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Lies of Omission
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Friday, December 15, 2017

Good Cop, Bad Cop

It has been suggested that bad cops are only a small percentage of the overall force and that the good cops should not be judged by the actions of the few. I would argue that if the bad cops are a small percentage of the force, why can they not be confronted and dealt with, if even on a personal, non-administrative way by the good cops? It happens in business all the time.

The fact is, the good cops hide behind the actions of the bad cops to be occasionally bad themselves, when it suits them and when they think they are justified. The good cops really don't even know what being a good cop is. They think that if they are not a bad cop they are a good cop, but that doesn't wash. At best, they are neutral cops, but by accepting and tolerating bad cops, they become bad cops themselves. It is and must be (pun intended) necessarily a self-policing responsibility. The fact that many of these police forces are not self-policing leads directly to the proliferation of bad cops either by their own actions or by the inaction of others.

So, when the FBI comes under scrutiny at the highest levels for corruption, corruption so complete that many of the most corrupt don't even recognize their corruption as such, why would any local PD be any different? The purpose of putting police organizations under the control of elected officials (the theory of it anyway) is to give the citizens a means of applying pressure against the most heavily armed people in our midst. But, red flags start flashing as Attorney General Jeff Sessions suggests that Rod Rosenstein, the Deputy Attorney General, is a man of conscience and integrity, knowing that he was hip-deep in the corruption, it can only reflect on issues with Sessions himself.

I don't think you can save the FBI. Whether it was always a soft sort of Stasi, or has recently gone off the deep end, or both these people, Comey, Rosenstein, Mueller, Strzok, McCabe (the list keeps getting longer and longer) took it as their own personal deep state vendetta apparatus. They used it to institutionalize  a power structure by which they could determine and ultimately benefit from providing a path to the White House. That's a valuable card to have in one's hand when playing big-stakes political poker.

Okay, I know, go back to the 1960 Presidential election and J. Edgar Hoover and this has been done many times. That's why the 1960's TV show with Efrem Zimbalist Jr. had to be conceived and used as propaganda to make it unassailable to the public. I am not suggesting that all of this is new and never before seen, but it is never before exposed information about the actual inner workings of the FBI.

Most of us go back to Randy Weaver in our disdain for the FBI, or Waco, or their cover up of the circumstances of the Oklahoma City bombing all of which remained obscure to the populace. This, even in order to restore some version of the FBI's reputation, must include a wholesale housecleaning. And, with Eric Holder threatening a violent overthrow of the government (I don't see how his statement can be taken any other way) should Mueller be removed from the investigation tells you how much Mueller knows about the Obama Administration and their dirty dealings. It appears to be a race to manufacture evidence against Trump before the FBI, along with Holder, Clinton and Obama are serving prison sentences.

Here is where the good cops should come in, if there are any. This is where the agency is saved by the dedicated, honest people of integrity who have had enough and throw themselves to the lions if need be to expose this corrupt, violent, power-mad agency and all of those who have used it as such and benefited from its corruption. But, that relies heavily on those government agents of sterling character, who exist only in fantasy and Tom Clancy novels.

Check out Matt Bracken's view of this on the DVD or almost 2 years ago.


  1. Don't hold your breath.

  2. That was going to be my last line, but I refrained.

    1. I had a much longer and wordier reply all typed in. Then, I re-read it before hitting 'publish', and realized that I could say everything I had typed just by posting the above comment.

      Those four little words hold a universe of meaning these days, and apply in almost every context that remotely involves our erstwhile constitutional republic.

  3. Well....seems the "top cop", Attorney General Sessions is no less a weasel of the swamp rat variety, than the communist negro Eric Holder.

    I have long believed that violence by the citizenry against the Deep State remains the only resolution to bringing justice to the likes of both Clintons, soetoro-obama, Comey, Mueller and every, single one of the 535 + 9.

    My beliefs have only been reinforced since the election of DJT.

  4. Had hoped that DJT would bring in more people from outside the swamp to help drain, tough to get started when ag is long time swamp resident.

  5. No one is going to throw themselves to the lions or fall on a sword.
    It's been every man for himself so long, nothing will change.

    Eventually, martyrdom may create a few ripples. Beware the man who has nothing to lose.

    1. That's what makes the "good cop" a myth.

  6. Yawn.….….…
    As always, the obvious is being restated
    ad nauseam.
    The impotence and worthlessness of you
    boomer cucks, who fancy themselves as
    Patriots and leaders, is astounding.
    My mistake, no it's not.
    Now, TL, demonstrate your support of Freedom
    and delete this comment.
    As you know, that's what our Republic was
    founded on.....raging hypocrisy.

    1. No, for once it's not all stupid name-calling hysterical obscenity-driven tirade. Most of it, but not all. But, you still don't get that this is my blog, not some public utility like NPR and if there is no substance, just raging stupidity and insults other readers don't want to read, that offers nothing to the conversation, I'm going to dump it. It degrades the overall blog allowing that sort of thing to remain. So, be half civil and make your point, if you have one, or it gets deleted. Simple as that.

