when it is good to reflect on the gifts of God as they show up in our daily lives. When I think of it, I think about the people I have come to know. Not all of the people you meet are going to fit into your life, but enough of them will. This year I have come to know a number of people who have either participated in LIES OF OMISSION, or who have contributed to it in one way or another. I consider many of them friends beyond this project or that, this effort or that.

Over the years, I have had the pleasure of meeting many during Patcons, or the Fourth of July Parade up in Westcliffe, or in Pikeville, KY and yes, during the filming of Lies of Omission. While these might seem transient acquaintances, they are not. Not to me. The ideas shared, the issues discussed and the fact that they showed up at all are important, not only to me, but to an understanding that there is some point where actions will be required instead of words, but when that time comes, we will know who to count on. We can count on the people who showed up.

There are always critics. When Bill Nye and I discussed the idea of Patcons there were a lot of critics. They were afraid of getting droned when we congregated. They were afraid of protests and people trying to infiltrate the proceedings and take them into actionable crimes. During the Siege of DC there was a lot of enthusiasm, until the critics got involved and spread all of the same fears, fears of my leadership, which I would have gladly given to someone else, if they had showed up. But, none did, because of fear.

I have had a lot of opportunities to become discouraged with the whole thing and then I look around and think that it cannot go down without a fight. To just give up is as bad as never having started to begin with and I have come in contact with a lot of people who think like I do and I know it is not a lost cause. They are the people I have met during any number of things and it feels like a betrayal to them if I were just to walk away.

During my years in the oil field I have been witness to a lot things gone wrong and there is usually someone who caused it who feels pretty bad about it. My response has always been the same, it is only the people doing things that make mistakes. Sometimes, I have had to recognize the same thing when I was the one who made the mistake. But, one thing a person cannot do and that is to stop simply because something bad can happen and a mistake might be made.

It is the same with this effort to restore some sense of liberty. This blog has always been for those who are not quite up to speed, yet, or who have just recently become angry with the way that judges, or cops, or some other facet of  the government has acted. I have always assumed that this blog was to confirm for them that yes, that is unconstitutional. The fact that the government actors don't care whether it is unconstitutional is no reason to give up on making a case for it. Think of all the sexual predators in Congress who thought they were getting away with their behavior, who had no conscience about what they did, because they were above the law. Events have a way of making lies out of one's beliefs. Should we just excuse the sexual predators, because that's the way it is and nothing can be done about it? There's no way to hold them accountable, because they are all powerful? That's wrong on so many levels, I don't even want to go into it.

So, there are critics to everything one does and if I ever cared about the critics, I would have done nothing and that's why I refuse to criticize someone else trying to do something. If I don't agree, I just don't participate, but to criticize their efforts can have only a couple of purposes: 1) to make myself seem smarter than them 2) destroy their efforts so that nothing is accomplished 3) to silence the ideas with which I disagree. Sounds a lot like the collectivists we are supposedly fighting against.

As for Keyboard there anything else at this point? Is there some battlefront I am missing out on? Is there some battle lines being drawn where there is a gaping hole I promised to fill? It seems to me that anyone who has the time and equipment to make that charge is guilty of exactly the same thing. If not, I greatly respect the fact that they have taken the time, after a hard-fought and bloody battle to bother to address me about my shortcomings. That takes a lot of energy and focus on what must be a sizeable burden on one so engaged. So, I apologize if my transgressions have risen to such a level that they must be addressed at such a cost.

Fortunately, for every critic I have found, I have found many more allies dedicated to preparations, vigilant to  recognizing the choke points and traps, who have arrived at the same places I have for the same reasons I have and I will keep my company with them and be grateful. Trust me, there will be plenty of time to get into the act.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Practical Efficiency and the Death of the US

Today, we see that justice is completely coopted by politics, a condition no republic can tolerate, but that is very apparent, even necessary, in a democracy. Is this why the leftists continue to insist that America is a "democracy?" It is not, but the United States is constantly referred to by senators and representatives as such.

