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Friday, December 14, 2018

Martyr Without A Discernible Cause

American patriots--and by patriots I mean simply those who recognize the principles expressed in the drafting of the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution as commendable and workable principles upon which to build a society--must recognize that our nation is in our own hands. While there is no way to convince the leftist and collectivist enemies of this nation that we have the right and obligation to confront them and their ideology on whatever grounds present themselves, the patriot knows this to be true.

The clever assistance lent to the communists by establishment Republicans and "conservatives" by suggesting that patriots need to be civil and orderly about their differences with these political adversaries are aiding and abetting the destruction of the nation and more specifically, the destruction of the patriots. Patriots have no color; they have no religion; they have no gender; they have no age; they simply have a common belief in a set of principles:

1) that the size of government is directly related to its oppressive inertia; (a government can be oppressive simply by being too large)

2) that privacy is directly related to freedom;

3) that freedom is directly related to economic activity;

4) that any money involuntarily surrendered is theft; (this true if by a mugger or an IRS agent)

5) that borders are essential to the establishment of nationhood, or statehood;

6) that a militia is necessary to the security of borders and the inhabitants therein;

7) that a right to arms is a deterrent to invasion and criminal activity and therefore cannot be regulated; (especially by those who are unfamiliar with the utility of arms)

8) that freedom of speech is necessary to interpersonal communication and understanding and that a restriction of freedom of speech is the essence of oppression;

9) that the burden of proof in any crime must lie with the prosecutor and that due process of law requires the presumption of innocence;

10) that all people are equal before the law;

11) that a dilution of representation is no representation at all; (1 rep per 30,000 citizens is reasonable)   

12) that taxation without representation (1:30,000) is just cause for revolt;

13) that it is within the right of the people to alter or abolish the government at any time these principles, in whole or in part, are violated.

Nations are made of these principles (and others not recognized here). Nations are disbanded for violations of these principles. The least we can do to preserve a set of principles that helped to guide our nation for over two hundred years is to follow the lead of Wes Rhinier, who recently published a set of questions that a patriot would be hard pressed to answer in front of a mirror. Ask yourself why these things are allowed in a nation established, built and supported by patriots.

Those coming to these shores, or across the borders do not value these principles. They do not see the need for them as their intent is to destroy this nation, either to establish a caliphate and institute Sharia Law, or to suck it dry of its financial marrow. There is no one coming to this land to defend it and why would they? Those who have the most to lose will not lift a finger to stop it. They have allowed the treasury to be looted by politicians who are more concerned with paying off their dedicated contributors than paving roads unless those aims coincide.

This is our land and we are allowing the trespassers to commit crimes against our children and spouses, but why? Because the politicians who have overseen the destruction of your privacy, freedom and seek to disarm you tell you to let them be?

The truth is this, no one in America will blame you if you finally start acting like an American. I know that those communists and Muslims who have gotten a taste of power in this republic will hate you, revile you and try to have you imprisoned. They see themselves now as the victors and relish the idea of writing the history of America. If they succeed and rewrite American history to reflect the righteousness of their conquest, the ideals above will be obliterated for centuries and the enslavement of your children will be seen as a just and equitable fate.

I don't know what triggering event will bring us together on these issues. The trouble with independent thinkers is that they tend to have a wide and diverse set of conditions upon which they will act, making cooperative action nearly impossible. Some will not act at all. Some will act too soon and simply become a martyr without a discernible cause. But, we have to start somewhere, sometime...don't we?  

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