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Thursday, October 18, 2018

Mid-Term Madness

The Democrat Socialist Party has gone full communist, not just socialist. Socialism is the term used for communists who do not have the political backing to reveal the whole agenda. The Democrat Party is transitioning past that point and believe that they can use the tactics of revolution.

Nearly a decade of Barack Obama and his manipulations of the hierarchy of the DOJ, FBI, NSA and DHS completed a functional transition from socialism to communism (we have not had a functional republic in a couple hundred years). The actors in this manipulation were supposed to be protected from their actions; were probably encouraged to take that step of treason with the idea that there would be no exposure of their deeds or consequences for those actions in the new communist reality of America.

But, there is a timeline and steps that need to be taken in the proper sequence in order for a coup to be successful. It takes more than eight years, even. Some people will not react the way they are supposed to every time. Some of them will jump the gun, others will not act at all. Americans do not want to be in a communist nation, but few really understand what that means or how it can be implemented, so many did not understand what was going on during the Obama years. They thought that if they could endure, everything would be okay.

Obama jumped the gun and began to act like the thug he is. Eric Holder thought that just because there was no one to put him in jail that he could act with impunity and so he did. But, these things alarmed the average American who barely bothered to look up from their sports and sitcoms long enough to pay attention, but it is likely that their neighbors and relatives began to red-pill them long ago.

By the time Trump was nominated as the Republican presidential candidate, the red-pilling picked up considerably. Most of us did not expect much of Trump. Not being the absolutely corrupt Hillary Clinton was enough for me. The utter horror of the communists and communist sympathizers in the Democrat Party melted down at the thought that someone like Trump could gain power sent them into hysterics, hysterics that were goaded on by those in the Party that had a lot more to lose than any random Democrat voter. The meltdown was encouraged by the apparatchiks and the Party leaders. George Soros, recognized that he had to bankroll the meltdown and leapt to it, funding the Women's March and Antifa. Political heavy-hitters encouraged their hand-picked communist judges to rule against any Trump policy that fell into their hands. They orchestrated the necessary steps to begin the Mueller witch hunt to ratchet down the straps on Trump and his Attorney General.

None of this had the effect that it was intended to have. All of it further alarmed the supporters of the republic, who truly understood the advancement toward communism the nation had taken. They understood the corruption of the highest levels of federal law enforcement.

And, that brings us to where we are today, on the verge of the mid-term elections. I don't usually go in for that "most important election in American history" nonsense, but this is the most consequential mid-term election year I can remember. The investigations into the corruption of federal law enforcement must go on and Antifa must ultimately be labeled a domestic terrorist organization. But, that only keeps us where we are today. It does not move the ball back toward a functioning republic, but that ball can never be moved back without an economic disaster that can not be covered up by further indebting and enslaving future generations.

On the other side of the equation (this is the dangerous part) the communists cannot lose, no matter what. They cannot allow for the investigations to go any further or important people will start to sing and many of them will go to jail. The whole treasonous gang might be exposed. Right now they are like gamblers who are doubling down on debt, trying desperately to play the double or nothing strategy enough times to win. They are desperate, they are scared and they feel trapped.

If you think you have seen harassment, violence and cheating before, you haven't seen anything, yet. A housecat is a vicious beast when caught in a trap and fearing the worst and these are tigers we are talking about. If it becomes obvious there is no "blue wave" expect to see Antifa outside of polling places with the full endorsement of the local police department and sanctioned by communist mayors.

This is how civil wars are started.

Monday, October 15, 2018

On Humanity: The Vote

Humanity is the crux of the matter in almost everything political in America. The people have it and the government wants to take it. Since this plays out no matter what political party currently holds power, it is useless to say that Democrats want it worse than Republicans, because an American's humanity is the prize and each will claim it and utilize it to their ends.

At this point in American political history, our humanity must be reclaimed, because it has effectively been taken already and a long time ago. Bill Buppert at ZeroGov has a great article on this right now. The Constitution does not guarantee anything, it outlines those rights that an American has as a human being and the Ninth Amendment goes even further and states that: "the enumeration of certain rights does not deny or disparage others retained by the people." But, all of that is negated by legislation to the contrary albeit unconstitutional legislation.

When I wrote the Constitutionalist, it was to illuminate for those new to the arguments that our Constitution was being violated in this way and that, by the violation of this clause and that, but the understanding was supposed to be that the Constitution was unable to secure those rights; that always those rights were subject to enforcement by the people themselves. Those who endure the removal of rights by legislation and do not go out to confront those who have legislated them away are, in fact, conceding their humanity.

