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Monday, October 22, 2018

Evil Purpose of the Honduran Invasion

There has been a lot speculation about the Honduran Invasion over the past few weeks. The idea has been spread that it is an October surprise; that the invasion has been funded by powerful communists like George Soros. The theory has been that it is intended to damage Republicans either as a floating voting block intended to skew the elections coming up in November, or they are to create damaging optics for Republicans during the election cycle. But, what if it is intended to have a much more diabolical purpose, not before the election, but after it?

The Honduran Invasion might be used for all of the above purposes, but there could be a more cynical and criminal element to it as well. As seen here in this picture, they are not coming here out of any love for America, but with the intent to destroy it through the ballot box, by skewing the demographics or violence all of which have been promoted in recent weeks by the Democrats (communists).

The Honduran Invasion began when Democrats started to realize that there would be no "blue wave" that instead of capturing both the House and the Senate, that they might not even take the House. If they do not take the House all of the delays Rosenstein, Mueller et al, will run out and they will be forced to answer questions. Mueller is already suggesting that his findings, to be released after the mid-term elections, might not be as damaging to POTUS as the left have hoped for.

There is the possibility that Mueller has two sets of findings, one set that emboldens Democrats to investigate Trump for abuse of power and obstruction of justice and another set that allows Trump to encourage Congress to wind down investigations into the Deep State by sacrificing a few high-ranking officials to save the overall apparatus.

With the Democrats out of power, their prospect of impeaching Trump damaged, the Mueller witch hunt concluded without evidence to substantiate impeachment, their whole narrative destroyed, what purpose might the Honduran Invasion serve?

The answer to that is manifold and I am not interested in going into all of them or even many of them. My suggestion, based upon the typical Democrat (communist) response to being out of power, the recent invasion of up to 20,000 Hondurans with the sentiment expressed in the above picture, is that the real violence against Republican politicians and supporters of Donald Trump might begin.  It is my contention that the Honduran Invasion is a fighting force being imported to do violence against citizens of the United States. Maybe not all of them will be used for this purpose, women and children have been integrated into the fighting forces as cover and subterfuge.

The value of Hondurans, Mexicans and El Salvadorans committing violence upon Trump supporters is the optics of racism that it provides to the communist narrative. Any retaliation against such violence can be easily depicted by a communist compliant MSM as racism, the Democrats favorite and most reliable smear tactic.

This mid-term election is important, not because voting solves all issues, it hardly solves any and creates more than it ever solved, but we are at a crucial time in our history, when it is being decided whether this nation capitulates totally to communism or begins the long, hard fight back to republicanism.

Right now, today, we are in a hot civil war, but it is not general, it is specific and centered largely around certain social issues. We are in a fight against the Deep State and exposing as much of it as can be is only possible with a Republican Party dominating Congress, not because Republicans are the answer, but because SOME Republicans are part of the answer.

The hot civil war will become more general once the Democrats are further diminished in their power. The biggest mistake they have made is counting (out of a sense of racism) that Latinos will vote Democrat and that Blacks will never think for themselves. Both racist beliefs have been challenged lately and if they lose those voting blocks, they will not be able to retain power for generations.

Therefore, it is an "all or nothing" period in time for the Democrats and they are dangerous. They will wreck it all before they give up the dream of a communist nation in America. They have learned no lessons from history, they do not understand economics and don't care to. They all envision themselves in control of the massive bureaucracy that decides everything for everyone but themselves. I reiterate, they have learned nothing from history, or they would know that their role in a new communist state is as the first casualties of it.

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