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Sunday, December 9, 2018

The Truth Remains

Is there anyone left in the nation who believes that we are still a republic? That your vote has not been tampered with, either through outright switching or disenfranchisement through cramming the ballot box with illegal votes? Is there a sense that this vote manipulation has led to a fraudulent outcome that has destroyed the concept of Congressional representation? Is there any sense that there is an equal justice system complete with due process and limitations on government power, or is that reserved for government employees and the wealthy? Is it still possible to object to the globalization of power without being considered a criminal? Is it possible to speak your mind in any venue without incurring civil or criminal liabilities? Is it possible to speak your mind in any venue without the possibility of being physically attacked? Is there any way to opt-out of the surveillance conducted by government and even software programs? Is there any sense that your rights and opinions will be evaluated on a par with anyone else, or are there special citizens who must be accommodated above your concerns and even at your expense? Do you feel like ultimately the government will abolish Christianity and accommodate Islam? Do you feel as though the taxes you are legally obligated to pay are being used in a responsible and thoughtful manner?

Yes, maybe all of this has been in the works for decades, but have you not felt a ramping up, an acceleration towards this end state?

Do you feel that the government will, in only a few months, come to your door demanding your weapons, or at least some of your weapons?

The momentum in this nation is toward collectivism, toward Islamisation, toward obliteration and perhaps even genocide. These were once buzzwords of alarmism; today they are recognition of fact openly avowed and promoted in some circles.

The treasury is so depleted and misused that it can be used for little else than to service debt, purchase votes and occasionally build a bridge or two. Through all of the malfeasance, there is no means of the citizen to deny future funds until fiduciary responsibility can be reestablished. In essence, there is no way to stop the train short of disaster and forced labor to build the track.

You realize there is no reason to hope for better times. Even those bent on the destruction of this nation know that in the end it will be a miserable hole, possibly dominated politically by Russia or China or both, one commanding the eastern half and the other commanding the western half. Perhaps, it will become a battleground for them as they fight for global dominance. But the one thing that cannot come out of the conditions described above is a free nation. It will, at least, become a soviet state controlled initially as a police state until they round up all of the weapons and assign the bad-thinkers a bunk. That is a foregone conclusion, because without principles, limitations and policies that ensure the integrity of individual choice and belief, of representative government with rigid accountability, the American experiment has failed.

You can defend yourself, hunker down against the roving bands of marauders, the government goons, the tax collectors and the politically correct, but in order to effect change, to address the crisis of culture and the republic, you have to get out into the street. This is the truth and will remain so until you do, or do not. I have been banging this drum for a long time. I have led efforts on the streets of D.C. and owing to my lack of leadership, I was largely alone. I have endured criticism for the stupidity of this point of view. But, it is still true. It is true in France, Hungary and even places like Armenia and Iran. Britain will soon be forced to recognize this truth if they expect to break free of the EU.

Globalism is slavery and the national systems that exist around the world are weighted toward globalism. Globalists have put a lot of money into the police state, forcing globalism on the world to wipe away nationalism. They have financed the drive toward migration to destroy nationalism, to enforce Islamism which is eminently compatible with slavery and paternalism. Only rabid nationalism with an active populace can reverse the trend toward globalism and the slavery it requires.

Of course, Americans will wait for some calamity, some moment in time to make their move, but one thing is absolutely true: There will never be another free national election held in America. The weakness of voting laws was shown in neon bright lights and it led to nothing. Outright theft of elections was not enough. As we wonder "What will it finally take?" we sit silently polishing our weapons instead of lacing up our boots.  

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