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Sunday, October 28, 2018

Normalcy Bias and the Fourth Turning

There is an article on Zerohedge discussing the Fourth Turning which places America in the same 80-100 year cycle, or what is called a "saecula"  as it was during the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, the Great Depression and World War II. This is something I had been thinking about for some time, not the saecula, I'm not that smart.

I was thinking about how we are in a time that seems natural. Okay, getting here required a lot of manipulation over generations of the average working folks first indoctrinated into the concept of communism through labor unions. Labor unions are about the only functional thing a communist can produce and its success is often used to transition the working person into the communist ideology, i.e., the collectivist urge, but it never acknowledges the ultimately corrosive nature of the relationship between employer and employee. Eventually, the rising costs of avoiding strikes prices the goods beyond the point where the employee can afford to purchase it, except out of loyalty and all consumers do not share that loyalty, so they find cheaper alternatives, killing the host.

While the adults were being indoctrinated into the collectivist fold as a means to better their lives, the children were indoctrinated into the concept of the "goodness" of the state, because they were being taught in state-run schools by teachers who benefited from the collectivist notion of labor unions. The media swung hard left to back up and substantiate this indoctrination.

Where the sense that this is all natural, despite the manipulations employed, is that everything in nature is in the process of growth or decay. In 1776 the British Empire was reaching its apex of growth and was beginning the process of decay. In 1860 the United States had grown from a fledgling republic to a world power, but the Constitution adopted in 1787 was at that 80 year mark and had taken as many assaults as it could stand and something had to break.

Everything has its own set of hypocrisies. Free speech is great, but through free speech comes the weapons with which to abolish free speech, so it cannot be completely free, but when it is restrained enough to guarantee it, it is essentially lost. The Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms works until the proliferation of arms puts too many in the hands of those who would use them to overthrow the system that guarantees it, but the minute that right is diminished in any way, it establishes the means to regulate it out of existence. Assisted fully by a communist dominated media.

Eventually, these hypocrisies on enough levels and concerning enough areas of life leads naturally from freedom to bondage. Everything that makes us free costs us freedom, there is no way around it because human nature is a process of progression, it is never static. The minute one group can get another group to accept any concession whatsoever, it becomes the starting point for decline of one group and the starting point of ascension for the other. When the group that is ascending reaches its apex, it will come under attack and eventually fall by the same dynamics that it rose.

This is America in 2018. The communists in America have been growing stronger and stronger, using the institutions of the republic against itself, demanding more and more concessions. The communists feel they are at their best and can topple the republic. The manifestations of this truth are groups like BLM that call for the assassination of police officers with the support of some in government; Antifa that aggressively assault Trump supporters does so with support from some of those in government; caravans of illegal immigrants seeking to break down the border between Mexico and the United States with the support of some of those in government signal that the destruction of America is being abetted by those in government.

That belief comes from the concessions already made by normal Americans, who do not generally see aggressive actions being taken against them individually. They don't recognize an assault on their institutions for what it is, a crumbling of the republic on a piece by piece basis. They accept some reductions of free speech as a means to keep the peace in their relations with other Americans who might come from different cultures or backgrounds. They accept some reductions in the right to keep and bear arms as a means to keep peace with authorities. They accept some reductions in their right to privacy as a means enhance their security.

But, when none of these concessions keep the peace with others, with authorities or make them safer, they begin to question the wisdom of those concessions. This is evident in 2018 on a number of levels. The effort to avoid labels of racist, bigot, homophobe, Islamophobe have not worked. They are still labeled as such no matter how compliant they are to the new dictates of the communists behind them and a growing rebellion is the result.

While there is no way to unravel the complex and interconnected web of deceit and insurgency behind the communist putsch through peaceful means, there is a chance to swing the balance of power more into line with the republic and away from the communists. That chance is offered up in the 2018 election. The communists have put their best foot forward, but a way to kick that foot out from under them would be a resounding defeat in the 2018 election; not as a solution, but as a statement and encouragement to others to resist the communist narratives

The election will solve nothing other than to deal a defeat to the communists who have been on a winning streak for a very long time. It would be one small defeat, but at this point they have suffered none. The Bret Kavanaugh confirmation was but the result of a skirmish. It was like a scaled down version of Fort Sumpter. It hardened hearts and clearly marked the divisions, the tactics and the winning response to those tactics.

