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Monday, March 26, 2018

Nut Cuttin' Time

Whatever clarity I might have wanted to share with my readers over the years has pretty much been accomplished. I sought to bring those questioning minds answers and some ugly truths about this nation and its descent into collectivism. But, that descent is complete and this is a collectivist state with the powerful leveraging our rights away from us with the nodding acceptance of our fellow citizens, many of whom are not well-informed enough to recognize the bargain being placed before them, i.e., security for freedom. Others have maliciously pursued the goal of collectivism, weaving the principles thereof throughout ever facet of society and gleefully marking the advances through the school system, the town councils, county commissions, state and federal bureaucracies.

And, here we are, battling for the last and final vestige of freedom, the right to defend ourselves. Now, one might say that those rights do not come from a document, but it is the document that makes it perfectly acceptable for other citizens to openly murder one who claims those rights. The document allows one to walk freely in public with a weapon without being immediately accosted by law enforcement and fellow citizens. So, yes, those rights are God-given and no document could grant them or secure them, but it does make the exercise thereof a lot less traumatic.

We are down to nut-cuttin' time as they say, so throw it all out the window. The citizens of this nation have turned on each other, the latest demonstration of this being the March For Our Lives collectivist demonstration of power. The ONLY thing that could peacefully counter this show of force would be another one, by gun owners en masse and since that is a complete non-starter, I have decided to stop wasting my time.

The time for trying to convince people that there is a semi-peaceful response to collectivism is at an end, because there is no peaceful solution to the depth to which this nation has descended into the collectivist state. The passage and signing of the Omnibus Spending Bill made that clear like nothing else would.

What I do know for certain is it is time to stop talking and start taking action. I am talking about legal action, because what other kind could there possibly be?

The one notion I would like to impart to those still reading this blog is that any action in defense of the republic and the principles upon which this nation were founded, no matter how far the government has veered away from them, is still legal action. When the government and those participating in its traitorous conduct is held to account it is the act of a patriot and legal, though in the backwards world of the criminals enforcing the "law", the act of a patriot is deemed a crime.

There is no way now for a patriot to act within the bizarro-world law. It is backward and turned upside down and a person who demands privacy is a criminal, a person who defends himself is a criminal, so we are all criminals in that sense.

I do not look at a prison number as a sign of shame, but a badge of honor. Since all patriots are now criminals, I do not fear imprisonment, but relish the idea as an incubator for further system disruption from within. By any means necessary. The only shame might stem from being taken alive, should that happen, but none other.

It was recently reported to me that Christian Mercenary was removed from DOD websites for "hate and racism." A badge of honor. Woodpile Report was likewise victimized by censorship.

We are in the soup, people and so most of my efforts from here forward will not be in trying to encourage anyone else to fight with us. Most of those "fighting with us" will not, in the end, fight at all. I understand that, have always understood it, which is why I focused so much on the non-violent, legal means of resistance, because I knew when it came down to nut-cuttin' time very few of us would cut the nuts.

I will return to this blog from time to time, but mostly to share information and act as somewhat of a dead drop for communication between active participants in what can only now be called defense of the republic and the principles thereof. Maybe just the principles themselves, life, liberty, property, privacy and self-defense.

Buy gear, use gear, go to prison or your grave as a patriot.

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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Lies for Rent

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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

The Tyranny of the Perpetually Offended

Someone had commented how much this blog has changed over the years, for the worse, as he saw it. He's probably right. I used to write a lot about the Constitution, about the violations, specifically and line by line with supporting case law, etc.

The problem with that sort of thing is that we no longer live in a Constitutional republic. What is the point in going on and on about a document that means nothing, that is irrelevant and disregarded. One only need to read the headlines to understand that an entire presidential administration operated outside the law, with aid and support of the federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies to see what I mean. That is an impossibility in a government where there is the rule of law, that it is respected by the government as well as the people and that world just no longer exists.

What we have now, they "system" under which this nation operates is something else entirely, it is more akin to a democracy the likes of which the founders hated. "A democracy is nothing more than mob rule, where fifty one percent of the people may take away the rights of the other forty nine."  Thomas Jefferson.

Now, they don't even need fifty-one percent, rights are being taken away wholesale by government bureaucracies, not with legislation, but with regulation. But even worse, we are a nation governed almost completely by the tyranny of the perpetually offended. If a gay couple wants a particular person to bake a cake and that person refuses to trade his labor for their money, he will be compelled to do so by law. If a Muslim doesn't want to live next to a butcher who sells pork, the Muslim can have the butcher shop shut down.

Lost is the understanding that the majority votes for the representative, who represent the people. The senator is supposed to represent the state, not people at all and the president is elected, actually, by the electoral college, not the masses. This was wholly to avoid the idea that the majority would be in a position to deny the rights of the people.

Rights were never intended to be privileges, as they are conceived of by today's citizens, something that can be revoked if they are offended by those rights. All they have to do is get some commissar in black robes to agree with their political perspective and voila, rights disappear or created at the stroke of a pen, no need to go through the messy process of Constitutional amendment, that would be too hard and the tyrants, the perpetually offended would not get their way quickly enough.

Now, we stand on the precipice of losing the Second Amendment and with it any hope of retaining the others. The Second Amendment stands as the last hope of empowering the individual, to allow them to defend themselves, protect their property and, at times, supply them with food. All of the things they are told the government can handle, despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary. As they say, when seconds count, the police are just minutes away.

Yes, there are those living on the ragged edge that rely on hunting as a supplement to their income, even today. Though, those people will never be considered in the argument, because the argument is not over people, or children or rights, it is over whether the perpetually offended will be able to exert their tyranny over the individualists they have so long sought to destroy through government dependency. The perpetually offended are really collectivists who seek power over the individual and the whole individualist ideology and by being offended they work their destruction through the courts.

So, this blog has changed, because the recognition that we live in a post-constitutional tyranny is inescapable.      and

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