Saturday, February 17, 2018

Public School Death Traps

From a comment on the previous post NO! came an idea that has come of age. Why are we still sending our children to schools? What justification, after all of the carnage and all of the other problems inherent to pubescent and pre-pubescent children congregating in these social indoctrination centers can the collectivists offer?

Curriculums can be purchased and given online. Everyone has some access to the internet and those curriculums need not be data intensive to allow even low data usage accounts to access the information and take the courses. Naturally, there is some degree of risk for fraud, where parents actually do the work for the children, but at present there is a huge amount of social advancements taking place anyway. Cheating is cheating, whether done on the individual or institutional levels. The risk that poorly educated adults will do the work of poorly educated children is probably as beneficial as it is problematic.

For everyone else, who is accustomed to sending their children off to school so that they can have a life outside of their children, that is not the purpose of school, it is to educate, or more likely in government run schools, indoctrinate. Perhaps, this is the opportunity for the failing school systems to be rectified, for parents to rediscover their primary responsibility, which is to raise educated and functional adults.

The resistance to this idea will come mostly from those who benefit from the current system: liberal collectivist educators; teachers unions; government entities that tax everything in order to provide a substandard education (it now commonly takes 5 years to get a 4 year degree); collectivist organizations, who benefit from a previously programmed populace inclined to support their efforts and etc.

What has been proven over the past several years is that government schools no longer serve their intended purpose of educating. They have become social engineering venues. School boards are resistant to input from parents who find the social engineering aspects of their local schools as degenerate and profane.

Schools, because of their leftist bent and collectivist trajectory, are unable to come to grips with threats to the student body. In the nineteen years since the Columbine school shooting none of the government schools have embraced the logical defense against armed assailants, which would be to provide armed resistance on site. Relying on a police force to stop the carnage is and has been shown to be ineffective.

Instead, the solution to school shootings presented by the collectivists is to ban guns in the greater society. Gun confiscation is a hallmark of collectivists, who believe that the ultimate authority in society is the state. That goes against the founding of this nation and the concept of individual rights and the understanding that the individual is the ultimate authority in society, responsible for their own defense, their own housing, their own transportation, their own selection of representatives, their own incomes, their own clothing and yes, their own education. The more instances in which the individual can reduce their reliance on the state the greater the degree of liberty one might exercise.

To do away with schools would accomplish a lot in the understanding of individual rights and responsibilities that should be promoted diligently in our society, but is not in order to accommodate the recent push toward collectivism. Schools are largely responsible for this soft coup that has taken place over the past 100 years or so.

Government schools are unnecessary. Many children already go to private schools to sidestep the indoctrination of government schools. Vouchers have been resisted by the education cartel at every turn. How many lives might have been saved had vouchers been aggressively issued and smaller, better run schools been in existence?

In the past 20 years technology has allowed advancements in education that have not taken place, because government schools resist change, resist experimentation into different methods of delivering education. Government schools are a retardant to innovation. They, like unions in general, resist evolution and rely on protectionism to maintain the status quo, no matter how backward and destructive that status quo might be.

It is time to be innovative for the children. It is time to provide protection to the children. It is time to free the children from these death traps called public schools.   and