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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Denial of Service

It is the responsibility of the people to rectify the excesses of their government. This would be easy, almost automatic, if half of the people of this nation were not dedicated to the destruction of the founding principles. The things that capitalism, freedom and honest representation have allowed to flourish like innovation, invention and wealth have been co-opted to serve the latent welfare state. The efforts of the creators and producers have been hampered by the overwhelming weight of regulations and layers of government bureaucracy. The amount of wealth and innovation that have been stymied by the persistence of the state to loot these efforts to fund their vote-buying schemes is incalculable. They have used the centuries of wealth creation to destroy the source of it.

This is what your government has done and not just elected officials, but more accurately the devious schemes of bureaucrats. They have bankrupted the treasury; viewed the citizen as an enemy; turned their backs on their pleas; imported others to vote against these pleas; and sought to reduce their lives to debt service for their grand schemes.

We owe them nothing. We owe this corrupted system nothing. When one claims to be an American, what does that mean? It used to mean someone who endorsed the concepts of freedom of speech; of private property; of individual state government controlled by legal and local voters; of the right to self defense using any and all means; of equality before the law; of liberty that did not infringe another's liberty.

What does it mean now? Being an American now means being, in every way, anti-American, against those things that made us great, powerful and wealthy. The only way it is now  understood to be an American is to be in favor of forced and unexamined immigration; to be against corporations that provide jobs and create revenue; to be against legal and ethical representation instead favoring a corrupt pay-for-play scheme; to be for a monolithic media that champions these views and discourages and defames the views of the original American.

When confronted with these realities, which are neither new, nor unacknowledged, what is the individual to do? America used to understand the power of the individual and the power of the individual to act in concert and cooperation with other individuals each understanding the goal and tactics necessary to achieve it without conference, but through simple common sense.

Common sense dictates that there is one source of  destructive liberalism, which is more accurately identified as collectivism, because it is undisguised communism at its root, which is found in densely-populated urban areas. These areas are not self-sustaining, they are sustained by the efforts of those outside the densely-populated urban areas, both in natural resources and tax revenues. It is a robbery of sorts with the proceeds of that robbery being used to further hamper and confiscate the wealth of the less-densely-populated areas. It is a war of mob rule that has already been lost by the sparsely populated, but highly productive areas.

Common sense dictates that the only way to combat this theft, this ravaging, is to deny service to the densely populated areas that will be unable to sustain themselves and turn to riots and pillaging of what resources are left within their jurisdictions.

Denial of service (DoS) is also dictated by common sense and is within the power of the individual. As labor unions have long demonstrated to great effect, the denial of service is a powerful way to achieve a collective goal of capitulation without breaking the law or engaging in physical violence (at least some of the time).

Taking the legislative path, as New California has chosen to do, is commendable and gets at the heart of this pillaging and lack of representation of the sparsely-populated producers, but expecting a legislative answer to a legislative problem is irrational. It does highlight the level of injustice done to the citizens subjected to an overpowering collectivist agenda. The agreement of two collectivists against the third member of society who is a republican (as in republic, not the political party) carries no weight where the whole construct of the political system is required to reflect republican values. It is equivalent to two illegal immigrants voting for legal status against one legal citizen voting against it. It begins from an illegitimate foundation and can offer no justice.

Knowing this is the justification for denial of service. One must first eliminate the illegitimate foundation of collectivism to unleash the legitimate power of republicanism. Then a vote can be taken.

Denial of service requires that those disenfranchised by a collectivist system bring to bear all of their ability, in whatever capacity in which they might be employed or have specific and intimate knowledge of technical systems that might be used to establish the denial of service do so. It is an individual effort without necessity of conspiracy or assistance.

This is what all of the gerrymandering and bureaucratic usurpations, all of the political maneuvering to nullify and neuter the Constitution have resulted in for the average American. One last ditch effort to save the republic; the concepts of freedom, property and privacy. One more generation and it will all belong to the state and all ideas of denial of service will be punishable by death.       and

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

The Coming Division

Ideas are dangerous things. They frighten the people in power, who must always guard against rebellion. Those in power will defend that power with all necessary force, which leads them inexorably into the territory of tyranny, however softly applied, there is the understanding that the severity of their defense will increase as these ideas that threaten their power become more prevalent.

If this sounds cryptic, it should not. Here is an idea that they are not going to like. The two people of this nation divided along ideological lines of liberty and communism can never again be reconciled. The divisions are marked by a map of the counties that voted for Trump and those who voted for Clinton.
The biggest reason that these two sets of voters cannot live together has more to do with the known fact that the people who voted for Clinton were willing to elect a vastly corrupt and criminal person in order to pursue their goal of collectivism. Those who voted for Trump did so more to eliminate Republican candidates that were in clear collusion with the Clinton criminal gang, than out of admiration for the man himself. 

These are politics being played at a much more sophisticated level than the MSM is willing to concede, or they would have answered by now the question that seems to frustrate them the most: Why did the people elect Trump? Actually, they are really trying to figure out how Clinton could have lost given the ample support and positive media she received, the millions of dollars and illegal support she obtained from the FBI, CIA, NSA, DNC and foreign governments and individuals. 