A republic depends on the deliberation of competent individuals to write whatever laws are called for by the conditions of society, not at the whim of the mob. A democracy is, by definition, a mob demanding laws by popular whim, it is a very unruly and dangerous thing.

This is what America suffers from today. Popular television shows presented as "the news" stir up public outrage at some condition, true or not (most often untrue), but sensational and lending itself to irrational and emotional law-making. That impulse is supposed to be tempered by rational and deliberate individuals elected by those in their community and knowledgeable of their character and ability to be discerning.

Perhaps, when we had a less populous nation, a smaller nation (in size), that was possible, but then a representative was only initially supposed to represent 30,000 people (the size of a small city) (Art. I, Section 2, 3rd Clause), not the millions that they represent today, because the congress decided that they would cap the number of representatives in order to maintain the congress at the current size (435) under the Permanent Apportionment Act of 1929.

Typically, when the Constitution is altered, it requires an amendment with all of its necessary encumbrances. In effect, this congressional sleight of hand meant that the federal government has instituted taxation without representation for the past 88 years (more than that actually, but at least that as a matter of law) against 680,000 people in every congressional district. This has led to all manner of gerrymandering and other political tricks to ensure that all of the people are not heard from and that those representatives are as unknown to the average person as a television star.

And yet, the people are called upon to make this decision on who should represent them. This is not possible. In a population of 30,000 it is likely that one might encounter their representative at some point, in some manner during the normal course of life, but not when one representative supposedly represents the interests of 710,000 people.

This lack of representation has led to the tendency of the government to function as a democracy rather than a republic, hence a great deal of our problems as a nation. The unconstitutional actions of the congress has led to a rash of denials of individual rights that, along with judicial rulings, combine to rewrite the Constitution along a populist bent without the formality that should accompany that act. It has restricted the "diversity" it was supposed to promote, by diluting the voices of smaller communities as they are lost among the larger population centers.

It was roughly this time in history (1910 to 1940) that so much of what America WAS was lost as Woodrow Wilson's vision of an effective and efficient federal government, regardless of legality, began to take hold and revolutionize politics.

If you combine this set of circumstances and abuses with the result of them, we find ourselves in the 21st Century with an absolutely corrupt and illegal government that cannot punish political criminals no matter how arrogantly and openly they commit their crimes. The people are unable to express their views in congress with the efficiency that was intended. And, when the government finds it expedient to abolish the Second Amendment with the practical efficiency that they chose to enact the Permanent Apportionment Act of 1929, it must be the moment that the people decide to "alter or abolish" it, because without the Second Amendment only the absolute destruction of the concept of a republic can be envisioned by those in congress. One might argue that without the Second Amendment it would have long since taken place.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

The Dangerous Lies of Omission

What are lies of omission? A lie of omission took place during the Uranium One deal forged with the Russian nuclear energy agency Rosatom, to access 20% of America's uranium production. It was the responsibility of the FBI to investigate the Canadian company and ensure that if there was any misconduct committed by Uranium One that it would be revealed before the committee signed off on the deal. The lie was that Uranium One did nothing illegal or unethical in securing the uranium deal, a lie omitted by the FBI, because a number of the people and agencies that would decide to let the deal go through had been bought off or pressured in advance. Hillary Clinton said that her participation was of little consequence, because many other agencies were involved and it was basically a rubber stamp to what had already been decided. That lie of omission had to deal with the fact that everyone necessary to approve the deal had already been bought off or otherwise pressured to let the deal go through including Hillary Clinton.

The public and congress was left with the impression that everything was fair and square and that nothing illegal or unethical had taken place prior to approval of the deal. That was not true and the FBI knew it was not true.

