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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

November Fourth: A Starter Pistol?

Eighteen billion dollars has been transferred from George Soros' normal operations to his subversive operations just ahead of the November 4th Antifa declaration of war. There are guys like Jeb Bush who have remarked that Trump would not be in office after December. The removal of Trump through impeachment, or a revolution would be welcomed by those determined to globalize labor and that is what it all comes down to. The American worker expects to earn too much money and it costs a lot to send the resources of the United States to other nations where labor is cheaper.

These globalist forces have teamed up with Antifa, Islamic Jihadists, BLM and any other destabilizing organizations they can find. They have bought off people like McCain, Lindsey Graham and Paul Ryan to push their cheap labor dreams through immigration. There has been no need to corrupt the Democratic Party, it has been sold out to the globalist vision from the beginning. It is probably no coincidence that the Mandalay Bay shootings were supposed to help push a disarmament movement ahead of November 4th among even conservatives and it worked to some degree when the NRA signed onto a bumpstock ban, before reversing course.

To leave Trump in power now, with all of the facts of Uranium One coming out, with the positive effects he has had on the economy, with the disruption of their population replacement plans would set their globalist movement back a decade. They have their forces in place now, they have conditioned the American people to stand back and let things happen, rather than to stand up against a coup. The time is right and the psychology is right.

I don't know if November 4th is anything, or not. I don't take Antifa very seriously on their own. They are, at best, brainwashed snowflakes with nothing else to do. ISIS, however, I do take seriously and with all of the imported Jihadists roaming around the country, including 150 missing Afghanis who were supposed to be getting advanced tactical training in America and 18 billion dollars available to a couple of hundred Leftist organizations funded by Soros, November 4th is as good a time as any to take a run at revolution.

They have media coverage, complicit elected government officials on both sides of the aisle, CIA, FBI and NSA are all corrupted, so there are no patriots in that quarter that could do something to stop it all. There are mid-level DHS employees who can be counted on to run interference with those agents and troops who might not be willing to go along.

The only thing missing that I can think of is that it would be nice to have an economic crisis to add another dimension to the confusion.

However, if there is such a thing as a starter pistol for patriots to mobilize, perhaps this is it. We'll see how effective they are in the initial stages, but most likely this is just another attempt to get patriots to jump too soon, to take themselves out of the conflict before they can be effective. If November 4th is nothing more than a few riots in the usual areas, there's not much to do, but shrug it off. Any serious attempt to force a confrontation would have to come from something much bigger, much better thought out than riots.

One thing is for sure, if this is the start it doesn't make sense to stop until the traitors have been purged and the communists have been dealt with.

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