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Lies of Omission
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Friday, December 22, 2017

The Only Question Worthy of Debate

The true fact is that most people, especially those in the "patriot" movement, or whatever each individual calls it, it is like gender identification these days. "No, no, I am not a Constitutionalist, or a patriot, or an oathkeeper, or what have you. I am special, different, unique. All right, fine, but the fact remains that I am done trying to encourage people. That part of this blog is over, because the game has progressed too far for me to waste time in the debate. Now, I am just going to say what I think needs to be said and everyone else can debate the absolute validity of it, or the absolute nonsense of it. I don't care. I am not trying to win anyone's approval.

If you don't understand what Eric Holder was saying the other day about dictating what Trump did in regards to Mueller and what a monumental statement that was, then this blog is not for you anyway. In effect, Holder and the rest of Obama's minions are threatening BLM times ten should Trump come after them in a legal way. It was a statement that the left was willing to burn the nation to the ground to keep from being indicted and they would use all of the Soros paid thugs to do it. Antifa is political theater, but they are there for a reason and perhaps they will never amount to much, you can't focus on what they want you to focus on, you have to look deeper and see what they are trying to hide.

The Obama cabal are fully capable of unleashing any number of domestic insurrectionists to make a mess of things while they pursue other avenues of regaining power. Yes, they do intend to rock this ship of the republic and reinstall Obama as the new dictator and president for life so common in third world nations. Okay, we know their goal, we understand how they intend to go about it, so we are ahead of them on that aspect. But, we can't focus on that, that's what they want, we have to try and figure out how to hit them where they think they are safe, which is in the communist local politicians.

Someone scoffed at putting heat on the Mayor and City Council, the question is what else are you prepared to do? My estimation is nothing.

Listen, owning guns is great, it is purposeful and the more the better, but the most valuable thing to own is the will to use it, 'cause without that they are just wall art. And, I don't expect anyone to go there, yet. So what can you do now? What do you possess the ability and will to use? A phone. What else is needed at this point.

Which gets me back to the original idea of the first post. All of us have the moral standing in the community to bring that to bear right now, but that is not the only means of combating this Eric Holder/Barack Obama/George Soros cabal, but it must be done in stages. Everyone is waiting for the big chips to fall, don't wait. There is nothing to wait for, by that time the war will almost be won or lost.

This is strategy stuff, not tactics. Several things need to be happening at the same time, contacting and berating the City Council, whose plan for civil unrest is to give it a chance to burn itself out is a product of Holder/Obama/Soros, so don't let them have that.

Here's the question that should be going through the minds of those who understand the task at hand: Who are the biggest enemies of guns, liberty and property and how do I get them to fight each other?

I mentioned that we don't have the numbers and that was taken exception to, okay, where are they? Numbers only count if you can put them on the street. That is for demonstration purposes. Do we have a majority of gun owners, yeah. How many of them will identify a communist and shoot them, knowing full well that there will be a trial and prison time for doing so? 10, 20? in a nation of 350 million, yeah, we don't have the numbers unless you are talking about something much more mild. The question is to be mild and effective and here we come right back to contacting City Council, which is why I suggested that. Yes, we do have the numbers for something like that.

No, that isn't the only thing to do, but anything else would have to be as mild and as effective, or it won't get done. I'm trying to operate within the realm of the possible rather than fantasy and that takes Rambo out of the equation.

My point is: the war has already started and everyone who says they are willing to fight the war is waiting for something like a siren to go off. Ask Sabo if he got a siren call. We have already seen the previous administration come out as the opposition party to the duly elected president. We have already seen an attempted coup against the same president. At what point does one realize they are living in a banana republic and recognize their role? For me, that was when Holder stepped out to make his statement that if Trump fired Mueller, the streets would fill up with "peaceful" protests. The threat being that they would bring down hell in the form of riots. They being the people most likely to viewed as a legitimate government should this one fall. That is Obama/Holder redux.

