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Lies of Omission
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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Law-Abiding Citizens

How long before the Democrats/communists start carrying around Constitutions in their pockets and waving them at Donald Trump? In the past few weeks the leftists have all sounded more like the Tea Party than anything else, arguing that the Mueller investigation into collusion is some sort of Constitutionally guaranteed process that Donald Trump had better not interfere with, or he will be hounded out of office by raging mobs of Antifa, BLM and Hollywood stars.

Eric Holder, mastermind of such great examples of Constitutionality like Waco and Fast and Furious, who is the only American Attorney General to be held in contempt of Congress, threatened to unleash the power of Antifa on America's streets should Donald Trump fire Mueller. This is seditious, it is the ultimate threat of domestic insurrection. No laws have been violated by Trump, the Constitution has not been violated and since a Special Counsel is highly suspect as a Constitutional act itself, there are no grounds for unleashing such insurrection other than to take control of the government.

We are watching the initial steps of the Civil War everyone has seen coming for years, (especially Matt Bracken) led by the officials of the previous administration. The very fact that the statements Eric Holder made in the past week have not made him a Pariah throughout the nation tells one just how complete the alliance is between the establishment Republicans and the communists. At this point, it is a distinction without a difference.

Make no mistake, it is not Trump that Holder threatened, it is the American people. While he couched his statement with "peaceful" protests, we all know he was addressing Antifa, the Obama organized and Soros funded hit squad, who take the word "peaceful" as a dog whistle for violence. Yet, these statements from a previous Attorney General went by unnoticed, unaddressed and therefore accepted.

Okay, we're finally there. Eric Holder removed any doubt that this is simply a reaction to an election the SJW's didn't like. Obama empowered BLM and Antifa and Holder intends to weaponize them against his political enemies, namely the republic.

Some big choices need to be made, choices that we have all put off for a long time, hoping that somehow the right people would do the right thing and stand up for the republic. Where are all of the "good" cops? The hardworking, dedicated patriots that former Assistant Director of the FBI James Kallstrom bragged about in a recent interview. Much past this moment in time, what purpose do they serve? As in the previous post, these individuals are a myth, they are non-existent, or they would have done something. Yet, like some backwoods yokels swearing they saw a Bigfoot, FBI agents continually come out saying that they exist, they work with them, they know them. But, where are they?

If we acknowledge that these super agents do not exist and will not do their duty, the people themselves are obligated, not to stand up for the Constitution, but to stand up for themselves, their families and their property.

Here's what we have to recognize, this happy little union of ours is done and all of this will be fought out far away from our burgs and we will have no hand in the outcome. This will be decided in Washington DC between Obama's thugs and our own representatives and guess what? We lose everything. We will be outlawed, the Constitution will be hate speech and anyone having an ounce of patriotic blood will be unemployable. "Necessary" they will call it, including and primarily the confiscation of weapons, which will go down without much resistance in the end.

The only possible chance there is, as slim as it is, is for us to start fighting right now, in whatever way we can. Their troops are already out there, they have been bloodied. They are paid by anarchist billionaire Soros and trained by ISIS, or Al Qaeda and they are ready, or as ready as they will ever be. We have not even begun to fight because we are looking for a moment when our noble efforts will be recognized as such by our fellow countrymen and women. It feels like our sacrifice will be in vain if not recognized, or worse vilified and ridiculed.

That's just part of the bargain, sorry. When the founders swore their oath it was to give their lives, fortunes and sacred honor. It is the "sacred honor" part that they understood, that they would be vilified and ridiculed for thinking they could stand up to the mighty Britain. There was the very real chance that they would be seen as fools and/or traitors for attempting a revolution and likely shot.

Strategically fighting Antifa is unnecessary, the worst that can be done to Antifa is to make them go toe to toe with the police. Our strength is that we are law-abiding concerned citizens, that can't be played up enough in the early stages. Putting pressure on Mayors and City Councils to make the police engage them, instead of giving them a safe space to burn their emotions (and private property) out is the better move. Our war should be conducted in ways that get two bad guys to fight each other. There are so many ways to do that that there is no reason to attempt a direct assault. We don't have the numbers for a direct assault. We don't even have the numbers to defend our own lives when this turns bad.