This is what our politics will be from this point forward: corrupt. Those who voted for Trump are being eliminated, their votes diluted by illegal immigrants, their lives harassed by constant opposition from BLM, Antifa and other Soros-funded chaos creators. Their history will be destroyed and their cries for justice ignored. 

Look at the map, all those red swaths reduced to nothing by the few concentrated blue patches. This is intolerable, unjust and criminal. 

I no longer care about justification. For the longest time I used this blog to reach out to fence-sitters to encourage them to get off of it and to get on our side, the side standing for justice, freedom of speech, privacy and the right to defend ourselves, or alter the government. There are many others that read this blog that do not need to be encouraged, who have been there the whole time. Okay. It's time to start putting some effort into it. 

The one thing I know is this: no one will ever see our actions as being legitimate. We will always be uneducated, poor racists lashing out at progress and the advancement of humanity. The truth is foreign to them and arguing to make them see the truth and legitimacy of our stance is useless. Accepting that is the first step to creating this division in the nation that must take place. Unless you choose to be ruled by the blue patches in the map above, it is time to reject it along with the current construct of the United States of America. It has run its course. It was an experiment in self-government that has had the end that de Toqueville foresaw. 

We have bloodsuckers bleeding the citizens dry, going in debt, then, when they are called on their malfeasance and criminality, they simply import other citizens who do not understand their rights or even care about anything other than government hand outs. They import slaves to the government to overwhelm those who create the food and fuel and vote against the interests of the producers. They implement their coup through the ballot box until they convince themselves that keeping up the illusion of voting is pointless and counter-productive. (look for that as soon as a Democrat wins the presidency again)

If you are still on the fence, stay there. If you can see what is happening and detest it, get ready. Things are about to change.

Monday, January 8, 2018

After The Fire

The deep state, the intelligence and investigative apparatus of the United States has been used to attempt a coup on a then prospective and now sitting president. This is as dangerous a time for the republic as has ever been in our history and it goes by with a shrug. Maybe these people will be held accountable, maybe they won't, but we are irreparably damaged by the knowledge of it. It is why so many of us saw the ultimate election of Hillary Clinton as a demarcation point in our willingness to go along with this sham of a government.

There is some thought that Sessions will ultimately, through a special counsel or some other functionary get to the bottom of this coup, but the true fact is, they should already be lined up against the wall. What Comey, et al did was much more serious than a few felonies, the violation of FBI policy, or something akin to crossing against the light. This was an attempt at the highest levels to rig an election, overthrow the government and install a permanent police state much more aggressive than we have already seen. The startling fact of it is, they thought they could do so without a shot being fired, except at those like Seth Rich. And, they were right. It nearly worked.

Forgetting history for a moment, because there are all sorts of folks out there who can already tell you about the rigging of the 1960 election and the coup against Kennedy and so it is not like this is the first time all of this has happened. By many accounts the most important electoral coup against the traditional system happened when Woodrow Wilson was bought and paid for by the big industrial barons of the times. But, just because this is not the first, does not mean that it should go by as just another coup. When the coup becomes normalized, well that's all there is left and we quickly find ourselves living out a Guatemalan nightmare.

This moment in time is special and important largely because this coup is and has taken place not as a fact of history gleaned from decades of study and pieced together from shards of evidence to be revealed in some great, but obscure tome that will change the historical narrative of politics into the future, but because it is and has happened right before our eyes, on television, through twitter and FOIA requests. The evil actors are not long-dead souls best left to rest, but the living, breathing and in some cases still employed agents of our own government expecting to receive pensions having taken part in this treason and having been caught at it.

The truth is Donald Trump is no savior, there is no government solution to government corruption as much as we would all like to see justice done, justice against a corrupt political system can only be served up by the people themselves. I think some of this has already taken place, either to attack Donald Trump or simply to attack the system, but attacks have taken place. Our children are growing up with the understanding that the government is corrupt and in many respects evil. It is also highly vulnerable to random acts of cyber-terrorism, something the latest generation understands better than most.

It is now imperative, in my view, to bring it all down. At this point there is not enough left to save. Whether through cyber attacks or mechanical monkey-wrenching, there is no longer a reason to sustain some sense of propriety, that the system will police itself. It won't and more, it no longer can. There comes a level of corruption that is irresistible to even the most honest of men.

Ultimately, this is what Jefferson was talking about when he mentioned the tree of liberty. If one takes the time to read the statements made surrounding the Constitutional Convention, they will understand that this experiment of ours was never envisioned to last hundreds of years; some, like Jefferson and Franklin weren't sure that it would last a generation and didn't really care. A truly free people are never wedded to any governmental form, but take it as a suggestion from the previous generation.

Now, what we wind up with after the arson is left to be decided. It could be better, but it will most likely be worse. The only thing that I believe is true is that what we have today is unfixable and holding onto the last vestiges of the republic will only stunt the process. What we have now is absolutely corrupt, dangerous and ultimately likely to join together with other globalist powers to decimate the human population of the planet. That the only salvation is to seize control of this nation, or at least to keep it sufficiently unmanageable and unwieldy to be put to any greater use of the globalist cabal.      and

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