Now, having read this, thank you, but if you think you are going to argue me out of my position or expect me to change my mind, forget it. This isn't spur of the moment stuff. The limitations of what I suggest merely align with what I see as possible given the unorganized, unruly, combative, debate-driven movement I call the patriot community for lack of a better definition of the wide range of freedom-lovers out there.

There are many things wrong and only a few things that are right. A lot of better thinkers are working on all of this than me and it all comes down to: how can we get our enemies to fight each other?      and


  1. Trump might be working on that with his stance on Israel. The Democrat diversity coalition does not like Israel. The border walls, the 0 refugees, the Nationalist policies. They see them as "White oppressors" of the innocent Palestinians of color.

    80% of Jews support Israel and her right-wing policies
    80% of Jews voted for Obama, twice

    Jewish liberals provide alot of legal, managerial and financial support for the diversity coalition. As muslims continue to flood the ranks of registered Democrats, this tension will increase. This is currently their weakest point.

    Another weaker, but fun trigger is to call the Democrat party the "Black party" in front of a group of Latinos or vice versa. Also, always call the Democrats the "Gay and Trans Party" when speaking to Muslims.

    There, now fight dirty and win so we can all be alive enough to discuss the immoral nuances of our victory. If we lose, we die and there will be no moral discussions what so ever.

  2. T.L.,

    I scoffed at putting heat on mayors and city councils. Nine years ago I put "heat" on my local COUNTY council in the form of a federal, civil lawsuit for 1st amendment violations. Two years after the filing I had my day in court. The jury ruled unanimously in my behalf. I won. Or so I thought. County appealed. The presiding judge THREW OUT the jury verdict of my peers. Threw. Out. The. Jury. Verdict.

    In turn, I appealed to 3rd Circuit. The 3-judge panel ruled against me, 2-1. Two Democrat judges stood with the Clinton appointed magistrate and the Republican appointed judge stood with me. I had lost. Nearly four years of my life and $30,000 of my savings and a loan down the shitter. Courtesy of corrupt and biased politicians and unelected judges.

    Am I ready to go-to-guns ? Have been for eight years. But, I am not willing to be the lone wolf. Until the community of traditional Americans unite into an organized force, going-to-guns as a lone wolf will only reinforce the tyranny of fedgov/countygov/localgov and the Deep State.

    I remember well meeting you at Mercer. What I don't recall was any discussion during that event, of organizing armed resistance.

    In closing, I stepped up to the plate with my time, money and energy. Not ONE citizen offered me a lowly dollar to help me fund my costs fighting the corruption of government. I fulfilled my obligations to the community. They abandoned me. Every county council member named in the lawsuit was reelected.

    Fuck my fellow citizens.

    1. PS: Merry Christmas to you and yours T.L. Thank you for all you have done and continue to do. You are appreciated.

    2. Dan, this war will not be fought in the courts. If we are to win, it must be through surreptitious engagements.

    3. Point well taken, Dan. I recall our meeting well.

    4. Here we are at a site called Christian Mercenary. "fuck my fellow citizens" is this the best we can do?
      Ya see Dan things do not always go the way we want them too.( your court battle.) What we want does not matter, He gives us what we need.
      Many of us tend to forget, all things are according to His will. As stated in James 4
      i do not believe that "believers" are going to stop prophecy from happening. i do not think that was the mission.

    5. >>>Here we are at a site called Christian Mercenary. "fuck my fellow citizens" is this the best we can do?<<<

      Yes, when it's the right thing to do. Otherwise, no...the goal should be to benefit with others. Dare we even say "profit" with others? Merry Christmas TL, and anyone else who earns it. Great post BTW; never was anything but choices.

    6. a follower,

      "Forgive me "a follower" for I have sinned." NOT !

      "Fuck my fellow citizens. Is this the best we can do ?"

