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Saturday, February 24, 2018

Maybe Then

Running just below the surface of America is a disaster. Everyone feels it, you can see it in their eyes. The news is rigged, so nothing disastrous will ever hit the cable to your television unless it advances the collectivist cause. But, that doesn't stop the socialist disasters from happening. The Parkland shooting is a prime example. When the narrative can be aimed at guns and the NRA, it explodes on the television screens, when it turns out that four socialist deputies stood outside, hiding in the bushes while a person known to local law enforcement and the FBI as a serious threat to schools goes on a rampage killing 17 students, it cannot be found.

It is this manipulation that strikes the subconscious, even when it is defended by those with a political agenda. The collectivists know they are sublimating the truth and their eyes show it. The more rabid they are, the harder they are trying to deceive the rest of us and themselves.

All of America at this stage is divided between collectivists and individualists. A great many of those in the government are the staunchest defenders of collectivism, it is how they make their money and fund their retirements and everything an individualist does, except they must take their sustenance from the individualists.

The individualist is the sucker, the rube, who daily goes out into the wilderness of society and tries desperately to beat back the bloodsuckers in government at all levels, battles competitors, wins contracts and bids to not only fund his own endeavors, his own retirement, put his own children through school (often homeschool as sort of a defense against creating more collectivists) and takes on the same burden for all of those collectivists that daily raid his treasure chest and call it their own.

Who would  want to be on the side of the individualist, knowing this all to be fact? None. Except that without the individualist who must be fleeced and dominated to achieve the plunder to be spread upon the waters of those who hate him and daily work to eliminate him from any social interaction or political influence, there would be nothing for the collectivists to spread about.

And, this is the rub, the individualist knows that without him it all falls apart and for a good bit of time he has been able to withstand the onslaught of his collectivist neighbors and still come out ahead, so he will continue to do so, no matter how defamed and despised he is, no matter how many of his support organizations the collectivists demonize and destroy. It is, after all, this spirit, this determination, this grit that built America into the powerful and wealthy society that caught the attention of the collectivists (in 1900). Because the collectivist cannot produce, for that you need individuals with spirit, determination and grit. The collectivist can only slice a hole in the bottom of society and drain the blood from it, so they need rich and powerful societies to attack.

The weakness of the individualist and why it always loses out to the level of attack that has been leveled against America over the past hundred years, especially in the past several decades, is that individualists, unlike collectivists, cannot organize. They cannot work together. Each is a nation among himself. Slowly, they are throttled individually, swallowed up into the collective and eventually converted, assuming the role of a serf. A worker for the grand designs of the collective.

As I watch this play out before my eyes, in my nation, as I become a second-class citizen, a serf for the demands of the collective I search furtively for anyone else who will join me in the counter-attack. But, I recognize that it will have to get a lot worse, before any will join me. The concept of fighting from a position of strength is something unknown to the individualist. Already the precepts of a republic are gone, the promises of the Constitution violated, the belief in the election process non-existent and none of this has inspired the individualist to look to one another and say: "For this we will unite and for no other cause."

I have spent tens of thousands of dollars already trying to organize, trying to inspire, trying to get these individualist to stand as one, just once. They won't. They have reasons, all of them good. What I learned is I am not suited to leadership, which is fine, I only tried out of default, because no one else was trying at all. But, I did not have the right plan, the right strategy, or the right amount of charisma to pull it off, so I wait for "the one" to rise and I will swear my allegiance to "the one."

But now the collectivists smell blood, the blood they have always coveted, the blood of the gun owner. The NRA, GOA and many smaller gun rights organizations are their next targets and 100 million individual gun owners. Clearly enough to bust the collectivist wild weeds down to mere roots, but they won't. I have prayed for the health of my nation to end this collectivist, vote rigging, deep state cabal, but nothing heretofore has happened and when they have the guns, they will have won complete and utter domination and this nation will suffer the fate of Venezuela, bringing down the entire world economy with it.

Maybe then, in the ruins of this great civilization, when we have all been busted down to scraps, to eating our pets, we will find the political courage to stand.      and

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