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Friday, October 26, 2018

Find Them All; Prosecute Them All

First off, if Cesar Sayoc is guilty and is not a patsy, then I will honestly admit that I was wrong. I have been wrong before, it doesn't hurt. I approach everything from the desire for truth. I was attentive to the claims of Christine Ford, but after listening to her testimony, while compelling, it did not have the sort of truth markers I look for in any testimony such as 1) corroborating testimony (in excess of the highly subjective "I believe her" statements) 2) evidence 3) enough details of the crime so that the accused can either refute or confirm 4) contemporary claims supporting the accusation 5) a pattern of behavior of the accused that is consistent with the claims of the accuser). Ford offered none of these, so I did not believe her, especially as the politics benefited one party over the other

The identity of the hoaxer and I hesitate to call him a bomber since none of the so-called bombs went off or were even capable of going off. The carefully worded description of the bombs by DOJ as capable of "reacting" with heat or friction could be anything. Toilet paper will "react" when exposed to sufficient degrees of heat or friction. It is legal double-speak that allows them to charge him with transporting and mailing explosive materials, that's all. It in no way suggests that these were actually capable of exploding.

As a snarky aside, why weren't these devices stopped at the USPS counter, where they always ask if the packages being sent are flammable, explosive or corrosive? That should have stopped it right there when the culprit had to admit that they were. Or, a real criminal would do what? Lie? Heaven forbid.

Anyway, back to the point. I am suspicious of the wording of DOJ, so I still will not accept that any of these packages were anything more than a hoax.

I am suspicious that the van Sayoc drove had those stickers on it for more than a few days. Here is why I am suspicious of that claim:

Johnny McKay, a Trump supporter with Trump stickers on his truck had his truck burned 10/9/18, Vancouver.

A transgender woman (a minority) and Trump supporter with Trump stickers on her truck had her truck burned in 2016.

Hao Lee (a minority) a Trump supporter had his Dodge truck burned in Sacramento, CA, Nov. 3 2016.

Muslim’s (a minority) limo was burned in January 2017 by anti-Trump protesters. The man was not even a Trump supporter, but this was only hours after Trump’s inauguration in Washington D.C.

In Oregon a Trump supporter’s SUV was vandalized while driving near an anti-Trump protest January 31, 2017.

In Massachusetts a 25 year old woman rams her car into a car with a Trump sticker on it, screamed obscenities, asked if the other driver voted for Trump, he said “yes” and then she tried to run the victim over before speeding off in August of 2018.

A recent High School graduate in Seattle, WA had his car vandalized TWICE, each time after putting a new Trump sticker on his car, once in January and again in July of 2017.

So, the idea that Sayoc drove around in this van for years and it never once got vandalized or burned to the ground is suspicious to me.

From my own experience, I was at a protest against Obamacare before it was passed. It was at a place where Obama was going to speak and the first time I encountered the "rent-a-mob" we now understand as present at anything associated with the Democrat (Socialist) Party. The two sides, our side protesting the passage of the ACA (Obamacare) and our paid counter protesters [facts established] by a road and a few cops to make sure the sides were separated. 

Right in the middle of "our" side was a 1980 something Blazer with Obama stickers all over it, covered almost. The question I had was why was this vehicle, so obviously marked up with Obama stickers on our side, where the cops knew our side would be? I knew no one would bother it and I was there to stop it if talk started to surface of damaging the vehicle, but nothing was even circulated along those lines. It was a "bait" car designed to get us to act like THEM and result in fulfilling the communist narrative that anti-Obama policy protesters were violent and dangerous as the media always claimed.

So, this sort of subterfuge and manipulation is common among the communists in the Democrat Party.

The event I described above shows that they expected us to vandalize the Blazer, because that is what THEY would do. It shows a mindset, a tendency and a lack of respect for private property that our side does not share.

If this lunatic, Sayoc, is guilty, he should go to prison. If he was a Trump supporter, then I highly disagree with his motives and actions. If any other politically motivated violence occurs I hope the FBI and local police will be as diligent in finding, arresting and prosecuting to the fullest extent every communist, radical, leftist Antifa wherever they live, wherever they post threats as we must take ALL of them very seriously; as seriously as law enforcement went after Sayoc. 

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