Another lie of omission centers around the lack of reporting of Muslims as the perpetrators of rape, assault and murder. The media is complicit in this lie and some governments, especially in Europe, but here, too typically engage in this lie of omission to protect the fact that they are complicit in these crimes, not only by allowing criminals into their societies without vetting them properly to keep their citizens safe, but also to protect their ability to continue to do it.

I wish I could pretend that they are all dupes, unknowingly allowing people of suspect backgrounds into the country to assault and murder their citizens, but it is not so. This is a calculated process of eliminating the domestic populace with people more likely to accept and even lobby for a transition from typically democratic nation to totalitarian dictatorship that these traitorous leaders intend to control. The sheer stupidity of that is mind-boggling, but it is true. These are revolutions brought about by the current governments, it is an overthrow of the populace rather than an overthrow of the governments. This is something unique to history.

The public is left with the belief that these replacement populations are mere refugees from war-torn nations incapable of protecting them, when in fact they are an invading force. I strongly urge people to view the documentary KILLING EUROPE to understand the future of America if this continues.

But, the biggest lie of omission is the number of times citizens use weapons to defend themselves, their families or their property every year, heck every DAY. This number is never reported, yet the times that guns are used in the commission of crime is reported in great detail and those reports are very often lies to accentuate another lie about the availability of guns. Guns are highly restricted in every state. One must prove their ability to purchase a weapon, which takes the "right" and converts it to a "privilege." One has to prove their ability to drive a car, because it is a privilege due to the dangerous nature of operating a motor vehicle. (I would argue that driving is a right and people who abuse that right need to spend time in prison, but I digress)

The reason Europe is being killed by immigrants intent on conquering the continent is largely due to the lack of available firearms in the hands of the victims, generally young women. In Denmark even pepper spray has been denied to potential victims. They are allowed to have a rape whistle, nothing more and will go to prison if they defend themselves with anything greater. As jihadists are imported into the United States, we see this push from the media to confiscate guns. Why? Because, eventually the question of self-defense will be raised here and the answer is to arm those most at risk, young women in urban areas. In order to kill the US, guns have got to be confiscated and the people must be disabused of this nature of rightful self-defense.

These are the dangers of LIES OF OMISSION.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Gun Ownership Is A Collective Responsibility

Gun-grabbers like to point out how many deaths are caused by firearms every year. That's it, that is the extent of their thought or perspective, because their goal is not public safety, but the disarmament of their fellow citizens. If public safety were the issue, as they claim, they would be for the proliferation of arms in the hands of citizens.

In every anti-gun argument for the confiscation of guns begins with the figure of gun use in self defense, which is usually low, around 2,000 times and then that is compared to the number of times that guns are used, roughly 54,000 times. This includes officer involved shootings, both ways as the shooter and as the victim (about 2000); it includes injuries (27,000) and deaths (13,000); it does NOT include the 22,000 suicides, so a bit of honesty there.

But, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) puts the figures a little differently that does not support the assertions of the anti-gunners. The CDC, the last figure I saw, put the number at 249,000 times a firearm is used to deter crime meaning both when fired and when merely brandished to chase off a burglar or some such individual. So, while the gun-grabbers try to show that only 2,000 times a gun is used to deter crime by promoting the times the gun is actually used, rather than just brandished, they miss out on the 247,000 times it is used to deter crime without being fired. That's a big oversight and I would argue that when the weapon is not fired, the chances for a report of the incident drops considerably, so that the 247,000 times a weapon is brandished to deter crime is probably about half of the times that it actually occurs.

But, that is not the moral argument. The moral argument is that at least 247,000 times a year firearms are used to deter crime and if the gun-grabbers get their way that is the number of times we can expect to be victims of crime. In fact, that number could be raised considerably if guns were ever banned, because the number one factor admitted by criminals that deters them is the thought of encountering someone with a gun.