The communists will use false flags, they will use deception and they will use the power of government to punish their enemies and reward friends. But, the election of 2018 could (I don't say would, because that is unclear) enable Trump to go after the deep state in a way that exposes some of the communists as actual traitors and subject them to punishment as such. That is an optic that could result in others choosing to defect rather than suffer the same punishment.

Even unraveling some of the diabolical actions of deep state actors will not solve the institutional problems America has with countering communism. That is a long and difficult road that cannot rule out that violence might be inflicted upon the republic on the idea that some have been brought to justice. In fact, that might drive violence for which the republic must be prepared to counter. Communism has to be engaged aggressively and in every arena encountered up to and including victory in a civil war.

Therefore it is vital that Americans recognize that the attacks upon their institutions are not individual issues, but are coordinated to appear that way while the overall strategy of complete destruction is implemented. 

Friday, October 26, 2018

Find Them All; Prosecute Them All

First off, if Cesar Sayoc is guilty and is not a patsy, then I will honestly admit that I was wrong. I have been wrong before, it doesn't hurt. I approach everything from the desire for truth. I was attentive to the claims of Christine Ford, but after listening to her testimony, while compelling, it did not have the sort of truth markers I look for in any testimony such as 1) corroborating testimony (in excess of the highly subjective "I believe her" statements) 2) evidence 3) enough details of the crime so that the accused can either refute or confirm 4) contemporary claims supporting the accusation 5) a pattern of behavior of the accused that is consistent with the claims of the accuser). Ford offered none of these, so I did not believe her, especially as the politics benefited one party over the other

The identity of the hoaxer and I hesitate to call him a bomber since none of the so-called bombs went off or were even capable of going off. The carefully worded description of the bombs by DOJ as capable of "reacting" with heat or friction could be anything. Toilet paper will "react" when exposed to sufficient degrees of heat or friction. It is legal double-speak that allows them to charge him with transporting and mailing explosive materials, that's all. It in no way suggests that these were actually capable of exploding.

As a snarky aside, why weren't these devices stopped at the USPS counter, where they always ask if the packages being sent are flammable, explosive or corrosive? That should have stopped it right there when the culprit had to admit that they were. Or, a real criminal would do what? Lie? Heaven forbid.

Anyway, back to the point. I am suspicious of the wording of DOJ, so I still will not accept that any of these packages were anything more than a hoax.

I am suspicious that the van Sayoc drove had those stickers on it for more than a few days. Here is why I am suspicious of that claim:

Johnny McKay, a Trump supporter with Trump stickers on his truck had his truck burned 10/9/18, Vancouver.

A transgender woman (a minority) and Trump supporter with Trump stickers on her truck had her truck burned in 2016.

Hao Lee (a minority) a Trump supporter had his Dodge truck burned in Sacramento, CA, Nov. 3 2016.

Muslim’s (a minority) limo was burned in January 2017 by anti-Trump protesters. The man was not even a Trump supporter, but this was only hours after Trump’s inauguration in Washington D.C.

In Oregon a Trump supporter’s SUV was vandalized while driving near an anti-Trump protest January 31, 2017.

In Massachusetts a 25 year old woman rams her car into a car with a Trump sticker on it, screamed obscenities, asked if the other driver voted for Trump, he said “yes” and then she tried to run the victim over before speeding off in August of 2018.

A recent High School graduate in Seattle, WA had his car vandalized TWICE, each time after putting a new Trump sticker on his car, once in January and again in July of 2017.

So, the idea that Sayoc drove around in this van for years and it never once got vandalized or burned to the ground is suspicious to me.

From my own experience, I was at a protest against Obamacare before it was passed. It was at a place where Obama was going to speak and the first time I encountered the "rent-a-mob" we now understand as present at anything associated with the Democrat (Socialist) Party. The two sides, our side protesting the passage of the ACA (Obamacare) and our paid counter protesters [facts established] by a road and a few cops to make sure the sides were separated. 

Right in the middle of "our" side was a 1980 something Blazer with Obama stickers all over it, covered almost. The question I had was why was this vehicle, so obviously marked up with Obama stickers on our side, where the cops knew our side would be? I knew no one would bother it and I was there to stop it if talk started to surface of damaging the vehicle, but nothing was even circulated along those lines. It was a "bait" car designed to get us to act like THEM and result in fulfilling the communist narrative that anti-Obama policy protesters were violent and dangerous as the media always claimed.

So, this sort of subterfuge and manipulation is common among the communists in the Democrat Party.

