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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

FBI: Abuse of Trust

The FBI is coming unglued and the only thing holding it together are the agents themselves, continuing to mask over the obvious and complete corruption within their ranks. Let me ask the average FBI agent this question: If I were in full knowledge of criminal activity at my workplace and did nothing, would I not be somewhat culpable in the crimes committed there? What if I knew that my boss was falsifying bank records to avoid paying federal and state income taxes? Should I just turn a blind eye, or contact either the FBI or the IRS? Just curious, because it doesn't seem like there is any intention of the agents themselves, trained law enforcement personnel, to discover and expose or even take into custody any of the outright criminals within their ranks.

It is a well known axiom that there are always a few rotten apples that should not be allowed to spoil the whole bunch, but that is exactly what is taking place within federal law enforcement. The problem is, if there are only a few rotten apples, why haven't the good apples exposed and deposed them? And, if they do not, does that not mean that there are no "good" apples in the bunch at all, but rather a bunch of bad apples covering for and refusing to confront the bad apples? I have always been suspicious of the idea that there are only a few bad apples. I think that is some sort of justification for doing nothing, but by doing nothing, the good apples are doing something. They are turning their backs on illegal activity for the sake of what? Their good name? Sorry, that is blown.

Here's what I know, if you come to my door and suspect me of a crime, I had better have a darn good explanation or I will be in handcuffs. So, how is it that you walk by suspects every day, in the very halls of your offices and do nothing? Are you not part of the crimes committed by others at that point? Yes, you are, as officers of the court, you are; as entrusted by the people, you are. You can console yourself that these things work themselves out, but the weight of criminal activity is about to burn down the whole house, defame and destroy the agency and for what? For what? Hillary Clinton? Your globalist vision? Do you think you're the SS? And, if you do, what happened to them? History should tell you what is wrong with your actions, if you will not hear it from anyone else.

Are you part of a coup? Is that what you think? Is it the concept of a police state that intrigues you? A place where only the SS troops have ultimate authority? So you can do what, murder at will? If that is your desire, if that sense of power over other people is your understanding of utopia, I guess you are working for the right outfit, but if there is something left of your inner recruit that still remembers the concepts of justice and law enforcement, I don't see how you square that in the mirror every morning.

Most likely, you were recruited under the Obama Administration and saw yourself as some sort of ninja social justice warrior out to take down the current power structure and replace it with SS troops. Wow, I don't think that is what the American people are paying for every few weeks when the paycheck hits the bank, but that's some twisted Marxist strategy you've got going on there.

Either way the bloom is off the rose. Allowing Mueller, Comey, Rosenstein and McCabe to have their way has done as much for the FBI as Kaepernick has done for the NFL. Since none of you have come forward like good soldiers ready to take a bullet for the cause and expose this cabal, the average citizen can do nothing but look at the whole lot of you as reckless, spineless, sycophants to this immoral, outrageous abuse of trust. If that is the legacy you were looking for you have it. Enjoy yourselves as the Rome burns to the ground.

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