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Monday, October 15, 2018

On Humanity: The Vote

Humanity is the crux of the matter in almost everything political in America. The people have it and the government wants to take it. Since this plays out no matter what political party currently holds power, it is useless to say that Democrats want it worse than Republicans, because an American's humanity is the prize and each will claim it and utilize it to their ends.

At this point in American political history, our humanity must be reclaimed, because it has effectively been taken already and a long time ago. Bill Buppert at ZeroGov has a great article on this right now. The Constitution does not guarantee anything, it outlines those rights that an American has as a human being and the Ninth Amendment goes even further and states that: "the enumeration of certain rights does not deny or disparage others retained by the people." But, all of that is negated by legislation to the contrary albeit unconstitutional legislation.

When I wrote the Constitutionalist, it was to illuminate for those new to the arguments that our Constitution was being violated in this way and that, by the violation of this clause and that, but the understanding was supposed to be that the Constitution was unable to secure those rights; that always those rights were subject to enforcement by the people themselves. Those who endure the removal of rights by legislation and do not go out to confront those who have legislated them away are, in fact, conceding their humanity.

The only thing that makes an American any different from a slave is the notion that they have rights that supersede the Constitution, the Articles of Confederation and the Magna Carta. That no government can violate those rights without being subject to overthrow. It is important to understand that (documented in the Bill Bupert piece) almost from the beginning the desire of the federal government to violate those rights, to negate our humanity, was palpable.

The only thing that gives our humanity a thread of existence is the vote. Consider how diluted that is, how much of our common humanity has been ripped from us over the generations, that only the vote remains as a legal stance against an oppressive government. But, even then, the need, the absolute requirement of the people to demand the legitimacy of that one last thread in the face of vote fraud by illegal aliens, the dead and multiple votes is essential.

Understand, the Democrats, who exist today as communists, are working harder to separate you from your vote through dilution by illegal alien voters, multiple voters, manipulated votes and ignoring the outcomes of elections, but they are not the only ones. They are better organized than the Republicans, but both parties are engaged in removing your humanity through legislation.

However, the only chance one has to start a reclamation of humanity is to exercise the vote. It is the last vestige of a free people, as sad and stupid as that seems. Demanding photo ID to vote is a matter of reclaiming one's humanity and should one be cowed by the communist claim that it is racist, one then admits that the fear of defamation is greater than one's humanity.   

Of course, it does not stop at the vote, but the true reclamation of one's humanity after so many millennia of government wresting it from one's grasp is a bigger hill to climb.

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