The only thing that makes an American any different from a slave is the notion that they have rights that supersede the Constitution, the Articles of Confederation and the Magna Carta. That no government can violate those rights without being subject to overthrow. It is important to understand that (documented in the Bill Bupert piece) almost from the beginning the desire of the federal government to violate those rights, to negate our humanity, was palpable.

The only thing that gives our humanity a thread of existence is the vote. Consider how diluted that is, how much of our common humanity has been ripped from us over the generations, that only the vote remains as a legal stance against an oppressive government. But, even then, the need, the absolute requirement of the people to demand the legitimacy of that one last thread in the face of vote fraud by illegal aliens, the dead and multiple votes is essential.

Understand, the Democrats, who exist today as communists, are working harder to separate you from your vote through dilution by illegal alien voters, multiple voters, manipulated votes and ignoring the outcomes of elections, but they are not the only ones. They are better organized than the Republicans, but both parties are engaged in removing your humanity through legislation.

However, the only chance one has to start a reclamation of humanity is to exercise the vote. It is the last vestige of a free people, as sad and stupid as that seems. Demanding photo ID to vote is a matter of reclaiming one's humanity and should one be cowed by the communist claim that it is racist, one then admits that the fear of defamation is greater than one's humanity.   

Of course, it does not stop at the vote, but the true reclamation of one's humanity after so many millennia of government wresting it from one's grasp is a bigger hill to climb.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

The Rise of the Dazis and Mob Rule

When does it become obvious to everyone that the Democrats are no longer co-equal members of the political system, but a competing political ideology bent on the destruction of the republic? I think we are close. Antifa acts as a military wing of the Democrat Party, the media acts as the propaganda wing of the Democrat Party, a shadow government is installed by the Democrat Party to act as a foil to the Republican Party, including sabotaging the government apparatus in order to remain in power despite the outcome of elections. This is a shadow government, impervious to the will of the people.

But, none of this will result in an actual overthrow of the government, it can only manipulate the current government into suicidal policies. The traitors within the government elected by confused, party loyalists, brainwashed by propaganda to accept these suicidal policies can only go so far before they alienate some of those who break free from their insanity. So, they create mobs of fanatics to do the actual harm to the political opposition. The purpose is to shame and bully those who ultimately rebel from their constant hum of talking points and directed outrage into understanding that there is no safe alternative to the Democrat Party, which has already transformed into the Democrat Socialist Party, or accurately referred to as Dazis.

It is mob rule instigated by an overarching anti-American, anti-patriotic, anti-culture that sees value in only those things that disrupt peace and tranquility. The mob is directed toward any symbol of American superiority or greatness, the way the Soviets challenged these concepts all during the cold war. Political successes of their opposition cannot be revealed. The mob makes participation in the competing political party (the Republicans) unbearable; it makes serving in the competing political party (Republican) offices either elected or appointed unbearable; it enlists popular sports and entertainment figures as a sort of coercive popularity; it denies access to entertainment posts, university professorships and other influential positions to anyone holding contradictory views.

The Democrat Socialists support illegal voting, even to the point of openly encouraging it in speeches and through using their elected positions to facilitate illegal voting and to cover up for illegal voting, because it destroys confidence in the hallmark of the republic which is the vote.

Democrat Socialists promote the concept of free education, free meals, free everything as a way to illustrate some inequality and to show that inequality as a failure of the current political system. This emboldens support for the mob actions it takes to "rectify" this inequality. But, there is no inequality that can be solved by edict, law, gift or theft, it is much more complicated than that, but Democrat Socialists pretend that it is simple, take from those who have and give to those who do not. But that is immoral, an immorality that they overcome by casting it as racist or sexist. For this, they need the mob.

The alternative, the thing they hate, is the concept that laws govern outcomes and the individual is responsible for one's own condition of poverty or wealth. The individual is endowed with rights to keep the government at bay and that all individuals are equal under the law. One cannot be forgiven for breaking the law due to some social inequality, nor can one be held more accountable to the law due to their social status. Democrat Socialists reject that, because it destroys the promise they have made to their mob, which is to take from others and give to them.

For them to claim that they are not the leaders of these mobs, these gangs of thugs like Antifa, these whining, screaming, threatening throngs of people protesting everything Republicans do, say or support, knowing that George Soros is paying multitudes of these protesters on their behalf, on behalf of the Democrat Socialists, of the Dazis is ridiculous. Most logical thinking people can see through it and rebel against the obvious frauds like Christine Ford.

