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Friday, November 24, 2017

Giving Thanks and Taking Issue

It is a time of Thanksgiving, a moment when it is good to reflect on the gifts of God as they show up in our daily lives. When I think of it, I think about the people I have come to know. Not all of the people you meet are going to fit into your life, but enough of them will. This year I have come to know a number of people who have either participated in LIES OF OMISSION, or who have contributed to it in one way or another. I consider many of them friends beyond this project or that, this effort or that.

Over the years, I have had the pleasure of meeting many during Patcons, or the Fourth of July Parade up in Westcliffe, or in Pikeville, KY and yes, during the filming of Lies of Omission. While these might seem transient acquaintances, they are not. Not to me. The ideas shared, the issues discussed and the fact that they showed up at all are important, not only to me, but to an understanding that there is some point where actions will be required instead of words, but when that time comes, we will know who to count on. We can count on the people who showed up.

There are always critics. When Bill Nye and I discussed the idea of Patcons there were a lot of critics. They were afraid of getting droned when we congregated. They were afraid of protests and people trying to infiltrate the proceedings and take them into actionable crimes. During the Siege of DC there was a lot of enthusiasm, until the critics got involved and spread all of the same fears, fears of my leadership, which I would have gladly given to someone else, if they had showed up. But, none did, because of fear.

I have had a lot of opportunities to become discouraged with the whole thing and then I look around and think that it cannot go down without a fight. To just give up is as bad as never having started to begin with and I have come in contact with a lot of people who think like I do and I know it is not a lost cause. They are the people I have met during any number of things and it feels like a betrayal to them if I were just to walk away.

During my years in the oil field I have been witness to a lot things gone wrong and there is usually someone who caused it who feels pretty bad about it. My response has always been the same, it is only the people doing things that make mistakes. Sometimes, I have had to recognize the same thing when I was the one who made the mistake. But, one thing a person cannot do and that is to stop simply because something bad can happen and a mistake might be made.

It is the same with this effort to restore some sense of liberty. This blog has always been for those who are not quite up to speed, yet, or who have just recently become angry with the way that judges, or cops, or some other facet of  the government has acted. I have always assumed that this blog was to confirm for them that yes, that is unconstitutional. The fact that the government actors don't care whether it is unconstitutional is no reason to give up on making a case for it. Think of all the sexual predators in Congress who thought they were getting away with their behavior, who had no conscience about what they did, because they were above the law. Events have a way of making lies out of one's beliefs. Should we just excuse the sexual predators, because that's the way it is and nothing can be done about it? There's no way to hold them accountable, because they are all powerful? That's wrong on so many levels, I don't even want to go into it.

So, there are critics to everything one does and if I ever cared about the critics, I would have done nothing and that's why I refuse to criticize someone else trying to do something. If I don't agree, I just don't participate, but to criticize their efforts can have only a couple of purposes: 1) to make myself seem smarter than them 2) destroy their efforts so that nothing is accomplished 3) to silence the ideas with which I disagree. Sounds a lot like the collectivists we are supposedly fighting against.

As for Keyboard there anything else at this point? Is there some battlefront I am missing out on? Is there some battle lines being drawn where there is a gaping hole I promised to fill? It seems to me that anyone who has the time and equipment to make that charge is guilty of exactly the same thing. If not, I greatly respect the fact that they have taken the time, after a hard-fought and bloody battle to bother to address me about my shortcomings. That takes a lot of energy and focus on what must be a sizeable burden on one so engaged. So, I apologize if my transgressions have risen to such a level that they must be addressed at such a cost.

Fortunately, for every critic I have found, I have found many more allies dedicated to preparations, vigilant to  recognizing the choke points and traps, who have arrived at the same places I have for the same reasons I have and I will keep my company with them and be grateful. Trust me, there will be plenty of time to get into the act.

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