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Lies of Omission
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Friday, November 10, 2017

Gun Ownership Is A Collective Responsibility

Gun-grabbers like to point out how many deaths are caused by firearms every year. That's it, that is the extent of their thought or perspective, because their goal is not public safety, but the disarmament of their fellow citizens. If public safety were the issue, as they claim, they would be for the proliferation of arms in the hands of citizens.

In every anti-gun argument for the confiscation of guns begins with the figure of gun use in self defense, which is usually low, around 2,000 times and then that is compared to the number of times that guns are used, roughly 54,000 times. This includes officer involved shootings, both ways as the shooter and as the victim (about 2000); it includes injuries (27,000) and deaths (13,000); it does NOT include the 22,000 suicides, so a bit of honesty there.

But, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) puts the figures a little differently that does not support the assertions of the anti-gunners. The CDC, the last figure I saw, put the number at 249,000 times a firearm is used to deter crime meaning both when fired and when merely brandished to chase off a burglar or some such individual. So, while the gun-grabbers try to show that only 2,000 times a gun is used to deter crime by promoting the times the gun is actually used, rather than just brandished, they miss out on the 247,000 times it is used to deter crime without being fired. That's a big oversight and I would argue that when the weapon is not fired, the chances for a report of the incident drops considerably, so that the 247,000 times a weapon is brandished to deter crime is probably about half of the times that it actually occurs.

But, that is not the moral argument. The moral argument is that at least 247,000 times a year firearms are used to deter crime and if the gun-grabbers get their way that is the number of times we can expect to be victims of crime. In fact, that number could be raised considerably if guns were ever banned, because the number one factor admitted by criminals that deters them is the thought of encountering someone with a gun.

When they pull out the figure of 2000 times a citizen used a weapon in self-defense, they don't realize that what they are admitting is that out of the 247,000 times citizens just brandish their weapons to frighten away intruders, there are 2000 times that the sight of the weapon was not enough to stop the intruder and some person had to actually discharge the weapon to stop the attack.

The truth is, they don't care. The gun-grabbers wrap themselves in these statistics to show that their fellow citizens owning weapons cause burglaries (in order to get weapons) and are almost never used to stop crime. Okay, but what about the 2,000 people who probably saved their lives by discharging their weapon on a determined assailant? 2,0000 lives a year. I know, a death is a tragedy and a thousands deaths is a statistic, but I own one of those 2,000 lives and it is pretty special to me. Which brings us to the crux of this post: the solution to gun crime is not to force the individual to give up self-defense in order to make others feel safe, it is for them to feel safe by possessing a weapon of self-defense and using it to protect themselves and others when encountering determined assailants.

The collective responsibility, appropriately recognized, is to become trained and possessing of the ability to effect self-defense and the defense of those around them. That demonstrates a social conscience. Nowhere is this more pronounced, more obvious than in the many church shootings that have been stopped by those who understand it and embraced it, nor more regretted by those who did not.


  1. How the Hell do you think HITLER ascended to his throne!! He disarmed the population first!! It was said by someone in some blog somewhere that I read and it "Hit Home!!".. If every German had a Mauser Rifle and 20 rounds of ammunition ...Adolph "Schelegrubber" Hitler would be a mere "FOOT NOTE" OF HISTORY!!!" Nuff' Said!!!

    1. I can't agree in the slightest that "If every German had a Mauser Rifle and 20 rounds of ammunition ...Adolph "Schelegrubber" Hitler would be a mere "FOOT NOTE" OF HISTORY!!!". The German people simply don't have this excuse. The simple truth is that the NSDAP was elected and secured power lawfully and with popular support. The all-powerful, all-terrifying Gestapo is a post-war myth: it was never able to manage the amount of infomation it gathered, and the Reichssicherheitshauptamt was simply chaotic.

  2. Skybill,

    Actually the Weimar Republic in 1931, required that German citizens must register their firearms "for safety". All German firearm owners complied except for German communists and members of the NAZI party who did not register their weapons. Upon Adolf Hitler's appointment as chancellor in 1933 and his subsequent abolition of all political parties, then and only then did the German people succumb to firearm confiscation. As dictator, Hitler then ordered the confiscation of all privately owned firearms courtesy of the registration rosters created by the Weimar Republic government.

    My second point is your remark that "if every German had a Mauser Rifle and 20 rounds of ammunition...." Adolf Hitler would be a "FOOT NOTE" in history. You are blatantly wrong making that remark of hindsight fantasy. By 1932 Adolf Hitler and the NAZI Party had become extremely popular in Weimar Germany. As the result of the sanctions imposed by the Allies in 1919 with the Versailles Treaty and the Wall Street crash of 1929, the German people were being suffocated by debt, joblessment and inflation. Adolf Hitler and the NAZI Party promised the Reich would rise again in prestige and power. With his army of Brownshirts, the SA, and Himmler's SS they would rule out any organized opposition to Adolf Hitler. And they did. They also eliminated from the German bureaucracy those members what we now call "the Deep State". In turn the Reich would become great again. Tthe German people would have jobs again and bread. They could be and would be proud AGAIN ! There were few Germans in 1933 who looked unfavorably upon Adolf Hitler, der Fuhrer,and the NAZI Party.

  3. In my remarks I fingered "joblessment" intending " joblessness". My apology for the error.

  4. I don't know that I can agree. I find myself thinking of Cliuve James' sad observation on the massacres conducted during the Holocaust that -

    "... one of the main opponents of sanity is our own fantasy. In the wishful thinking that saps our thinking, we can’t help wondering why all those obedient victims didn’t gang up at a given signal and fight back with their bare hands, as we would have. In our minds we have mighty powers, like Steven Seagal: our hands are deadly weapons. But the hands of the murderers weren’t bare: they were holding rifles and machine pistols, and those really were deadly weapons. ... In Sobibor, the breakout was led by Russian soldiers who knew what they were doing. In the [Warsaw] ghetto, the insurgents were mainly untrained civilians. They took a heartening number of their tormentors with them, but that was it. The issue was already decided before the flame-throwers were brought in, and the tanks soon had nothing left to shoot at." (

    Sadly, far too many people who advocate concealed carry and the like seem to be armchair heroes, willing to burn powder at a shooting range under the guise of 'training', but unwilling to maintain the skills required for the unglamourous and unpleasant work of knowing how to treat injuries, triage casualties, and save lives.

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