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Monday, November 12, 2018

Working Stiff Rebellion

Everyone has seen the voting games being played in Arizona, Georgia and Florida. Understand one thing, all of you working people out there in the nation, this is all designed to make you less of a human being. You are being targeted, your voice obliterated from self-determination. You, the people out there in the mechanic's shops, the hair salons, the trucks, the planes, shipping centers and anywhere that interstate commerce is taking place. You are being told that these states and their masses of illegal immigrants voting in your elections are more important, of much greater value than those of you who have families who have lived, not only in these states, but every state, for generations that you are insignificant, mentally deficient and too cowardly to do anything about the vote fraud that has taken place.

Also, understand who it is that is telling you this. It is every illegal immigrant who voted illegally; every state official who is supposed to guarantee that the views of the legal residents of a given area are heard in the halls of Congress; every two bit politician, on either side of the aisle, whose duty it is to see to it that, that one right, that last right that has not been infringed, regulated out of existence or outright denied, is their sworn duty; every liberal who thinks that their concept of right outweighs any possible wrong they might do to you, your city, your property, your peace and your opinion.

These people, these communists, these greenies who are communist red on the inside, these foreign citizens, these would-be tyrants and dictators have decided that only their views are important, only they know how to do the right thing and you are either too lazy, stupid or inbred to conceive of their magnificence and brilliance. They know who to choose for a governor, or a mayor, or a representative, or a senator and since you are too stupid to agree with them, they will just have to vote ten times more often to ensure that the right thing is done.

That is exactly how they see you, but those are just the useful idiots, the trolling dupes, the ragtag Antifa leadership, the self-righteous college graduates who actually swallowed the vomit spewed by their communist professors and assistants. They are the elementary, middle school and high school teachers and principals who look down on the poor, confused parents, who are so politically backward, they have to send messages to them on how to behave by their own children, who themselves are victims of this diabolical disease called communism, collectivism, socialism and authoritarianism.

These are the overpaid athletes who laugh at you for wanting them to at least show a modicum of respect for the nation that has taken them out of the gutters and placed them at the highest level of societal status, so they kneel when you want them to stand as an insult to everything patriotic and decent about America. They are the celebrities who have not even a smidgen of understanding of what it takes to get up everyday and go to a job you hate in order to send your child to college. They are the deep state clerks and mid-level Senior Executive Service (SES) employees who have the game so rigged none of you serfs will ever get a hint of the lifestyles you would live if they did not spend every dime you pay in taxes monitoring, recording and using illegal means of surveillance to destroy any hope you have of living a life like theirs. They will regulate you, tax you, use your money to defeat you, to defeat your candidates, offer lies and  defamations to keep you right where you are putting tax dollars in their pockets to hate, despise and some even pity you for the uninformed dolts they believe you are.

They are all communists, they are all traitors, usurpers, criminals, thieves, bullies, tyrants and the real problem is, they laugh about it. They enjoy their evil. They enjoy your pain and fear. It gives them power.

And, that is the real crux, is it not? They have the power to beat you down, steal your voice and tell you to shut up all at the same time. They have the system rigged and there is not a thing you can do about it. If you gather a group, they will call you a terrorist. If you object to their abuse of you and the system, they will call you a racist. If you vote against their scheme, they will overwhelm you with fraudulent votes and steal the seats of Congress, just to show you how utterly powerless you are. As they do it, they smile that evil "F-U" smile of Peter Strzok. When you think of all of these people, think of him the most. He perfectly personifies those who consider themselves your betters.

Looking at the enormity of it all, the masses of government workers installed in just such roles as necessary to blunt and demoralize you, to make you beg for mercy from their incessant harassment and denigration when you are just trying to get your license renewed, it seems insurmountable, that you are indeed helpless, hopeless and useful to them only for your weekly or bi-weekly tax contribution to their organized crime syndicate.

But, they have forgotten one thing about you, the average American working citizen and I mean all of them, the Latinos; the Blacks; the Whites; the Asians and Native Americans, because while they tell you that you are special for your ethnicity, race or place of origin, they don't mean it, that his how they divide each of us into easily manageable and manipulated smaller groups and play this group against the other group in order to distract all of us from their real intent which is to be the masters over us, our betters, our lords and barons.