The event I described above shows that they expected us to vandalize the Blazer, because that is what THEY would do. It shows a mindset, a tendency and a lack of respect for private property that our side does not share.

If this lunatic, Sayoc, is guilty, he should go to prison. If he was a Trump supporter, then I highly disagree with his motives and actions. If any other politically motivated violence occurs I hope the FBI and local police will be as diligent in finding, arresting and prosecuting to the fullest extent every communist, radical, leftist Antifa wherever they live, wherever they post threats as we must take ALL of them very seriously; as seriously as law enforcement went after Sayoc. 

Monday, October 22, 2018

Evil Purpose of the Honduran Invasion

There has been a lot speculation about the Honduran Invasion over the past few weeks. The idea has been spread that it is an October surprise; that the invasion has been funded by powerful communists like George Soros. The theory has been that it is intended to damage Republicans either as a floating voting block intended to skew the elections coming up in November, or they are to create damaging optics for Republicans during the election cycle. But, what if it is intended to have a much more diabolical purpose, not before the election, but after it?

The Honduran Invasion might be used for all of the above purposes, but there could be a more cynical and criminal element to it as well. As seen here in this picture, they are not coming here out of any love for America, but with the intent to destroy it through the ballot box, by skewing the demographics or violence all of which have been promoted in recent weeks by the Democrats (communists).

The Honduran Invasion began when Democrats started to realize that there would be no "blue wave" that instead of capturing both the House and the Senate, that they might not even take the House. If they do not take the House all of the delays Rosenstein, Mueller et al, will run out and they will be forced to answer questions. Mueller is already suggesting that his findings, to be released after the mid-term elections, might not be as damaging to POTUS as the left have hoped for.

There is the possibility that Mueller has two sets of findings, one set that emboldens Democrats to investigate Trump for abuse of power and obstruction of justice and another set that allows Trump to encourage Congress to wind down investigations into the Deep State by sacrificing a few high-ranking officials to save the overall apparatus.

With the Democrats out of power, their prospect of impeaching Trump damaged, the Mueller witch hunt concluded without evidence to substantiate impeachment, their whole narrative destroyed, what purpose might the Honduran Invasion serve?

The answer to that is manifold and I am not interested in going into all of them or even many of them. My suggestion, based upon the typical Democrat (communist) response to being out of power, the recent invasion of up to 20,000 Hondurans with the sentiment expressed in the above picture, is that the real violence against Republican politicians and supporters of Donald Trump might begin.  It is my contention that the Honduran Invasion is a fighting force being imported to do violence against citizens of the United States. Maybe not all of them will be used for this purpose, women and children have been integrated into the fighting forces as cover and subterfuge.

The value of Hondurans, Mexicans and El Salvadorans committing violence upon Trump supporters is the optics of racism that it provides to the communist narrative. Any retaliation against such violence can be easily depicted by a communist compliant MSM as racism, the Democrats favorite and most reliable smear tactic.

This mid-term election is important, not because voting solves all issues, it hardly solves any and creates more than it ever solved, but we are at a crucial time in our history, when it is being decided whether this nation capitulates totally to communism or begins the long, hard fight back to republicanism.

Right now, today, we are in a hot civil war, but it is not general, it is specific and centered largely around certain social issues. We are in a fight against the Deep State and exposing as much of it as can be is only possible with a Republican Party dominating Congress, not because Republicans are the answer, but because SOME Republicans are part of the answer.

The hot civil war will become more general once the Democrats are further diminished in their power. The biggest mistake they have made is counting (out of a sense of racism) that Latinos will vote Democrat and that Blacks will never think for themselves. Both racist beliefs have been challenged lately and if they lose those voting blocks, they will not be able to retain power for generations.

Therefore, it is an "all or nothing" period in time for the Democrats and they are dangerous. They will wreck it all before they give up the dream of a communist nation in America. They have learned no lessons from history, they do not understand economics and don't care to. They all envision themselves in control of the massive bureaucracy that decides everything for everyone but themselves. I reiterate, they have learned nothing from history, or they would know that their role in a new communist state is as the first casualties of it.

Thursday, October 18, 2018

A Hot Civil War Is the Plan

With only weeks to go before the election and the "blue wave" looking more like a swell, if anything, Democrats are desperate. Several party leaders have called for violence against Republicans. Others have pulled yard signs and encouraged people to harass Republican senators and representatives in public, to drive them from public view. Antifa, the military wing of the Democrat Party, has been more active and more violent; willing to assault anyone who does not immediately capitulate to their demands as was seen in Portland.

