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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

A Point of Resolve

The leftists always excuse their heroes of their imperfections with the admonition that we are all human. Only conservatives are not allowed those same human imperfections. It is part of the double standard that is inherent to leftism that most conservatives have learned to dismiss. It is that willing participation in the hypocrisy that should first be destroyed, if there is any interest in winning the cultural war.

The Harvey Weinstein sexual assaults that have now been widely publicized have led to an illumination of the left's hypocrisy to the point that Weinstein has now been denounced by some of his greatest supporters and that is a good start, but only a start. Conservatives don't have television or the movies, but they do have talk radio as a great platform and a few influential freelancers like James O'Keefe and Dinesh D'Souza. There are a few powerful lobbying groups like the NRA and GOA. There are even a few powerful billionaires on the conservative side like the Koch brothers and the Mercers, but nothing like the power of silicon valley and old-money liberals.

The odd thing about it is that the average conservative is a paycheck to paycheck working stiff, who is generally an honest, church-going, softball-playing, average American far from the cities and the universities that infect thought like a plague. They live in the 2600 counties that elected Trump instead of the 500 counties that voted for Hillary. It's odd, because it is exactly these people, who should be liberals. They are the ones who are operating on slim margins and would benefit from a few government handouts to make their lives a little easier; they should be interested in "free stuff" instead of having to work so hard to get the few things they have. The fact that they are conservatives tells us that the true concept of being an American is not dead. It might be on life-support, but it is not dead. They are the Americans that have walked out on the NFL, when its employees turned on the flag and the national anthem and the football clubs refused to do anything about it.

While it is encouraging that those who voted for Trump did so, not out of a dedication to the man so much as a dedication to what he claimed to support, i.e., defending the border, the Second Amendment, a conservative Supreme Court, bureaucratic reform and tax cuts. It was a repudiation of the establishment GOP, who had sold out conservative policies time after time during the Obama Administration. These RINOs now want to board the Trump Train without paying admittance with fealty to his policies. They want what NFL players want, support without doing anything to deserve it. They want to go on supporting globalist goals and spitting on their constituency, but nonetheless getting elected because they are somehow not the globalist swamp that the Democrats are, but those lines are getting narrower by the day.

In this sense, the GOP is in disarray, because it refuses to enact the policies they pretended to support in order to get elected. Their goal is to get elected, to be in Washington, nothing more and they rode the wave of support garnered by the Tea Party and sympathizers with it, but they didn't believe in their principles any more than they believe in Trump's. These waves are simply the momentum that propelled them toward the swamp, vehicles to get to the destination, but they are bound by no principles at all, except that of a globalist/collectivist vision of the future.

There are no champions of the American way, the concept of individual rights, truth and justice. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, a Republican, chosen by Donald Trump to be the Attorney General and largely supported by both Tea Party activists and conservatives across the board, refuses to stand up for America and these concepts. The Democrats are just human, there is no doubt about that, but then so are thousands of prisoners in state and federal penitentiaries. If the entire Democrat Party was guilty of felonies, they would have to be put in prison. Any concessions to their power is a repudiation of the American way, of individual rights (and responsibilities) truth and justice.

This concept of America is a built on the very idea that no one is above the law, that no matter how painful or how divisive the prosecution of one person or one faction might be, it must be done. There is no way out of the predicament, but to have that one person or one faction refuse to break the law in the first place, in absence of that, a prosecution must take place, or the whole concept of America crumbles before one's eyes. It becomes a lie and worthy of destruction. What is there to fight for or defend with people's lives if it is in fact a lie? What leader can be considered worthy if they ask their people to lay down their lives to protect a fraud?

And, one might say that America has always been a lie, that it never stood for what it claimed. There are those who believe that and maybe they are right, but if they are right then it should long ago have been destroyed. There is that line between belief and proof that most governments exploit. This is one, if it was always a lie and it took 240 years to prove that lie, it is nonetheless proven. If it were ever true, it can be true again, but not without this test of resolve.

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