I am begging you for all that is Holy and right, ignore that ridiculous nonsense and look at your brothers and sisters who struggle with the same inability to make a living, because these governmental disasters have decided that you really don't count, they your industry can be fined and abused in order for them to exert their superiority. An example of this is how Barack Obama intended, tried and greatly succeeded in destroying the steel and coal industries, just because he thought it was funny to show all of those employees that they did not count. They did not live in liberal (communist) strongholds of the major metropolitan areas and therefore were not communists and therefore did not matter to him, the government, the nation, in effect. That all of you could starve to death for all he cared. That was black, white, latino, Asian, Republican or Democrat and most of them even voted for him, as deluded and confused as they are by the constant dividing and demoralizing of these groups that the government, any government (Republican or Democrat) does to diffuse the resistance to their schemes. This was seen during the economic crisis of 2008, keep the people off balance and all sorts of horrors can be inflicted upon them.

Ask yourself why banks got bailed out, insurance companies got bailed out, investment firms got bailed out, automakers got bailed out, the richest 1% kept all of their money, but not one home loan was forgiven despite the fact that companies that held the mortgages went bankrupt and in some cases no one even understood who actually held the mortgage to these people's homes and yet they were taken from them when they had paid more than half the balance. These people might have paid $250,000 on a $260,000 loan and because they got laid off when almost every business was struggling to stay alive due to the malfeasance of bankers, stock brokers and mortgage companies, they lost their homes, homes they had spent a lifetime trying to pay off so they could retire on a marginal income. That's what they think of you, that they can take your life savings and save the banks and they will do it again.

But, the one thing left out in all of this is one simple, undeniable fact that gives you, the individual, power over all of them, total, utter and complete power to overcome your status as a slave to their nefarious plans. You, the average working stiff, (I am one also) run EVERYTHING. You ship goods, you schedule deliveries, you fix government vehicles, you repair tires, you make reservations, you repair aircraft, you grow food, you sell goods, you drive trucks that move everything in the nation, you run trains, fix trains. YOU do all of the things that actually make this nation, your home, run.


This is the sort of rebellion you cannot be held accountable for; you don't have to go out in the streets like some communist Antifa thug and hurt people; you don't have to protest or shout people down in restaurants; you don't have to paint yourself up or make yourself look like a clown or go naked to prove your point. You will not be fired for what I am suggesting. You will not even be reprimanded, targeted by Antifa, or suffer in any way whatsoever, but you will be able to make an undeniable statement about the way the elections were held in Georgia, Arizona and Florida.

If they think they can shove this vile fraud down your throat and there is not a thing you can do about it, they are right. All you have to do is NOT do a thing. Push shipments to any three of those states back a few days. The truck is headed to any of those fraudulent states? It goes to the back of the list on repairs, maybe twice. You fix government vehicles and it is a valuable account to your business, put the repairs off a few days, some part is backordered, the new part was damaged on installation and you had to order a new one at no cost, but a delay will occur. Not to all of their vehicles, but enough that you keep the account.

You are all of the people who know how to make things work, but you also know how to make things not work, especially at crucial times.

It's a working stiff rebellion and it can cripple these states if enough of you are outraged at what has taken place during these elections and want to do something, but have believed the propaganda they have been feeding you about your powerlessness, but understand that powerlessness is an illusion they must maintain in order to drive you under their thumb. Only YOU can decide to take that power back, or not.

Will this hurt the truck driver who is just trying to get his job done? Yeah, some, but it would not work if everyone did not sacrifice a little to regain the sort of clout the average working person had in the centuries leading up to this one. It is mainly in this and the previous centuries that American citizens have been so downtrodden, lied to, manipulated, coerced and bullied. Wars were started for much less than we are dealing with today, but we don't need a war and don't want one. What we want is to re-establish our dominance in this "self" governing society. Go in peace and make it hurt.

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