Where all of this ventures into the dangerous, civil war territory is that actions such as these have not only been condoned and encouraged by the mayors of the cities in which Antifa is active; cities that have rebuked the laws of the United States by claiming they are "sanctuaries"; cities that have refused to facilitate federal law enforcement; cities that have incited violence by refusing to arrest the perpetrators and instructing their police officers to stand down. They are trying desperately to get some patriot to the republic to take drastic action against these injustices.

In Minnesota two candidates for state office were either attacked in one case and assaulted in another case for their political views while on the campaign trail. It doesn't matter what justification these violent assailants use to defend their actions, they have been emboldened by their political leaders in the Democrat Party.

When one political party encourages violent action against another political party, that is the definition of civil war. It has gone "hot" and can no longer be ignored by the political party under attack. But, where is the pushback? I mean other than rhetoric. Where are the demands that someone is held accountable for inciting violence? Once again, the Republican Party can not be trusted to protect its supporters.

As Patriot Prayer and the Proud Boys proved, when political speech cannot be protected by laws, self-defense is justified. I recently told attendees of the Patriot Conference in North Carolina that it will become necessary for them to defend themselves from these attacks, because with the support that Antifa has from communist mayors across the land in every city in the nation, the violence will only spread. This violence is designed to intimidate and drive conservative thought into the weeds and to establish communism as the only accepted form of government. I mean, that is the actual goal of both the Democrat Party and their goon squads of pink-hatted women marchers and Antifa.

Antifa is misreading its successes as acquiescence. It takes a lot to rouse a patriot to action, they have jobs and obligations that don't allow for being arrested and tried, even if the ultimate outcome of the experience is exoneration. But, nothing stirs the blood like watching the violence in the streets that we have seen over the past few weeks.

For a while, patriots will allow the proper authorities to do their jobs; they will wait for Republican politicians to work within the system to make sure these criminals are dealt with in an orderly fashion, but if that fails (and I suggest that it will due to the weakness of Republican politicians to support their supporters) there are those patriots who will not stand by and watch people be assaulted by these goons.

Keep in mind this will not deter the Democrats Socialist Party and their henchmen. They want this civil war to go hot. They want to destroy capitalism and republicanism and recognize that a civil war is the only way to achieve that. Our engagement will only mean that they have been effective, which is why I would prefer that these thugs be arrested and sent to prison for 10 years as they should. That would do more to end this aggression than anything else we could do.

Monday, October 15, 2018

On Humanity: The Vote

Humanity is the crux of the matter in almost everything political in America. The people have it and the government wants to take it. Since this plays out no matter what political party currently holds power, it is useless to say that Democrats want it worse than Republicans, because an American's humanity is the prize and each will claim it and utilize it to their ends.

At this point in American political history, our humanity must be reclaimed, because it has effectively been taken already and a long time ago. Bill Buppert at ZeroGov has a great article on this right now. The Constitution does not guarantee anything, it outlines those rights that an American has as a human being and the Ninth Amendment goes even further and states that: "the enumeration of certain rights does not deny or disparage others retained by the people." But, all of that is negated by legislation to the contrary albeit unconstitutional legislation.

When I wrote the Constitutionalist, it was to illuminate for those new to the arguments that our Constitution was being violated in this way and that, by the violation of this clause and that, but the understanding was supposed to be that the Constitution was unable to secure those rights; that always those rights were subject to enforcement by the people themselves. Those who endure the removal of rights by legislation and do not go out to confront those who have legislated them away are, in fact, conceding their humanity.

The only thing that makes an American any different from a slave is the notion that they have rights that supersede the Constitution, the Articles of Confederation and the Magna Carta. That no government can violate those rights without being subject to overthrow. It is important to understand that (documented in the Bill Bupert piece) almost from the beginning the desire of the federal government to violate those rights, to negate our humanity, was palpable.

The only thing that gives our humanity a thread of existence is the vote. Consider how diluted that is, how much of our common humanity has been ripped from us over the generations, that only the vote remains as a legal stance against an oppressive government. But, even then, the need, the absolute requirement of the people to demand the legitimacy of that one last thread in the face of vote fraud by illegal aliens, the dead and multiple votes is essential.