This was primarily responsible for the election of Donald Trump, because the fraud of illegal immigration to boost illegal votes for the Democrat Socialists was easily understood by the average American. Lack of identification to vote to facilitate voting fraud was obvious. Americans do not want to be socialists or communists and understand that the republic hinges largely on the legitimacy of the vote. They understand that an illegal vote obliterates their voice in the political process and that without that voice, they have no humanity, they become nothing but a slave. Americans do not want to be slaves.

But, what the Democrat Socialists have done without realizing it, is they have used the mob to too great of a degree. They have asked the American people to support the mob rule they represent and deep down the American people understand how easily the mob can be turned on them and take everything they have worked hard to build. The mob that the Democrat Socialists sicced on Brett Kavanaugh, a decent man, disgusted many independents and even some Democrats, but it's all they have, they are communists at heart and fascists in practice. 

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Eric Holder and Hillary Clinton Declare War On The Republic

Everyone is looking for proof of Civil War II. Many of us have been warning that the cold civil war had been raging for a long time, all the way back to Reagan, actually, though the Republicans have never engaged. At best Republicans counterpunch now and again, but they never engage.

When one looks for proof that the Civil War has gone hot, they can witness the increasing aggressiveness of Antifa, their commandeering of Portland streets and redirecting traffic to their liking shows that Portland has fallen. There is no sense that liberal cities who embrace sanctuary status for law-breaking immigrants will uphold the law against anyone who can further their political power. So these cities have become the enemies of the republic, but there is no political will to hold them accountable.

The leadership of the Democratic Party encourages and even facilitates violence against those in the Republican Party and their appointed ministers, counsels and supporters. In this article Eric Holder suggests that when Republicans go low, Democrats and their allies "kick them." Inciting violence against Republicans and their supporters. The article points out that this is a favorite saying of Michelle Obama. Hillary Clinton has also suggested that there is no way to be civil to Republicans. This is the Democratic Party as it transitions to the Democratic Communist Party of America. Where it encourages its supporters to harass Republican Party members, appointees of the administration and supporters, driving them out of public accommodations, it is a directive from the top and a denial of basic humanity to its enemies.

Once a political party abandons debate and gives up on the concept of earning the votes of the people in favor of rigging elections and intimidating political rivals with threats of violence, the republic has failed. The republic relies on the rule of law, of fair elections as a prerequisite to the expression of the will of the people, without which no government can claim that it is a republic.

Me and people like me have been pointing out that the republic was doomed for more than a decade. When the banking crisis exposed the fact that banks would get bailed out with tax dollars, but nothing would be done to make the taxpayers whole, it signaled a fundamental philosophical truth that the people were slaves and nothing more. They were there to provide the funds to continue the Ponzi scheme of debt incurred through corporate raids of the treasury.

Fear of the electorate is essential to the functioning of a republic, when politicians no longer fear the electorate, as now, there is no republic at all.

When one political party abandons the concepts of the republic in favor of brute force against another political party and its supporters, it is a civil war. When one political party wages war on the supporters of the other political party it does so through a military arm of its political power. That military arm of the Democratic Communist Party is Antifa. Antifa is an enemy combatant since its expressed goal is the overthrow of the republic in favor of communism. Antifa openly discusses the military actions it pursues against the supporters and members of the Republican Party.  

In a functioning republic, this would be seen as treason and properly punished. But, as has been shown, we no longer live in a functioning republic, but are now free agents of the republic left to defend ourselves against the communist military wing operating within the borders of the United States with the full-throated support of the Democratic Party while it transitions through the leadership of Eric Holder, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, George Soros and the silicon valley oligarchs into a competing military and political force.

The Republican Party could put a stop to this soon-to-be hot Civil War, but it lacks the dedication to republican principles and indeed is itself largely communist in nature, because it has been seduced by the power brought to it by the state. The Republican Party would have to pursue charges against Antifa and follow the leadership and money to the rest of the traitors, but it cannot, it is too weak and sympathetic or fearful of its current power. It could empower the people to defend themselves against the enemies of the republic, but it will not.

So, we have one organized political party in America with a military arm encouraged to inflict pain and death upon its enemies (this is pure communism) and one political party that does not have the political will to defend its supporters.

Understand, this open support for the attack on Republicans and supporters of the republic is a declaration of war, because it is pursued by the leaders of a political party. That is the definition of a declaration of war. How far this goes initially is up to the aggressors, but how far it goes ultimately is up to the victims of that aggression.

The republic cannot afford to wait for the political weaklings of the Republican Party to recognize the threat this poses. They are sympathizers to some degree, at least at this early stage of the war.

It is important, however, to recognize that war has been declared upon the supporters of the republic by the communists and every action taken to defend oneself must be recognized in that way. Do not let them try you for a crime, demand that the legal system recognize that war has been declared upon the republic and your actions are in defense of the republic. Defend yourselves.

