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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Kavanaugh in the Clutches of the Communists

Classic communism in play at the Kavanaugh confirmation. The communist organizations and the communists in government will do anything to keep the death cult alive, part of that is Planned Parenthood. They have sold the idea that if Kavanaugh is confirmed that he and Gorsuch will combine to eliminate Roe v Wade, this has led to the desperate attempt of Christine Blasey-Ford to derail the nomination through an accusation of teenage sexual misconduct.

What else can the communist left in this nation do, but make specious allegations against their enemy? Understand, it is in the communist playbook to lie. Lying to them is a tactic, not a sin. A talented liar is highly valuable. Look at the way they responded to Clinton when he lied about having sexual relations with Monica Lewinsky. It wasn't just that he lied, but the propaganda media swooned over how well he lied.

The same goes with Obama, they loved the way he looked them in the eye and lied with conviction and with the smoothness of a used car salesman. Lying well is to be aspired to. All of us rubes; the fools that we are; the hopelessly convicted believers in Christ who view lying as a sin are just easy prey. But, after all of that, if they think we believe that they are above a good lie to derail a Supreme Court nomination they are the fools.

It is not difficult to imagine Christine Blasey-Ford with all of her social justice warrior armor wrapped up in her pink hat, remembering Kavanaugh from some distant party and knowing that the proximity gives any story she chooses to make up credibility. With this arrow in her quiver she asks us to believe that she would not lie, on principle; that her virtue is greater than her political objectives. But, we know their tactics that all of these death cult devotees value the lie above all else, that it is a tactic to be used to destroy political opponents, which is what she has decided to do. By failing to "remember" the exact place and time of the assault, she removes any opportunity to debunk her claims with a substantiated alibi. This is a common tactic of the liar.

It is transparent. Our understanding of the left, their devotion to using the media, the courts and Congress to advance the collectivist agenda, that each and all support abortion as a sanctified rite of the death cult leads us to this conclusion. The feminazis with all of their insane and desperate proclamations of doom should Kavanaugh be confirmed makes this conclusion the only rational conclusion.

The communists forfeited the benefit of the doubt long ago, when accusations of blatant rape were leveled against Bill Clinton and there was no loss of continuity of agenda with the National Organization for Women (NOW). None. The principles they claim all fell subordinate to the leader of the communist agenda in America at the time, Bill Clinton. To treat any accusation of sexual misconduct with more vehemence than they did for comrade Bill, is a lie, a tactic, a communist ploy.

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