Understand, the Democrats, who exist today as communists, are working harder to separate you from your vote through dilution by illegal alien voters, multiple voters, manipulated votes and ignoring the outcomes of elections, but they are not the only ones. They are better organized than the Republicans, but both parties are engaged in removing your humanity through legislation.

However, the only chance one has to start a reclamation of humanity is to exercise the vote. It is the last vestige of a free people, as sad and stupid as that seems. Demanding photo ID to vote is a matter of reclaiming one's humanity and should one be cowed by the communist claim that it is racist, one then admits that the fear of defamation is greater than one's humanity.   

Of course, it does not stop at the vote, but the true reclamation of one's humanity after so many millennia of government wresting it from one's grasp is a bigger hill to climb.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

The Rise of the Dazis and Mob Rule

When does it become obvious to everyone that the Democrats are no longer co-equal members of the political system, but a competing political ideology bent on the destruction of the republic? I think we are close. Antifa acts as a military wing of the Democrat Party, the media acts as the propaganda wing of the Democrat Party, a shadow government is installed by the Democrat Party to act as a foil to the Republican Party, including sabotaging the government apparatus in order to remain in power despite the outcome of elections. This is a shadow government, impervious to the will of the people.

But, none of this will result in an actual overthrow of the government, it can only manipulate the current government into suicidal policies. The traitors within the government elected by confused, party loyalists, brainwashed by propaganda to accept these suicidal policies can only go so far before they alienate some of those who break free from their insanity. So, they create mobs of fanatics to do the actual harm to the political opposition. The purpose is to shame and bully those who ultimately rebel from their constant hum of talking points and directed outrage into understanding that there is no safe alternative to the Democrat Party, which has already transformed into the Democrat Socialist Party, or accurately referred to as Dazis.

It is mob rule instigated by an overarching anti-American, anti-patriotic, anti-culture that sees value in only those things that disrupt peace and tranquility. The mob is directed toward any symbol of American superiority or greatness, the way the Soviets challenged these concepts all during the cold war. Political successes of their opposition cannot be revealed. The mob makes participation in the competing political party (the Republicans) unbearable; it makes serving in the competing political party (Republican) offices either elected or appointed unbearable; it enlists popular sports and entertainment figures as a sort of coercive popularity; it denies access to entertainment posts, university professorships and other influential positions to anyone holding contradictory views.

The Democrat Socialists support illegal voting, even to the point of openly encouraging it in speeches and through using their elected positions to facilitate illegal voting and to cover up for illegal voting, because it destroys confidence in the hallmark of the republic which is the vote.

Democrat Socialists promote the concept of free education, free meals, free everything as a way to illustrate some inequality and to show that inequality as a failure of the current political system. This emboldens support for the mob actions it takes to "rectify" this inequality. But, there is no inequality that can be solved by edict, law, gift or theft, it is much more complicated than that, but Democrat Socialists pretend that it is simple, take from those who have and give to those who do not. But that is immoral, an immorality that they overcome by casting it as racist or sexist. For this, they need the mob.

The alternative, the thing they hate, is the concept that laws govern outcomes and the individual is responsible for one's own condition of poverty or wealth. The individual is endowed with rights to keep the government at bay and that all individuals are equal under the law. One cannot be forgiven for breaking the law due to some social inequality, nor can one be held more accountable to the law due to their social status. Democrat Socialists reject that, because it destroys the promise they have made to their mob, which is to take from others and give to them.

For them to claim that they are not the leaders of these mobs, these gangs of thugs like Antifa, these whining, screaming, threatening throngs of people protesting everything Republicans do, say or support, knowing that George Soros is paying multitudes of these protesters on their behalf, on behalf of the Democrat Socialists, of the Dazis is ridiculous. Most logical thinking people can see through it and rebel against the obvious frauds like Christine Ford.

This was primarily responsible for the election of Donald Trump, because the fraud of illegal immigration to boost illegal votes for the Democrat Socialists was easily understood by the average American. Lack of identification to vote to facilitate voting fraud was obvious. Americans do not want to be socialists or communists and understand that the republic hinges largely on the legitimacy of the vote. They understand that an illegal vote obliterates their voice in the political process and that without that voice, they have no humanity, they become nothing but a slave. Americans do not want to be slaves.

But, what the Democrat Socialists have done without realizing it, is they have used the mob to too great of a degree. They have asked the American people to support the mob rule they represent and deep down the American people understand how easily the mob can be turned on them and take everything they have worked hard to build. The mob that the Democrat Socialists sicced on Brett Kavanaugh, a decent man, disgusted many independents and even some Democrats, but it's all they have, they are communists at heart and fascists in practice. 