Sunday, October 7, 2018

The Liar Christine Ford

The forces of darkness and hate have receded just a bit from their full-throated screaming fits surrounding the Kavanaugh confirmation. Their bullying tactics of doxing of Senators and threats of constant harassment of individuals did not yield the outcome they sought. These are the acts of communists determined to destroy the political machinery of the republic.

It is a mistake to believe that the protesters were in the halls of Congress out of some sense of injustice. Communists do not function that way. Communists are proactive, they design (and in many cases, including this one, PAY for) the protest before they have a cause, because it is not an action that communists protest, it is the very functioning of the republic. Their goal is to have ONLY their side heard in any debate and to drive their enemies out of the public square.

The Kavanaugh confirmation merely illuminated their tactics, it was not the cause of it. Anyone who would have been nominated for that supreme court seat would have been met with some variable of the tactics that played out against Kavanaugh. Hidden behind the seeming spontaneous protests, the seeming surprise allegations of sexual impropriety, the seeming shock of the media, the seeming outrage of the senators is one enormous hand, the hand of communism.

As Mike Vanderboegh (the former communist) once pointed out in the film Lies of Omission: "Communists define peace as the silence of their enemies, through fear, imprisonment or death."

With this in mind, it is easy to see that the intention of the Kavanaugh confirmation was to put fear in the hearts of every subsequent Supreme Court nomination, to drive conservatives away from the bench. By targeting Kavanaugh, they planted the understanding that no matter how well-behaved a person might have been, how well they documented their past, how well they had conducted themselves in their profession, the communists would dig up some person in their past to throw doubt on their character knowing, cynically, that the Republicans will dump anyone of less than sterling character. This is a weakness only of the Republicans, the Democrats have never and will never give up on a candidate, an appointment, or a justice due to immorality, crimes or outright treason, because they are determined to win.

No matter what anyone does now, Kavanaugh will always been remembered for having some sexual impropriety in his past, even by those who believed him and supported him, there is that stain. The fact that it was the most improbable of sins, that is the hallmark of the communist. Find the thing that would most embarrass the target; the thing most contradictory to the target's nature that would most likely drive them out of the public eye and make that allegation stick. Since they are counting on the lie to begin with, they can choose the weakness of the target rather than exploit some random truth.

All the communists need to make any outrageous allegation stick is one liar. All they need is one true believer in some social cause that is greater than their integrity and since most communists have very little integrity as a prerequisite to being a communist, such liars are easy to find. Drag a hundred dollar bill through any planned parenthood clinic and you will have access to more liars than you can handle.

Republicans (those who believe in the rule of law instituted by the republic) always lose in this game of competing with liars. Telling the truth will never be as powerful as telling a compelling lie. This was revealed in the testimony of Peter Strzok, where he lied continually before Congress, never giving up the lie and did so with full confidence that he would never be held accountable, that the communists in the Congress would protect him.

Unless conservatives want to encourage the sort of behavior demonstrated in the Kavanaugh confirmation hearing, they must begin to hold people accountable. Deep in the psyche of the republican is the desire to be honest, fair and reasonable. It stems from their religious convictions and it is a mistake, but after all of the dirty tricks that have been played on them, after all of the lies intended to destroy their lives, they cling to this sense of fair play.

But, they can start with the liar Christine Ford. She was no ordinary wallflower, no simple victim, she created her victimization, invented her abuse. In the process, she diminished the true abuse of other women. She was a traitor to her gender, allowing her make-believe assault for political purposes cast shadows of doubt on all other true victims, raising the bar of believability for all others that come after her. This is what she did, fully understanding that the communists on the Senate Judiciary Committee would cover her lies and protect her from a true investigation of her story. Christine Ford was a weapon against Donald Trump, a weapon against republican principles, a weapon against those who would stand to pursue conservatism.

If there were any who deserve protests from feminists, it should be the communists, who used Christine Ford as a weapon. They used her "true believer" status to throw her life up on the big stage and open her up to the discovery of her lies for their own purposes, which was to keep the Supreme Court seat open for a hoped-for Democrat Communist candidate in 2020. That's it, no other reason.

But, there will never be any such protests. The protesters don't care about what was done to Christine Ford by the communists or by Kavanaugh. They don't care about Christine Ford at all. The protesters, funded by George Soros, were there to humiliate and defame the Republican senators on the committee and the full senate. Force is all the protesters understand, because force is all the communists can imagine. It is all disguised as a protest, with the best actors reserved for the weakest Republican senators. The only thing real about the protests or Christine Ford is the devotion the communists have to the destruction of the republic. From the inside, the outside, through the press, through judicial activism, through anything.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

This Is Our Home

This is our land, all of our land; it is where we live; it is our home. When we watch what is happening to our home there is no comprehension of the level of anger that produces. To keep from ranting on like a lunatic, one sublimates all of the damage being done to a perfectly good home and think that things will get better if we just do one thing or another.

