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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

This Is Our Home

This is our land, all of our land; it is where we live; it is our home. When we watch what is happening to our home there is no comprehension of the level of anger that produces. To keep from ranting on like a lunatic, one sublimates all of the damage being done to a perfectly good home and think that things will get better if we just do one thing or another.

Voting has ceased to be an agent of change. The fact is...the only fact that has ever that only force solves the sort of issues we have in this land. I have resisted this knowledge for a long time, not because I didn't believe it, but because there is only one place to go with that knowledge.

Now, all of this is predicated on the simple understanding that our leaders, those we have either placed in charge of this land, or have allowed to assume control of it, will not ever serve the people. They have transcended beyond that existence as have our industries, our media, our churches. They no longer have to appeal to the people for their riches, because no matter how foul they are or how insulting, they have those who cheer on their most base instincts, instinctively knowing that it fundamentally damages a wholesome society.

Facebook, Google and Twitter along with millions of other restaurants, stores and service industries can simply tell most of us to go pound sand. They don't care if we hate them or they hate us, it has no financial component, because it is a closed economy in that sense. Those who detest us, or simply pay no attention to the fact that we are detested, more than make up for those of us who choose not to do business with them, or they operate on an advertising rate that supersedes direct purchasing.

The media long ago chose sides and chose to push the most disgusting line of garbage it could in order to put a stick in the eye of everything good and decent about this country.

What does the average person want? Simply to live in a place unmarred by sewage. Think of that for a moment. Yet, it pulses in through every device. There is no general audience movie one can watch that will not be filled with messages of sewage and how failure to embrace the sewage is some sort of social dysfunction. Every commercial bespeaks of a lifestyle or preference designed to not only sell products, but to convince the viewer that THIS is the way to live and the things that must be accepted.

Do you see the sorts of things we are forced to discuss when considering a justice for the Supreme Court? I don't want to have to discuss those things and even if I don't, the conversation still goes on. The things that are discussed in schools I would not discuss with my brother.

Once one recognizes that the sewer they live in is designed specifically to make them hate themselves and their lives, make them shut up, fight off wave and wave of sewage until worn out from it and then finally float along with all of the rest, it is easier to grasp the solution.

This system, whereby we vet our Supreme Court Justices through high school year books on one hand and turn a blind eye to the rape allegations against a president on the other hand based on their political affiliation is not a system that can stand much more than a vigorous shove before it topples.

But, this is our home. A political system might come or go, but the land is forever. The land is where the political system finds jurisdiction, that is all. When a political system becomes too corrupt to defend the people and the land, its only true purpose, it is ripe and deserving of a good toppling and to be reinstituted in the traditional, functional, capable system that was long ago abandoned in favor of this communistic framework.

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