When they pull out the figure of 2000 times a citizen used a weapon in self-defense, they don't realize that what they are admitting is that out of the 247,000 times citizens just brandish their weapons to frighten away intruders, there are 2000 times that the sight of the weapon was not enough to stop the intruder and some person had to actually discharge the weapon to stop the attack.

The truth is, they don't care. The gun-grabbers wrap themselves in these statistics to show that their fellow citizens owning weapons cause burglaries (in order to get weapons) and are almost never used to stop crime. Okay, but what about the 2,000 people who probably saved their lives by discharging their weapon on a determined assailant? 2,0000 lives a year. I know, a death is a tragedy and a thousands deaths is a statistic, but I own one of those 2,000 lives and it is pretty special to me. Which brings us to the crux of this post: the solution to gun crime is not to force the individual to give up self-defense in order to make others feel safe, it is for them to feel safe by possessing a weapon of self-defense and using it to protect themselves and others when encountering determined assailants.

The collective responsibility, appropriately recognized, is to become trained and possessing of the ability to effect self-defense and the defense of those around them. That demonstrates a social conscience. Nowhere is this more pronounced, more obvious than in the many church shootings that have been stopped by those who understand it and embraced it, nor more regretted by those who did not.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

A Point of Resolve

The leftists always excuse their heroes of their imperfections with the admonition that we are all human. Only conservatives are not allowed those same human imperfections. It is part of the double standard that is inherent to leftism that most conservatives have learned to dismiss. It is that willing participation in the hypocrisy that should first be destroyed, if there is any interest in winning the cultural war.

The Harvey Weinstein sexual assaults that have now been widely publicized have led to an illumination of the left's hypocrisy to the point that Weinstein has now been denounced by some of his greatest supporters and that is a good start, but only a start. Conservatives don't have television or the movies, but they do have talk radio as a great platform and a few influential freelancers like James O'Keefe and Dinesh D'Souza. There are a few powerful lobbying groups like the NRA and GOA. There are even a few powerful billionaires on the conservative side like the Koch brothers and the Mercers, but nothing like the power of silicon valley and old-money liberals.

The odd thing about it is that the average conservative is a paycheck to paycheck working stiff, who is generally an honest, church-going, softball-playing, average American far from the cities and the universities that infect thought like a plague. They live in the 2600 counties that elected Trump instead of the 500 counties that voted for Hillary. It's odd, because it is exactly these people, who should be liberals. They are the ones who are operating on slim margins and would benefit from a few government handouts to make their lives a little easier; they should be interested in "free stuff" instead of having to work so hard to get the few things they have. The fact that they are conservatives tells us that the true concept of being an American is not dead. It might be on life-support, but it is not dead. They are the Americans that have walked out on the NFL, when its employees turned on the flag and the national anthem and the football clubs refused to do anything about it.

While it is encouraging that those who voted for Trump did so, not out of a dedication to the man so much as a dedication to what he claimed to support, i.e., defending the border, the Second Amendment, a conservative Supreme Court, bureaucratic reform and tax cuts. It was a repudiation of the establishment GOP, who had sold out conservative policies time after time during the Obama Administration. These RINOs now want to board the Trump Train without paying admittance with fealty to his policies. They want what NFL players want, support without doing anything to deserve it. They want to go on supporting globalist goals and spitting on their constituency, but nonetheless getting elected because they are somehow not the globalist swamp that the Democrats are, but those lines are getting narrower by the day.

In this sense, the GOP is in disarray, because it refuses to enact the policies they pretended to support in order to get elected. Their goal is to get elected, to be in Washington, nothing more and they rode the wave of support garnered by the Tea Party and sympathizers with it, but they didn't believe in their principles any more than they believe in Trump's. These waves are simply the momentum that propelled them toward the swamp, vehicles to get to the destination, but they are bound by no principles at all, except that of a globalist/collectivist vision of the future.

