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Thursday, August 23, 2018

Basics of Resistance

Since I stopped writing here, nothing has changed.  The rabid left continues to target conservatives with hatred, especially white, Christian conservatives. The reasons for this is not as stated by the left. They cloak it in some sort of retroactive justice, as if by punishing current white, Christian conservatives, they are righting the wrongs of all the injustices of previous white, Christian conservatives and do not recognize that in the future their behavior will have to be atoned for by their descendants. 

There is a lot of talk of CW2, okay, when, where, how? There is already plenty of justification for it. There is the dual justice system of liberals and conservatives, or should I say communists and republicans? (not Republicans who are the same as communists). 

The difference between traditional communists and American communists is simply the difference between owning the sources of production and controlling the sources of production. The slow erosion of republican ideals of rule of law and the insistence of the communists for the rule of majority hinge solely on voters, illegal, improper and coerced or duped voters. It has never mattered to the communists/collectivist how the system is rigged as long as they rig it and the rigging benefits their goals. 

So, here we are, folks. We are subjects of a collectivist system where elites are not subject to the rule of law and the law enforcement apparatus is used to silence and destroy their opponents. It is open, clear and successful. All of those who refused to live under such conditions are living under such conditions.

I have traveled around the country and met with numerous patriots who recognize this oppression, but who are just as stymied by lack of coordination, cooperation and communication as ever before.  Individualists make poor collaborators. Free-thinkers poor participants in the herd. 

This is why collectivists are able to organize and use the power of the extreme minority to their benefit, because they are part of the herd, recognize it, value it and respond well to the shepherds. We will never overcome that with individualists and free-thinkers, unless we grasp and execute the power of the lone activist. Claire Wolfe and Kit Perez have done a fine job of detailing this phenomenon and recognizing the difficulty of responding to collectivist resistance in BASICS OF RESISTANCE, which I have read and heartily endorse. 

So instead of complaining that "no one is doing anything" I suggest that one start by reading this book and coming to individual and free-thinking conclusions as to what should be done and by who. As far as I know the Millennials who complain of the "boomer cucks" do nothing but harass those they see as a "boomer cuck" instead of taking some of this valuable information and putting it to work for the cause of freedom and justice. 

At some point all of us individualists (Boomers and Millennials) will have to act in concert, but that is a long ways away.  There is a whole lot of pushing back against a two-tiered justice system, racism against whites, religious oppression of Christians and Civil Rights violations of vote robbery through illegal and improper voting practices. 

I have much more to do and am working on communications, trying to get competent and self-sufficient, things I have been working on for years, but continue to do so. 

But, my advice is that YOU should be paying much more attention to your own preparations than criticizing others from your distance and misunderstanding of the situation. By YOU, I mean all of those back-biting, hateful members of the patriot community who think that policing the community and purging it of anyone who is not up to their expectations is a good thing. 

What they are doing is the work of the communists and my suspicion is that they know this and are just like the Republican RINOs who know they are providing cover for the communists, who are actually collectivists themselves and recognize the value of self-destructive behavior of the inner core of the community. 

Taking my own advice is why I have been absent from this blog for so long. I have done my job in that respect. I have spoken out and identified the hypocrisy of the left, the actions of Antifa and how their methods are fascist, the destructiveness of RINOs, the value of the Second Amendment, the subversion of the rule of law, the openness of the collectivists in society. There is nothing left for me to do. 

Reestablishing myself as a writer is part of becoming more self-sufficient and aside from doing my day job, which takes me frequently to several different states and gives me the opportunity to make connections to different groups scattered around the country, I am focused mostly on understanding the role of a Christian in the dystopian society which is our future. 

It is no longer a question of whether the collectivists are going to make a strong play for this nation, or not. That act will play out this November and Boomer Cucks and Millennial Finger-Pointers will be left with the same level of oppression and our inability to combine efforts will continue to give the collectivists an upper hand, probably a winning hand. 

Act individually, consult no one but your own conscience.   

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