    2. Anony"mouse"@2001,

      "....impotence and worthlessness of you boomer cucks...."

      The generational warfare engaged by you millenials, GenX'ers or whatever age category you fall into disgusts me to no end. As is so typical of millenials you have no respect for your elders (witness the ridicule you dispense upon those, most likely, older than you), the so-called "boomer" generation you denigrate and ridicule so freely. How Alinsky of you.

      If any "raging hypocrisy" is exercised here in the comments or essay, it appears it is YOU with the blatant hypocrisy of a typical, anonymous commenter. While you freely dispense insults upon the remarks of folks commenting here, you do so without commitment to receiving face-to-face retribution. Mangina possessing individuals such as yourself, never have the manhood to speak your hatred to one's face. Rather, you hide behind your anonymity and cowardice. It's more safe for you to spout your generational disrespect than to post your contact information for all the "boomer cucks" to see. Then act upon as they may wish.

      Try growing a pair "anonymous". You just may develop some self-respect.

    3. But that's not the Koch-sucking Rove Republican way, Dan III. And why would you expect an "Anonymous" one of them to act out of character???

    4. MM,

      You are correct Mark. The mangina-possessing types will never man up. As you would be out of character for them.

      Take care.

    5. Hey anon - check your premises. Millenials are at fault, too.

  7. Yes, copakroaches all... History indicates, 'information' of such magnitude generates a 'distraction' of equal magnitude if 2 trillion missing at DOD Sept 2001 noted by Rumsfeld, caused 911- what will whole sale indictments at justice and Febee's wrought on an innocent populace ??? Can the awake, ever sleep again

  8. T.L., you are a better man than me. I would have just told Anonymous to fuck off.

    1. That cracked me up. He deserves it, but this has always been a place where reasonable people can disagree. He is just so rarely reasonable.

  9. This is not much different than the White House Press conference featuring Bill Clinton, all his Dem friends, and Algore. Had Al stepped up and shredded Bill for his behavior and demanded he step down, Al would have succeeded him as President, period.
    The FBI has been diddling the American people and the President with Cigars and sex that isn't sex. What is needed, as the author points out is someone to step forward and retake the high ground.
    And, had Bill stepped down and married Monica for the sake of love, much would have been forgiven and Hitlery would have sunk into obscurity.

  10. Recently, I spotted an article talking about the FBI taking down a dangerous bot network that was, according to what I read, basically DDOS for hire. In looking at the details, I'm a computer guy, the guys with the bot network were incredibly dangerous. They were able to overwhelm companies who's business was mitigation of DDOS attacks.

    The timing of the article struck me as being somewhat interesting, to say the least.


    Story here:

  11. T.L., one thing you are missing is that the agencies involved are often hamstrung, even if they do actually want to get rid of a bad cop.

    As a former San Diego police officer many, many years ago, and an RN working for the VA for nine years before I retired, I discovered that unions are often the reason bad cops - and bad administrators, doctors, nurses, etc. at the VA - are never fired.

    Think back to the times when they unions took fired cops to court, and won their position back, often with back pay, damages, etc. Police unions are powerful, and probably more corrupt (on average) than many politicians.

    At the VA, you could easily slide, not even doing the job you were paid to do, and short of being caught raping the director or his wife on the front lawn of the VA, you could NOT be fired.

    I refused to participate in writing fraudulent statistics concerning our treatment program for the vets on our ward (I was nightshift charge nurse), so my supervisor and the administration began harassing me. They wanted to fire me, but the only way they could do that is if I refused to do what I was told to do.

    That meant if I verbally refused. I could avoid doing it, never get it done, lie and say I would do it and never actually comply. But it was a fireable offense to SAY I wouldn't do it.

    I knew doctors, nurse practitioner, nurses, and admin people who spent eight hours doing nothing, or who left the facility and went _shopping_. Even when that person was _seen_ doing personal shopping, thanks to the union, they couldn't be fired.

    There aren't many cops - or medical people - who are willing to go up against that, but if you do, you will get screwed. IIRC, it was in a sergeant at NYPD who saw a fellow officer attack and injure an innocent man, and arrested him. The arrested officer was given no punishment at all, but the sergeant was placed on a psych ward for 72 hour observation, was forced to go to a psychiatrist to keep his job, and was transferred to a clerical job in the basement of the precinct. Basically, his life was ruined as a warning to any other cop who would step out of the thin blue line.

    I could go one, but you get the point. If you had a family you wanted to keep safe, warm, and fed, you toed the line. I ended up getting two weeks off without pay as punishment (I didn't verbally refuse an order, simply didn't do it), since they couldn't fire me. But the harassment and bad work conditions (for staff _and_ the veterans) got bad enough that I quit five months short of being able to retire on time, and had to wait another five years to retire by age.


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