There are no champions of the American way, the concept of individual rights, truth and justice. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, a Republican, chosen by Donald Trump to be the Attorney General and largely supported by both Tea Party activists and conservatives across the board, refuses to stand up for America and these concepts. The Democrats are just human, there is no doubt about that, but then so are thousands of prisoners in state and federal penitentiaries. If the entire Democrat Party was guilty of felonies, they would have to be put in prison. Any concessions to their power is a repudiation of the American way, of individual rights (and responsibilities) truth and justice.

This concept of America is a built on the very idea that no one is above the law, that no matter how painful or how divisive the prosecution of one person or one faction might be, it must be done. There is no way out of the predicament, but to have that one person or one faction refuse to break the law in the first place, in absence of that, a prosecution must take place, or the whole concept of America crumbles before one's eyes. It becomes a lie and worthy of destruction. What is there to fight for or defend with people's lives if it is in fact a lie? What leader can be considered worthy if they ask their people to lay down their lives to protect a fraud?

And, one might say that America has always been a lie, that it never stood for what it claimed. There are those who believe that and maybe they are right, but if they are right then it should long ago have been destroyed. There is that line between belief and proof that most governments exploit. This is one, if it was always a lie and it took 240 years to prove that lie, it is nonetheless proven. If it were ever true, it can be true again, but not without this test of resolve.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Next Step for 12 Round Productions

12 Round Productions is establishing itself as a new media company. This is important, because as we have seen the social media sites are cracking down on conservative voices. Universities refuse to let conservatives speak. The media is hostile to conservatives. Newspapers go out of their way to slant the news in favor of liberal causes and points of view. Even in small towns, the publishers and reporters all come from the same journalism schools and carry the liberal message and points of view with them.

We are watching the sovietization of information, including private conversations all in the name of "hate speech" which has no definition other than what some liberal dictates it to be, which means the very terms used by conservatives are hate speech. They can reach into every aspect of public and private life at this point. In Britain, people are being arrested for casual comments in pubs that go against the approved narratives and it will, like every other collectivist idea, float across the waters to our shores. There is no appreciation for the First Amendment or the Fourth Amendment and the only consideration for the Second Amendment is what gun owners are prepared to defend with the force of arms.

This is the world we live in today. Nothing short of civil war will counteract the trend toward sovietization. The refugee program and open borders are just a means to get to sovietization on an accelerated timeline. The "new" people have no anticipation of freedoms or rights. They are accustomed to being ruled.

12 Round Productions finds itself in a position as a venue by which conservativism and individual liberties can be discussed and promoted, by-passing the liberal infrastructure which will ultimately reach into the Video On Demand sources to squelch the conservative narrative there, too. Lies of Omission will be available on Amazon in the coming months, but it will probably be pulled down almost as quickly as we can get it listed. Who knows? The pace of censorship is rapid and the gears of production turn slow. This is why we first relied on DVDs and will in the future, because it is the only sure method of communicating diverse voices and images without fear of censorship now, or in the future unless they start burning DVDs as well as books.

Lies of Omission was designed to get a much bigger platform for people like David Codrea, Matt Bracken, Claire Wolfe, Kit Perez and Larry Pratt, though Larry doesn't need much help. And, of course, Mike Vanderboegh's message and knowledge of some of the dirty deals perpetrated by government officials. It was supposed to raise these people up and add them to the conservative menu of voices so that many of us would feel represented in the arena of ideas. But, too many small-minded, self-absorbed individuals refused to let that happen out of some grudge with myself, Pete or Mike. It didn't hurt us, but it did stifle other voices that so many Americans need to hear.

We learned a lot with Lies of Omission. We learned that this patriot community is so fractured and rife with back-biting and circular firing squads that producing anything for them (and it was for THEM), no matter how diverse the voices, is a losing proposition. While we received a great deal of individual support, every organization that might have helped promote this work, for one reason or another, turned their backs and that is their prerogative and I don't harbor any ill-will for it or I would be no better, but if that is the formula for producing truly "patriot" "individual liberty" films and podcasts, then it is a non-functioning formula. Sadly, it takes a lot more than the dedication of individuals, it takes cooperation across the broad spectrum to make a success of something with such a narrow audience and cooperation is something absent in the patriot community.

