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Sunday, February 4, 2018

Real Bullets and Garrotes

After reading numerous articles on the release of the memo and what it means, it seems clear to me that no one is completely grasping the situation in which we find ourselves as a people, as a nation. One only gets a clear picture of the situation if they read not only the conservative reaction to the memo, but also the liberal reaction.

Above I referenced "ourselves as a people" but that, clearly, is no longer true. This is not a new discovery, but an acknowledgement of an old one.

In fact, the only point of political agreement between liberal and conservatives is that we should burn it all to the ground and start over. As intolerable as it would have been for me to see Hillary Clinton take the reins of the Justice Department and the Department of Homeland Security, knowing her penchant for secret police utilization and wanton disregard for not only the Constitution but any law standing between her and her goals, it is just as intolerable for liberals to see Donald Trump in the Oval Office, despite the fact that he has demonstrated only the opposite nature. It is the fact that he IS Donald Trump, not what he has done or is likely to do that upsets them.

They hate Donald Trump, because he is not Hillary and the conversion from a weakened, destabilized republic into a full-throated communist state has apparently ceased. All the work done by the destroyers of the republic has now been sacrificed. The idea that we have borders drives them insane, because it protects the republic by failing to dilute the voting population with people unconcerned about the survival of the republic, but actively determined to wreck it.

They hate Donald Trump, because he is going to (and already has) strengthen the economy (which is no tremendous feat since Barack Obama had spent so much of his energy trying to destroy the economic advantages of capitalism and keeping misery high enough to warrant a communist conversion and interracial antagonism that simply standing aside would have accomplished much of the Trump expansion).

They hate Donald Trump, because during the State of the Union address he demonstrated to the independent voters, a largely untapped source of votes big enough to overcome the recent liberal invasion of illegal aliens and "refugees," that the news reports of him being strictly a racist hater were untrue and that there were some very solid reasons for opposing open borders, good reasons, patriotic reasons.

We are a nation trying to be two nations and there are those on both sides of the argument who willingly and actively want to start the fire that burns the whole thing to the ground so they can have their way, but they still may not get it and the nation will have been burnt to ruins in the process. I would prefer that we find a way to agree to disagree and find some way to facilitate the divisions on a political level, not unlike making West Virginia out of Virginia. That would be the best for everyone. The communists could have their utopia for as long as it lasts and they can still loot the benefits of capitalism until they come to the understanding that they will have to wage war on the conservative section to continue their looting spree and start a war.

Meantime, the conservative section could unleash largely unfettered manufacturing and business interests with necessary, but not cumbersome and taxing regulations designed to thwart and loot their efforts. Guns would proliferate and training for the inevitable civil war could ensue, because all conservatives know that when the liberals turn their new nation into (and I quote here) a shithole, they will do all they know how to do and start a war.

The politics of the memo only drive home the extent to where this is the ultimate outcome of current events. It is a stage of nationhood that, like puberty, is a necessary aspect of an aging society. We have well-defined sides, polar opposite goals, high-level government officials determined to risk treason in order to effect the conversion to communism. The only real question left, at this point, is whether conservatives have enough high-level government officials willing to risk civil war to hold the treasonous accountable for their actions. The answer to that question determines whether the gloves come off and the communists already in control of much of government go after the timid conservatives in government with real bullets and garrotes, or the conservatives stiffen and put them in prison, all of them, to keep them from doing just that.

This is where it is sort of a shrug of acknowledgement that it doesn't really make a difference which way it goes, except in body count and the amount of blood in the drainage system. Lack of resolve, in this situation is just as deadly as sterling resolve, because the first moves in this ultimate game of nation domination have already been made and there is no way to shake it off now.        and

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