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Thursday, November 2, 2017

Next Step for 12 Round Productions

12 Round Productions is establishing itself as a new media company. This is important, because as we have seen the social media sites are cracking down on conservative voices. Universities refuse to let conservatives speak. The media is hostile to conservatives. Newspapers go out of their way to slant the news in favor of liberal causes and points of view. Even in small towns, the publishers and reporters all come from the same journalism schools and carry the liberal message and points of view with them.

We are watching the sovietization of information, including private conversations all in the name of "hate speech" which has no definition other than what some liberal dictates it to be, which means the very terms used by conservatives are hate speech. They can reach into every aspect of public and private life at this point. In Britain, people are being arrested for casual comments in pubs that go against the approved narratives and it will, like every other collectivist idea, float across the waters to our shores. There is no appreciation for the First Amendment or the Fourth Amendment and the only consideration for the Second Amendment is what gun owners are prepared to defend with the force of arms.

This is the world we live in today. Nothing short of civil war will counteract the trend toward sovietization. The refugee program and open borders are just a means to get to sovietization on an accelerated timeline. The "new" people have no anticipation of freedoms or rights. They are accustomed to being ruled.

12 Round Productions finds itself in a position as a venue by which conservativism and individual liberties can be discussed and promoted, by-passing the liberal infrastructure which will ultimately reach into the Video On Demand sources to squelch the conservative narrative there, too. Lies of Omission will be available on Amazon in the coming months, but it will probably be pulled down almost as quickly as we can get it listed. Who knows? The pace of censorship is rapid and the gears of production turn slow. This is why we first relied on DVDs and will in the future, because it is the only sure method of communicating diverse voices and images without fear of censorship now, or in the future unless they start burning DVDs as well as books.

Lies of Omission was designed to get a much bigger platform for people like David Codrea, Matt Bracken, Claire Wolfe, Kit Perez and Larry Pratt, though Larry doesn't need much help. And, of course, Mike Vanderboegh's message and knowledge of some of the dirty deals perpetrated by government officials. It was supposed to raise these people up and add them to the conservative menu of voices so that many of us would feel represented in the arena of ideas. But, too many small-minded, self-absorbed individuals refused to let that happen out of some grudge with myself, Pete or Mike. It didn't hurt us, but it did stifle other voices that so many Americans need to hear.

We learned a lot with Lies of Omission. We learned that this patriot community is so fractured and rife with back-biting and circular firing squads that producing anything for them (and it was for THEM), no matter how diverse the voices, is a losing proposition. While we received a great deal of individual support, every organization that might have helped promote this work, for one reason or another, turned their backs and that is their prerogative and I don't harbor any ill-will for it or I would be no better, but if that is the formula for producing truly "patriot" "individual liberty" films and podcasts, then it is a non-functioning formula. Sadly, it takes a lot more than the dedication of individuals, it takes cooperation across the broad spectrum to make a success of something with such a narrow audience and cooperation is something absent in the patriot community.

We did, however, as gratitude for his cooperation, make The Vanderboegh Tapes available on you can search The Vanderbeogh Tapes as a series and find it easy enough. It is for sale (anytime viewing for as long as it exists) or rent, but it is long and we have 4 parts to it each with a declining price so it costs less the more parts that are rented.

So, okay. Our next project will not be aimed at such a narrow market. But, with the help of so many good, dedicated individuals, we have accomplished our goal. Lies of Omission was produced and distributed and is still for sale at 12 Round Productions. Our goal was always to be a force and to carry the message of individual liberty to the arenas where all of this will be debated when the entity known as the United States of America destroys itself with cowardice and political correctness (which are basically the same things).

If you think things are going to get better in this country, then there is no need for 12 Round Productions, but if you think it's going to get worse and if you want to have your perspective represented, we have opened a fundrazr site for the company as a whole. While we will be accepting donations there, it is important to share your ideas there for our next project. There is a little time between now and when we make our decision that there is room for input from our supporters.

For those who wanted us to fail and go away, sorry.

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