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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Are You Human?

The peoples of the Western world are being asked a very simple question by their leaders: Are you human? Now, that would seem like a very silly question to ask and an even sillier question to answer, except that it has been asked by Western leaders before, but not of their own people. They have asked this question of Africans and Americans prior to colonizing their lands, but the rub is the way in which that question is asked and even more consequential is the way it is answered.

The way Western leaders ask this question is by flooding other people into a given space already occupied by someone else. They don’t care that the residing people had been there for centuries, or that they had built upon the land, cultivated it and that their religion and genealogy is tied to it. All of these things would seem to answer the question in the affirmative. Yes, we are human, we have built families here, engaged in business, improved the lands, built temples upon it and reside here.

But, that is not an answer that the Western leaders recognize. They do not reply: “Oh, sorry to have bothered you, didn’t realize you had gotten your whole civilization started and running without us. Never mind.” They just continue to flood the land with other people and let them battle it out for survival. This is the gladiatorial stage of the operation as far as they are concerned. They don’t care who wins, because they will remain in control, because the question was not properly answered.

The question can only be answered in the negative (no, we are not human) by allowing the continued, overwhelming of the population by people of the Western leaders choosing.

The question can only be answered in the affirmative (yes, we are human) by rising up and driving the leaders from power.

Once a leader has conceived of that question: Are you human? they cannot remain a leader and must be driven from their position of power. The 20th Century has seen too many of these types of leaders to ignore the fact that when a leader conceives of this question to ask of any people, especially their own, a genocide is in the making. When they asked it of the Africans and the Americans, the answer was the same: genocide.

Too often people get hung up on the racial issue, the color of someone’s skin, but it has never really been about that. It has been the question of humanity that has been asked and when it was impossible for the native people to have thrown the leader from power, they were subjugated and their humanity was denied them. When British ships went to Africa, this is the question they asked. When British ships went to America, this is the question they asked. 

In that simple question are many, many other questions all waiting for the same logical and reasonable response. “Will you allow me to confiscate your property?” “Will you allow me to have you raped?” “Will you allow me to have you thrown from your house?” “Will you allow me to have you beaten?” “Will you allow me to have you imprisoned for speaking forbidden words?” “Will you allow me to forbid you certain thoughts?” “Will you allow me to deprive you of privacy?” “Will you allow me to deprive you of respect?” “Will you let me deny you justice?” “Will you let me laugh while you watch my ministers do every despicable thing with no recourse, while you beg not to be imprisoned for a slip of the tongue?” Or, are you human?

It is easy to point out someone like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez AOC as someone in particular who is asking this question, but that would ignore the Republican representatives that are just as busy asking the same question. Leaders are leaders and they are all in on it. No one gets a pass for listening to the question from the back room. If you heard it, you either asked it or answered it. 

Any leader, no matter what role they play in leadership, recognizes only one response to all of those questions, forcible removal from power. Everything else is an affirmation of their power, a pitiful, obedient nodding of the head, because the leader who has conceived of this question recognizes only acceptance, or removal.

The question is being asked across the globe: in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Britain, Italy, France, Belgium, Poland, Hungary, Germany, Canada and the United States.

Now it is your turn to answer. Are you human?

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