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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Denial of Service

It is the responsibility of the people to rectify the excesses of their government. This would be easy, almost automatic, if half of the people of this nation were not dedicated to the destruction of the founding principles. The things that capitalism, freedom and honest representation have allowed to flourish like innovation, invention and wealth have been co-opted to serve the latent welfare state. The efforts of the creators and producers have been hampered by the overwhelming weight of regulations and layers of government bureaucracy. The amount of wealth and innovation that have been stymied by the persistence of the state to loot these efforts to fund their vote-buying schemes is incalculable. They have used the centuries of wealth creation to destroy the source of it.

This is what your government has done and not just elected officials, but more accurately the devious schemes of bureaucrats. They have bankrupted the treasury; viewed the citizen as an enemy; turned their backs on their pleas; imported others to vote against these pleas; and sought to reduce their lives to debt service for their grand schemes.

We owe them nothing. We owe this corrupted system nothing. When one claims to be an American, what does that mean? It used to mean someone who endorsed the concepts of freedom of speech; of private property; of individual state government controlled by legal and local voters; of the right to self defense using any and all means; of equality before the law; of liberty that did not infringe another's liberty.

What does it mean now? Being an American now means being, in every way, anti-American, against those things that made us great, powerful and wealthy. The only way it is now  understood to be an American is to be in favor of forced and unexamined immigration; to be against corporations that provide jobs and create revenue; to be against legal and ethical representation instead favoring a corrupt pay-for-play scheme; to be for a monolithic media that champions these views and discourages and defames the views of the original American.

When confronted with these realities, which are neither new, nor unacknowledged, what is the individual to do? America used to understand the power of the individual and the power of the individual to act in concert and cooperation with other individuals each understanding the goal and tactics necessary to achieve it without conference, but through simple common sense.

Common sense dictates that there is one source of  destructive liberalism, which is more accurately identified as collectivism, because it is undisguised communism at its root, which is found in densely-populated urban areas. These areas are not self-sustaining, they are sustained by the efforts of those outside the densely-populated urban areas, both in natural resources and tax revenues. It is a robbery of sorts with the proceeds of that robbery being used to further hamper and confiscate the wealth of the less-densely-populated areas. It is a war of mob rule that has already been lost by the sparsely populated, but highly productive areas.

Common sense dictates that the only way to combat this theft, this ravaging, is to deny service to the densely populated areas that will be unable to sustain themselves and turn to riots and pillaging of what resources are left within their jurisdictions.

Denial of service (DoS) is also dictated by common sense and is within the power of the individual. As labor unions have long demonstrated to great effect, the denial of service is a powerful way to achieve a collective goal of capitulation without breaking the law or engaging in physical violence (at least some of the time).

Taking the legislative path, as New California has chosen to do, is commendable and gets at the heart of this pillaging and lack of representation of the sparsely-populated producers, but expecting a legislative answer to a legislative problem is irrational. It does highlight the level of injustice done to the citizens subjected to an overpowering collectivist agenda. The agreement of two collectivists against the third member of society who is a republican (as in republic, not the political party) carries no weight where the whole construct of the political system is required to reflect republican values. It is equivalent to two illegal immigrants voting for legal status against one legal citizen voting against it. It begins from an illegitimate foundation and can offer no justice.

Knowing this is the justification for denial of service. One must first eliminate the illegitimate foundation of collectivism to unleash the legitimate power of republicanism. Then a vote can be taken.

Denial of service requires that those disenfranchised by a collectivist system bring to bear all of their ability, in whatever capacity in which they might be employed or have specific and intimate knowledge of technical systems that might be used to establish the denial of service do so. It is an individual effort without necessity of conspiracy or assistance.

This is what all of the gerrymandering and bureaucratic usurpations, all of the political maneuvering to nullify and neuter the Constitution have resulted in for the average American. One last ditch effort to save the republic; the concepts of freedom, property and privacy. One more generation and it will all belong to the state and all ideas of denial of service will be punishable by death.       and

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