We did, however, as gratitude for his cooperation, make The Vanderboegh Tapes available on you can search The Vanderbeogh Tapes as a series and find it easy enough. It is for sale (anytime viewing for as long as it exists) or rent, but it is long and we have 4 parts to it each with a declining price so it costs less the more parts that are rented.

So, okay. Our next project will not be aimed at such a narrow market. But, with the help of so many good, dedicated individuals, we have accomplished our goal. Lies of Omission was produced and distributed and is still for sale at 12 Round Productions. Our goal was always to be a force and to carry the message of individual liberty to the arenas where all of this will be debated when the entity known as the United States of America destroys itself with cowardice and political correctness (which are basically the same things).

If you think things are going to get better in this country, then there is no need for 12 Round Productions, but if you think it's going to get worse and if you want to have your perspective represented, we have opened a fundrazr site for the company as a whole. While we will be accepting donations there, it is important to share your ideas there for our next project. There is a little time between now and when we make our decision that there is room for input from our supporters.

For those who wanted us to fail and go away, sorry.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

November Fourth: A Starter Pistol?

Eighteen billion dollars has been transferred from George Soros' normal operations to his subversive operations just ahead of the November 4th Antifa declaration of war. There are guys like Jeb Bush who have remarked that Trump would not be in office after December. The removal of Trump through impeachment, or a revolution would be welcomed by those determined to globalize labor and that is what it all comes down to. The American worker expects to earn too much money and it costs a lot to send the resources of the United States to other nations where labor is cheaper.

These globalist forces have teamed up with Antifa, Islamic Jihadists, BLM and any other destabilizing organizations they can find. They have bought off people like McCain, Lindsey Graham and Paul Ryan to push their cheap labor dreams through immigration. There has been no need to corrupt the Democratic Party, it has been sold out to the globalist vision from the beginning. It is probably no coincidence that the Mandalay Bay shootings were supposed to help push a disarmament movement ahead of November 4th among even conservatives and it worked to some degree when the NRA signed onto a bumpstock ban, before reversing course.

To leave Trump in power now, with all of the facts of Uranium One coming out, with the positive effects he has had on the economy, with the disruption of their population replacement plans would set their globalist movement back a decade. They have their forces in place now, they have conditioned the American people to stand back and let things happen, rather than to stand up against a coup. The time is right and the psychology is right.

I don't know if November 4th is anything, or not. I don't take Antifa very seriously on their own. They are, at best, brainwashed snowflakes with nothing else to do. ISIS, however, I do take seriously and with all of the imported Jihadists roaming around the country, including 150 missing Afghanis who were supposed to be getting advanced tactical training in America and 18 billion dollars available to a couple of hundred Leftist organizations funded by Soros, November 4th is as good a time as any to take a run at revolution.

They have media coverage, complicit elected government officials on both sides of the aisle, CIA, FBI and NSA are all corrupted, so there are no patriots in that quarter that could do something to stop it all. There are mid-level DHS employees who can be counted on to run interference with those agents and troops who might not be willing to go along.

The only thing missing that I can think of is that it would be nice to have an economic crisis to add another dimension to the confusion.

However, if there is such a thing as a starter pistol for patriots to mobilize, perhaps this is it. We'll see how effective they are in the initial stages, but most likely this is just another attempt to get patriots to jump too soon, to take themselves out of the conflict before they can be effective. If November 4th is nothing more than a few riots in the usual areas, there's not much to do, but shrug it off. Any serious attempt to force a confrontation would have to come from something much bigger, much better thought out than riots.

One thing is for sure, if this is the start it doesn't make sense to stop until the traitors have been purged and the communists have been dealt with.

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