Eric Holder started this, all we need to do is help him get it going. At this early stage of CW2 propaganda and forcing bad cops to beat up Antifa is just fun. If we can instigate the military to engage Holder's troops, fine. Forget the Posse Comitatus Act, we're past that now, this is for all the chips. We have to win to reinstitute that and any other pro-liberty principles we might support, but the obligation we have to our people, our families, our culture is to kick the snot out of the commies using whatever weapons we can, including, maybe primarily, our reputations as law-abiding citizens. AT FIRST, not as a long-term tactic.

The point is, if we start to fight right now, we might have a say in what comes next. If we wait to be heroes, we will die in some very pathetic and humiliating ways under communist rule.

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  1. Following this TL. Waiting for the next part.

  2. The Mayors and City Councils are also communists.
    And those that are not, are part and parcel
    of the treasonous Uniparty D.C. dictatorship,
    regardless of where they operate from in America.
    Moreover, responding to a focre, an army in the field, on the offensive and actively engaging targets, with pressure, is a waste of time.
    If it were not, then the Rule of Law would not
    be long dead in America.
    There would be no murderous police state, and the culture, communities, and sovereignty of it's states would exist, defend by it's citizens and
    the Rule of Law.

    White Blue Collar Redneck.

    1. Redneck, couldn't agree with you more.

  3. There is no force on force war to be fought here. There is no truth. What we have is a facade and as long as the commies want to keep it up, we can bludgeon them with it until they drop it.

    1. The communists are attacking with force,
      and operating completely unchecked.
      Even if they were not waging a successful
      one sided campaign, bludgeoning an enemy (on the attack) with 'truth until they drop' is a complete waste of tiime.
      And that still does not take into account,
      that the Rule of Law (and our sovereignty)
      is long dead in America.
      Confronting that reality with moral suasion
      is more pointless than wiping your ass with twice used toilet paper.

      White Blue Collar Redneck

  4. I agree. The problem is, most patriots ate still busy making a living and haven't been personally affected to a point where action beyond writing to their senator, is warranted.
    It'll take a severe economic collapse to get everyone's attention and by then it may be too late. At that point food and security will be the weapon wielded by the PTB.

    1. So in essence what you are saying is Patriot's are too dumb to look at what the future holds for them and be preparing now to deal with it later...They will instead wait until it happens and then try to deal with it when they will most likely fail... Sounds about right and I would have to agree with you...Sad That..

    2. I have seen this excuse time after time while reading the different blogs, comments, opinion pieces and articles. The "we all work and don't have time to do such and such" stuff is true to a point. But there is coming the time when we all will need to get off our rear ends and DO something constructive. I don't want all out war but I'm smart enough to see that there will be no significant change in the way that the elitist, statist bunch sees the rest of us otherwise.

  5. Much of this post makes little sense. We don't have the numbers? Numbers is the one thing we do have. We have to go into battle? Not until Antifa are really doing some damage and the cops are seen as bought off or feckless (we're not even close yet). "Fight" by going to city council meetings? Yeah, that'll work.

    Nothing of import will happen until the debt-driven economic crash rolls around. Nope, not the end of the world (yet).

  6. T.L.,

    "We" don't have the numbers ? You are incorrect. We have the numbers. What we DO NOT HAVE is the organization !

    1. Exactly right Dan and trust in one another from living amongst each other...What's amazing to me is people can understand what it takes to make an army work but can't understand that it applies to any Freefor movement as well...

  7. "Our strength is that we are law-abiding concerned citizens..."

    Mr. Davis, I have one small request. What with "Three Felonies A Day" and unrelenting regulations,etc. may I humbly suggest referring to our kind as "peaceable citizens".

  8. IMO AntiFa is just a distraction. The problem Washington District of Columbia. March on D.C. Capture or kill all 535 + 9. Of those still breathing give their guilty, treasonous asses a fair trial. Then hang every one of them. Then....go after and eliminate every fedgov agent of every alphabet agency.

    Ignore AntiFa. They are nothing.

    1. I like that plan as you begin with a viper by removing its head. Another part in this "business" is to control airports immediately. But anything like this plan still requires a plan. An organized life is important for everyone, but in this case, it's necessary for ones survival. One of the greatest problems that I see in "planning" is making those plans with the wrong person.

    2. If you haven't read "Unintended Consequences" you should. I think you and all patriots would like it.


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