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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

A Bit of Housekeeping and Communism

First of all, I want to thank all of those who participated in the free giveaway of Shadow Soldier. It is not a new book, but being available on Kindle is new and I had to re-write the whole thing to get it into digital format. My old MS Works files were too old to be converted into the new Word. So, I decided when I had done the same thing for Home To Texas, the sequel, I decided to give Shadow Soldier away for two days to gain some exposure for the sequel and let people read the first in the series.

That said, this is an exercise in capitalism. I work, I create and I sell. For those silly communists, who think they are edgy-patriots who call me a shill, you don't understand capitalism. Your whole world revolves around communist ideals and you don't even know it. Advertising and promotion to you (the closet communist) is something evil and (you guessed it) capitalist. The very idea that private companies carry the communist line to avoid boycotts in anathema to a true capitalist. They are cowards.

This blog, it is not a public accommodation, it is private property that I make available to the readers, who do not always agree with me, but who are civil enough to argue their points in the comments section. But, some of you uncivil cretins, who are too undisciplined to argue a point and resort to simple and profane insults, I've shut the comments section off. This blog is called Christian Mercenary and many of my readers don't want to read filth in the comments section and I don't blame them. I barely have time to write the posts, much less moderate comments, so I hope those incapable of civility are happy to have gotten the comments section shut off. I am not violating the 1st Amendment with this action, I am not the government, I don't owe you a platform for filth.

This is just me, doing a bit of housekeeping before I engage in a renewed effort.

Today, I had quite a debate with an individual on Gab who, once we dispensed with the insults and name-calling, actually made some points. Folks, that's all I'm interested in. I'm not always right, but I'm not always wrong, either. I can be swayed by a good, rational argument, but that is no longer the method of communication in America. That has been insured by the communists among us. Yes, I have reverted to the use of communist, because that is what the socialists are finally admitting to; that is what Antifa promotes; that is what Bernie Sanders really is.

Part of the problem is Millennials don't understand how complete their indoctrination is. They might think they are capitalists and prefer a republican form of government, but most of them have never seen it, don't know what it means. Communism has been the actual form of government here since 1929 and the Permanent Apportionment Act, when the congress decided that a representative would not have to represent every 30,000 individuals, but could become a sort of Prince among the people by increasing that number, which simultaneous distanced themselves from the people and made direct representation impossible. It is exactly taxation without representation.

The Congress of that time did not amend the Constitution, they just wrote an act. It is was an act of hostility. It was indicative of that time, it is when they (states and the federal government) amended the Constitution to require income taxes. Something our forefathers agreed to and the Supreme Court of the time allowed. So, to the Millennials who blame Boomers for wrecking everything, it happened way before us, but that is what they do, they blame, finger point and name call. That is not all Millennials, of course, but it is something that has become a bigger and bigger part of the patriot movement, which was begun by us Boomers, by the way, and, as hard as many of us have been working to counter the powerful forces of communism, fighting amongst ourselves will not solve anything.

Now, it is time to fight the communists, people like Strzok, Mueller, Brannon, et al. It is time to fight the systems, the departments and the bureaucracies of oppression, so now we are going to fight amongst ourselves? Do you think the impulse to do that is anything other than a Soros initiated tactic? Come on. Every time I have gotten into an argument with those claiming to be a Millennial who is disgusted by me and my generation, it is always using the tactics of the communists, usually personal attacks, blaming me for not accomplishing anything, for my capitalist ventures and they are, like liberals, unable to answer a question. It is not even clear to them that they have been manipulated by infiltrators to the patriot cause.

Look, you don't have to agree with me, but telling me I am doing nothing, because I am not fighting the enemy you have identified, usually Jews, does not sway me to your argument and it does not engage your enemy. Sharing information with me that substantiates your claim is a good start.

This is a crucial time in our history. The communists are coming out of the shadows, are proud to be communists and have indoctrinated the Millennial generation with communist impulses. Trump is the target, because he represents us, normal, working Americans, capitalists, probably more because he is a huge symbol of capitalism. The Capitalist. The tactics they use with him is the same that are being used against all of us. Take the baker in Colorado as an example of what happens when private enterprise does not bow to the communist impulse. He could not be allowed to think for himself and have principles of his own, it had nothing to do with the cake.

No matter how the election comes out this mid-term, they are going to come unglued, win or lose. They are close, they have their dictator in waiting (Obama) and all they need is a quick coup. The one they initiated after the loss of Hilary Clinton is being sniffed out and exposed, so they will have to take matters into their own hands. Who will help them? The media, Silicon Valley and your local cop. Your local cop is a part of Homeland Security when needed, that's what the Patriot Act achieved, a nationalized police force in every town.

It is not just a battle of weapons and men, but of ideas and individual effort to counter the communist agenda. There are no socialists. Anyone who says they are a socialist is lying to themselves or to you. The Socialist Party described themselves exactly as the communist party describes itself. Control the means of production, everything is free, everything belongs to everyone. Like Venezuela. The trouble there as here (if we allow it) is that there is NOTHING to own, because people don't build houses to turn them over to whoever wants it.

So, this is the new direction for this blog. If you don't agree with it you are welcome to email me and I will be free to delete it unread or read it and respond at my leisure.  


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