      My, did I upset your sensitivities ? Perhaps you didn't read what I wrote ? I pointed out the corruption of government and I countered that corruption through the corruption of what I thought was the "justice" system. Instead I discovered the "justus" system.

      In my fight for justice not one citizen offered support for me and the rule of law. Then we have clowns of your ilk whining that I exclaimed "Fuck my fellow citizens" as an exclamation of my disgust with the sheeple who comprise the bulk of the Amerikan citizenry.

      T.L. has ample reason to be disgusted/dismayed by the bend-over mentality of Amerikans today. As for you, I guess my meeting the corruption of Amerikan government head on, with years of my life, tens of thousands of dollars I went in debt for to counter the corruption, isn't sufficient to allow me to express my utter disdain for my fellow citizens with a term you find offensive.

      May I suggest you stick to reading your Bible, Koran or Torah. Bible thumpers such as yourself have not now, nor ever have, impressed me with your hypocrisy. Your preaching here only provides me with more disdain for the likes of your kind. Instead of thanking me for my efforts to do what you don't have the 'nads to do, you choose to badmouth me for one word used in my remarks. Your hypocrisy is astounding.

      You'll march right into the boxcars like the good sheep you are. I truly hate your kind "a follower". It is Amerikans of your ilk who have moved Amerika down the path of no return.

    7. DAN, i believe i read you very well. You do care about your fellow citizens.As do many of us still.
      That is the rub. Perhaps that is why your so pissed off? My point was not to attack you, it was to simply point out, We are not in control!

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  4. " how can we get our enemies to fight each other?
    They already are, and it seems to be on the uptick.
    Truth is the strongest divider.
    Truth also serves to encourage those who can see it.

  5. Mr. Davis: Absolutely love reading your posts and agree with you 99% of the time. I retired from the US Army in 1987 after defending the US of A for 23 years against all foreign enemies. In my heart I've never defended the country I love for one minute against those enemies domestic and once in awhile I shed tears because of it. I don't believe patriot believing folks will do anything until the US becomes almost unbearable from the left. Family members hurt, freedom of movement risky, etc., just like decent people live day to day in gang controlled neighborhoods. I'm 71 years old and while the mind is willing the body is weak. Nevertheless, I will fight/kill those who eventually come for me or those whom I love if I am able. Thanks for your words and God Bless!

  6. "How can we get our enemies to fight each other"

    Great question. But first, let's identify the enemies of Liberty shall we?
    1. Jews
    2. Blacks
    3. Muslims
    4. Liberal enablers of 1, 2 & 3.

    Now before you delete my comment or take the liberal strategy of calling me a "racist" (I don't care anymore) tell me what ANY of the four groups I named have done to further the cause of Liberty FOR America. I'll wait.

    1. Sin is the enemy of liberty, regardless of your top 4 and the numerous groups we could add to your list.
      We are and can be our own worst enemy.

  7. "How many of them will identify a communist and shoot them, knowing full well that there will be a trial and prison time for doing so?"

    Ah, yes, of course. You want to do something with all the (corrupt) institutions still in place. I suppose City Council meetings are as good as anything.

    "My point is: the war has already started and everyone who says they are willing to fight the war is waiting for something like a siren to go off."

    It's not a war yet. It's a war when you CAN kill a communist and not worry about going to prison for it.

    Yes of course, individuals are being trampled - but that is almost always the case. Same thing was happening 50 years ago. If the goons show up on your doorstep, the general war may not be started, but war has started FOR YOU. Act appropriately...

    As to Holder and his threatened riots, one can only hope he is stupid enough to try it. How better to get the muddled middle to oppose him and his gang? But I think the Deep State is a lot smarter than that. He's just farting into the wind.

    1. BTW here's a partial list of things a person could do in the current milieu - even includes city council meetings.

  8. Dominionist Deception, Latter day assasins & murderers, Haters of humanlife:
    or to be of the meek?


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