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Sunday, February 11, 2018

Reader's Comment

This was a comment by Mountain Forge, but he is unable to leave comments on my site as others have encountered as well, but when I tried to put it in comments it was too long, something he could have edited by himself if he had been able to leave the comment. So, I am posting it here, because I think he raises some good points and illustrates some of my on the previous post.

Mountain Forge

I agree with TL. If anything TL's insight into how no matter what if we are to be free people have the liberty we want we are ultimately and practically responsible. That it all begins, and ends with each of us.

There are no other arguments but how we act in a manner commiserate with our duty, honorably, in individual and collective responsibility.

Get over that hurdle and that is where positive change can then begin.

But first we have to bravely and honestly face our own shortcomings and reluctance to personally take matters into our hands.

Everything else is worthless, its just noise. Nothing will be done until we mature to that stage. As men of The West, we have this legacy, Liberty, running through our veins.
Don't get me wrong, this is a real problem which exists. To ignore it or make excuses for it is whistling past the graveyard of a republic. Our forebears suffered from this exact same reluctance and inability to get started with the hard things. They only became revolutionaries in more than name only when a certain number of people chose, its choice here we are talking about in essence, they made the choice to resist and secede in their hearts, their minds intellectually, and in the physical. Its a holistic package. 
No fair weather Patriots. Its has to be four season solders and Patriots.

Sure, life is pretty good in relative terms.

Who wants to risk their families, homes, jobs, property, and lives? Not for casual cause thats for sure. So how do we get over that natural reluctance into the realm of high risk and danger?

Thats the question here.

We get past that hurdle by becoming the plurality with the understanding the idea of rule of law and intent of constitutional governance protects our honor and virtue.

That it is the grand check & balance.

In real terms, blood and flesh living terms, we must be prudent at all costs. It is prudence that is also at the heart of the issues of our time. We get there together as that plurality. This is in simple terms a rare totally unique motive power, a power derived from righteous cause, motivation to do the right thing for liberty so liberty can do for us what it can not and can never do without the motive power of committed free self deterministic individuals behind it.

Thats the lesson, the legacy key the founding people handed off which is the essential ingredient in achieving that plurality which will not be denied. That derives from just cause. It is the moral high ground. It is a thing that requires faith in something larger, and at the same time faith in the plural nature of a solidarity between a group of people who refuse to submit. Faith in the moral and physical courage of our brothers in kind. 

There is great fortifying comfort in that plural dynamic. 

Look to the Poles, how they stuck together against the raw naked power and physical relentless cold blooded military and ideological might of the old Soviet. 

Its true. They accomplished it. They did it because of the just nature of their motivation AND actions. The two are inextricably linked. The tie that binds. Just as the 1st & 2nd Amendmendments are inextricably tied together. If you grok that uniting dynamic you understand the motive, the righteous motive power of us as Patriots refusing to comply with the tyranny and its tyrants breathing down our necks.
The fundamental thing here is it puts the tyrants in the illegitimate position. They have to react, as all tyrants must to defiance, or they loose the illusion of power. But they also loose that illusion of power also when they strike back at the just people who resist and defy them and their tyranny in just cause.
It is a very delicate fine line this tyranny once a Republic walks, it can not survive without some form of consent from a plurality of people also. Consent of the tacit or openly granted kind, in matters not which, but that consent is the keystone to that illusion of legitimacy the tyrants and their system of tyranny holds.

Break that illusion by exposing the tacit nature of tacit consent, and its game over. Then that is wear the action begins. It is the turning point for everyone, nobody gets a free ride then. Thats the strategic move to undermine and reveal the unjust illegal nature of the states power. It is actually down hill in a sense from there. That motive power of moral high ground has the advantage. It is the tyrants who must react, it is actually getting inside their OODA loop. It is then via the use of tactical action, the tyrants are kept off balance, they are always having to use illegitimate methods or means to play catchup and expose themselves as illegitimate to all. It is a process really. The process of denying the tyrants consent through increasing withdrawal of consent, and it is here where that so critical tacit consent evaporates in a second. 

This then the tyrants only have then one means of retaining their grip on the levers of raw naked power, and that is through naked force & violence, and then there is nothing for it, but to collapse, or go full on war against the people. And that only creates more and more people who see that yes it is that bad, and they join the honorable resistance. Because that is what the fighting Patriot is,  the honorable resister. And anyone with good in their heart can get behind that.

That is what TL taught me all those years ago when he sent me 6 copies of The Constitutionalist: Rights To Die For.

It is what he is trying to say here, to you, all of us right here right now.

That nothing is lost if we aren't. There are many forms of Republic. This Republic is not written in stone. It was always a thing that was open to being changed or cast off, it was the whole point. Tyranny is statist, static, it has to be. Liberty is a living thing. It is the unfettered action of free people. that can never be static, or it becomes statism.

Do you see?

Do you understand?

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