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Monday, September 10, 2018

Communist Coup

Yes, this is my blog and I appreciate the many readers of my thoughts on current day America, if that's what you can call a communist apparatus operated by complete approval of the American electorate. But, I am a capitalist and a growing supporter of anarcho-capitalism. Only capitalism and a functional republic can effectively defeat the FSA and the communist open-borders globalists.

If you think the open borders globalists intend to leave the borders open once they achieve their objective of the destruction of capitalistic republicanism, you have forgotten the lessons of history. The moment they achieve control of the electorate through replacement immigrants, those borders will slam shut like a vault, only this time it will be to keep all of the morons supporting their evil deeds from escaping the ruin that communism/collectivism always creates.

The Nazis might call conservatives Nazis all they want. Nazis is an abbreviation for National SOCIALIST, which is what all socialists are at heart, Nazis.

The communists openly running for office in today's America tells one exactly how well they have succeeded in duping the American people into buying into this death cult. The deep state is nothing more than communists that have infiltrated the government, media and academia, they need all three and have had them for a long time. They need the communists in government to control (rather than own) the means of production; they need academia to radicalize subsequent generations as they slowly, inevitably replace the previous generations; they need the media to ignore their failures and crimes committed on the road to communist control.

This is all good. Now, when people like myself point it out, they no longer even dispute the claim, instead they mitigate the evils and rationalize the damage. They pull in the radical elements of communism like Black Lives Matter, Antifa and the Women's March to do their dirty work and just like previous communist revolutions, there are the elected officials to support such groups as legitimate.

I welcome the distinctions they are making. It is getting harder and harder for true Democrats to side with their radical and open embracement of communism. And, for the Democrats who have always been socialists and communists, it makes these advancements very difficult to refute, or feign disagreement. They are drawn to these collectivist impulses like moths to the flame. Good.

It is not the patriot that must be convinced to see these developments, it is the normies out there who have clung to the notion that these things are really just resistance to Trump, they are not and it is becoming more and more apparent. Denzel Washington, not long ago expressed his relief that Trump won, only now recognizing for himself that there is a deep state dedicated to the overthrow (through the CIA, FBI and DOJ) of the American system. He might mistakenly call it a democracy, but I do not doubt his patriotism, even though he would rather see a Democrat in office, he, like many, prefer republicanism to communism.

For us, it is no longer good enough to write these posts to try and raise that awareness, it is being done by the opposition. It is being done for us. What we must do now, is capitalize on it, call out the communists and demand they refute it, because they won't, they no longer can.

So, yes, I have been restarting my writing career that I left a long time ago to dedicate myself to this blog and others. That was my duty then, to write what I did to get the word out, to expose the lies and deceptions and now that my presence on this side of the debate is no longer needed, I am busy restarting the writing career. But, it is still important to work on the information side of this, so you will see a change in my focus from now on.

Because Kindle makes it possible to by-pass the heavily communist publishing houses, I am free to publish my novels, as is, with all of their toxic political notions of freedom and patriotism. I intend to take advantage of this opportunity until they shut this down, too.

So, as a means of promoting the Kindle release of Home To Texas, the sequel to Shadow Soldier that so many of you have been kind enough to read, I am making Shadow Soldier free on September 10th and 11th. A free preview of the book is available here:

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