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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

There Will Come A Time

Do you know what news is? Does that term have a meaning? Today, news is really their propaganda or our propaganda, your choice. Their propaganda overwhelms our propaganda. Our propaganda is subject to terms dictated by them, because it has to go through Goolag at one portal or another. Even Blogspot is owned by Goolag.

This is what passes for news. It is a news story on the slipping support for Kavanaugh with likely Trump supporters claiming that the accusations have changed their minds about Kavanaugh. Personally, I think Kavanaugh is too much of a Bushy, Anthony Kennedy Jr., an unreliable vote and someone who will relish the role of steering society through the Supreme Court. Granted, I could be wrong, that is just my opinion. But, why is this a news story, unless it is propaganda designed to dispirit supporters of the president's choice for the Supreme Court.

The intent of all of it is to delay the confirmation of anyone Trump might choose until the communists can regain control of the process and demand that Trump name someone the communists will approve. There's nothing else here. The communist propaganda team is busy doing everything it can to ensure that the communists take over Congress, delay Trump's policies and protect those who participated in the coup in the DOJ, especially the FBI.

Project Veritas has done a good job of exposing the Deep State culture in the DOJ and FBI. I'm sorry, it is not just the leadership of these organizations that are participating in the coup. They are doxing enemies (those faithful to the republic), revealing investigative information about average citizens. This is no different than the IRS targeting of individuals, except that they feed this information to Antifa, the violent wing of the communists in government at all levels.

So, we have a private army of government goons feeding locations of enemies to the violent fascists intent on intimidation and injury and this is still somehow a republic? I don't see it. It is too far down the road to turn around now. We are exactly in the place that our forefathers were. Like us, they waited to have their grievances addressed; they appealed to the king for mercy; they requested responsive governors for their colonies.

The difference between then and now is the media: the communist propaganda team. All of these things that they promote, we know are intended to defame the republic or to make communism the logical response to the evils they expose. Everything is directed at reducing the Bill of Rights to ashes in the minds of the people; it is directed at melting individuals into the commune; it is directed at bankrupting the economic system to prove that capitalism is a failure.

But, there is built up pressure for a confrontation, a clear and open division between the communists and the republic. The corruption and exposure of the DOJ has increased the pressure. The only thing missing now is a watershed moment to create that ultimate division.

Are we going to rise up? No. That's not the way this works. I've tried. How it works is this: there will be a moment when the communists go too far. It might be the removal of Trump, when they prove that the republic will never get a political solution to the violations of principles that built this nation into a powerful foe to collectivist genocide. It might be after that when they finally express their evil in terms that resistance to them is recognized for what it is. But, no one is going to go out on a limb only to have their efforts seen as something ignoble and pathetic.

But, look at the power of the communists already and still they hesitate, they hide behind the legitimacy of the republic, afraid to step out and declare their true ideology. There will come a time, they cannot resist the celebration of their conquest. 

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