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Eric Holder and Hillary Clinton Declare War On The Republic

Everyone is looking for proof of Civil War II. Many of us have been warning that the cold civil war had been raging for a long time, all the way back to Reagan, actually, though the Republicans have never engaged. At best Republicans counterpunch now and again, but they never engage.

When one looks for proof that the Civil War has gone hot, they can witness the increasing aggressiveness of Antifa, their commandeering of Portland streets and redirecting traffic to their liking shows that Portland has fallen. There is no sense that liberal cities who embrace sanctuary status for law-breaking immigrants will uphold the law against anyone who can further their political power. So these cities have become the enemies of the republic, but there is no political will to hold them accountable.

The leadership of the Democratic Party encourages and even facilitates violence against those in the Republican Party and their appointed ministers, counsels and supporters. In this article Eric Holder suggests that when Republicans go low, Democrats and their allies "kick them." Inciting violence against Republicans and their supporters. The article points out that this is a favorite saying of Michelle Obama. Hillary Clinton has also suggested that there is no way to be civil to Republicans. This is the Democratic Party as it transitions to the Democratic Communist Party of America. Where it encourages its supporters to harass Republican Party members, appointees of the administration and supporters, driving them out of public accommodations, it is a directive from the top and a denial of basic humanity to its enemies.

Once a political party abandons debate and gives up on the concept of earning the votes of the people in favor of rigging elections and intimidating political rivals with threats of violence, the republic has failed. The republic relies on the rule of law, of fair elections as a prerequisite to the expression of the will of the people, without which no government can claim that it is a republic.

Me and people like me have been pointing out that the republic was doomed for more than a decade. When the banking crisis exposed the fact that banks would get bailed out with tax dollars, but nothing would be done to make the taxpayers whole, it signaled a fundamental philosophical truth that the people were slaves and nothing more. They were there to provide the funds to continue the Ponzi scheme of debt incurred through corporate raids of the treasury.

Fear of the electorate is essential to the functioning of a republic, when politicians no longer fear the electorate, as now, there is no republic at all.

When one political party abandons the concepts of the republic in favor of brute force against another political party and its supporters, it is a civil war. When one political party wages war on the supporters of the other political party it does so through a military arm of its political power. That military arm of the Democratic Communist Party is Antifa. Antifa is an enemy combatant since its expressed goal is the overthrow of the republic in favor of communism. Antifa openly discusses the military actions it pursues against the supporters and members of the Republican Party.  

In a functioning republic, this would be seen as treason and properly punished. But, as has been shown, we no longer live in a functioning republic, but are now free agents of the republic left to defend ourselves against the communist military wing operating within the borders of the United States with the full-throated support of the Democratic Party while it transitions through the leadership of Eric Holder, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, George Soros and the silicon valley oligarchs into a competing military and political force.

The Republican Party could put a stop to this soon-to-be hot Civil War, but it lacks the dedication to republican principles and indeed is itself largely communist in nature, because it has been seduced by the power brought to it by the state. The Republican Party would have to pursue charges against Antifa and follow the leadership and money to the rest of the traitors, but it cannot, it is too weak and sympathetic or fearful of its current power. It could empower the people to defend themselves against the enemies of the republic, but it will not.

So, we have one organized political party in America with a military arm encouraged to inflict pain and death upon its enemies (this is pure communism) and one political party that does not have the political will to defend its supporters.

Understand, this open support for the attack on Republicans and supporters of the republic is a declaration of war, because it is pursued by the leaders of a political party. That is the definition of a declaration of war. How far this goes initially is up to the aggressors, but how far it goes ultimately is up to the victims of that aggression.

The republic cannot afford to wait for the political weaklings of the Republican Party to recognize the threat this poses. They are sympathizers to some degree, at least at this early stage of the war.

It is important, however, to recognize that war has been declared upon the supporters of the republic by the communists and every action taken to defend oneself must be recognized in that way. Do not let them try you for a crime, demand that the legal system recognize that war has been declared upon the republic and your actions are in defense of the republic. Defend yourselves.

Sunday, October 7, 2018

The Liar Christine Ford

The forces of darkness and hate have receded just a bit from their full-throated screaming fits surrounding the Kavanaugh confirmation. Their bullying tactics of doxing of Senators and threats of constant harassment of individuals did not yield the outcome they sought. These are the acts of communists determined to destroy the political machinery of the republic.

It is a mistake to believe that the protesters were in the halls of Congress out of some sense of injustice. Communists do not function that way. Communists are proactive, they design (and in many cases, including this one, PAY for) the protest before they have a cause, because it is not an action that communists protest, it is the very functioning of the republic. Their goal is to have ONLY their side heard in any debate and to drive their enemies out of the public square.

The Kavanaugh confirmation merely illuminated their tactics, it was not the cause of it. Anyone who would have been nominated for that supreme court seat would have been met with some variable of the tactics that played out against Kavanaugh. Hidden behind the seeming spontaneous protests, the seeming surprise allegations of sexual impropriety, the seeming shock of the media, the seeming outrage of the senators is one enormous hand, the hand of communism.

As Mike Vanderboegh (the former communist) once pointed out in the film Lies of Omission: "Communists define peace as the silence of their enemies, through fear, imprisonment or death."

With this in mind, it is easy to see that the intention of the Kavanaugh confirmation was to put fear in the hearts of every subsequent Supreme Court nomination, to drive conservatives away from the bench. By targeting Kavanaugh, they planted the understanding that no matter how well-behaved a person might have been, how well they documented their past, how well they had conducted themselves in their profession, the communists would dig up some person in their past to throw doubt on their character knowing, cynically, that the Republicans will dump anyone of less than sterling character. This is a weakness only of the Republicans, the Democrats have never and will never give up on a candidate, an appointment, or a justice due to immorality, crimes or outright treason, because they are determined to win.

No matter what anyone does now, Kavanaugh will always been remembered for having some sexual impropriety in his past, even by those who believed him and supported him, there is that stain. The fact that it was the most improbable of sins, that is the hallmark of the communist. Find the thing that would most embarrass the target; the thing most contradictory to the target's nature that would most likely drive them out of the public eye and make that allegation stick. Since they are counting on the lie to begin with, they can choose the weakness of the target rather than exploit some random truth.

All the communists need to make any outrageous allegation stick is one liar. All they need is one true believer in some social cause that is greater than their integrity and since most communists have very little integrity as a prerequisite to being a communist, such liars are easy to find. Drag a hundred dollar bill through any planned parenthood clinic and you will have access to more liars than you can handle.

Republicans (those who believe in the rule of law instituted by the republic) always lose in this game of competing with liars. Telling the truth will never be as powerful as telling a compelling lie. This was revealed in the testimony of Peter Strzok, where he lied continually before Congress, never giving up the lie and did so with full confidence that he would never be held accountable, that the communists in the Congress would protect him.

Unless conservatives want to encourage the sort of behavior demonstrated in the Kavanaugh confirmation hearing, they must begin to hold people accountable. Deep in the psyche of the republican is the desire to be honest, fair and reasonable. It stems from their religious convictions and it is a mistake, but after all of the dirty tricks that have been played on them, after all of the lies intended to destroy their lives, they cling to this sense of fair play.

But, they can start with the liar Christine Ford. She was no ordinary wallflower, no simple victim, she created her victimization, invented her abuse. In the process, she diminished the true abuse of other women. She was a traitor to her gender, allowing her make-believe assault for political purposes cast shadows of doubt on all other true victims, raising the bar of believability for all others that come after her. This is what she did, fully understanding that the communists on the Senate Judiciary Committee would cover her lies and protect her from a true investigation of her story. Christine Ford was a weapon against Donald Trump, a weapon against republican principles, a weapon against those who would stand to pursue conservatism.

If there were any who deserve protests from feminists, it should be the communists, who used Christine Ford as a weapon. They used her "true believer" status to throw her life up on the big stage and open her up to the discovery of her lies for their own purposes, which was to keep the Supreme Court seat open for a hoped-for Democrat Communist candidate in 2020. That's it, no other reason.

But, there will never be any such protests. The protesters don't care about what was done to Christine Ford by the communists or by Kavanaugh. They don't care about Christine Ford at all. The protesters, funded by George Soros, were there to humiliate and defame the Republican senators on the committee and the full senate. Force is all the protesters understand, because force is all the communists can imagine. It is all disguised as a protest, with the best actors reserved for the weakest Republican senators. The only thing real about the protests or Christine Ford is the devotion the communists have to the destruction of the republic. From the inside, the outside, through the press, through judicial activism, through anything.

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