Voting has ceased to be an agent of change. The fact is...the only fact that has ever that only force solves the sort of issues we have in this land. I have resisted this knowledge for a long time, not because I didn't believe it, but because there is only one place to go with that knowledge.

Now, all of this is predicated on the simple understanding that our leaders, those we have either placed in charge of this land, or have allowed to assume control of it, will not ever serve the people. They have transcended beyond that existence as have our industries, our media, our churches. They no longer have to appeal to the people for their riches, because no matter how foul they are or how insulting, they have those who cheer on their most base instincts, instinctively knowing that it fundamentally damages a wholesome society.

Facebook, Google and Twitter along with millions of other restaurants, stores and service industries can simply tell most of us to go pound sand. They don't care if we hate them or they hate us, it has no financial component, because it is a closed economy in that sense. Those who detest us, or simply pay no attention to the fact that we are detested, more than make up for those of us who choose not to do business with them, or they operate on an advertising rate that supersedes direct purchasing.

The media long ago chose sides and chose to push the most disgusting line of garbage it could in order to put a stick in the eye of everything good and decent about this country.

What does the average person want? Simply to live in a place unmarred by sewage. Think of that for a moment. Yet, it pulses in through every device. There is no general audience movie one can watch that will not be filled with messages of sewage and how failure to embrace the sewage is some sort of social dysfunction. Every commercial bespeaks of a lifestyle or preference designed to not only sell products, but to convince the viewer that THIS is the way to live and the things that must be accepted.

Do you see the sorts of things we are forced to discuss when considering a justice for the Supreme Court? I don't want to have to discuss those things and even if I don't, the conversation still goes on. The things that are discussed in schools I would not discuss with my brother.

Once one recognizes that the sewer they live in is designed specifically to make them hate themselves and their lives, make them shut up, fight off wave and wave of sewage until worn out from it and then finally float along with all of the rest, it is easier to grasp the solution.

This system, whereby we vet our Supreme Court Justices through high school year books on one hand and turn a blind eye to the rape allegations against a president on the other hand based on their political affiliation is not a system that can stand much more than a vigorous shove before it topples.

But, this is our home. A political system might come or go, but the land is forever. The land is where the political system finds jurisdiction, that is all. When a political system becomes too corrupt to defend the people and the land, its only true purpose, it is ripe and deserving of a good toppling and to be reinstituted in the traditional, functional, capable system that was long ago abandoned in favor of this communistic framework.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Eric Holder as President?

Eric Holder has decided to run for president to complete the work of converting America to an openly recognized communist country. But, he has a few things to answer for before he takes control of the entire law enforcement apparatus of the United States and begins his war on whites.

If you recall, he refused to arrest the Black Panthers standing outside of a voting center when Barack Obama was elected. It was obvious voter intimidation, but by claiming that worse had been done to "his" people, he would not prosecute.

Eric Holder was held in contempt for refusing to release documents that implicated him, Barack Obama and Rahm Emanuel in the Fast and Furious scandal, allowing Barack Obama to later claim that there had been no scandals on his watch.

So, I invite you to watch LIES OF OMISSION for FREE to hear from Mike Vanderboegh and David Codreaas they lay out how they broke the Fast and Furious scandal. Use promo code LIES to rent this video free.

People like Eric Holder and his minions left at DOJ and the FBI are why we cannot get the truth about how they planned to rig the election for Hillary and how they intend to disrupt and ultimately end the presidency of Donald Trump.

These are the true backroom communists who have usurped the power of the government and enslaved all of us capitalist republic supporters to pay for it.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

There Will Come A Time

Do you know what news is? Does that term have a meaning? Today, news is really their propaganda or our propaganda, your choice. Their propaganda overwhelms our propaganda. Our propaganda is subject to terms dictated by them, because it has to go through Goolag at one portal or another. Even Blogspot is owned by Goolag.

This is what passes for news. It is a news story on the slipping support for Kavanaugh with likely Trump supporters claiming that the accusations have changed their minds about Kavanaugh. Personally, I think Kavanaugh is too much of a Bushy, Anthony Kennedy Jr., an unreliable vote and someone who will relish the role of steering society through the Supreme Court. Granted, I could be wrong, that is just my opinion. But, why is this a news story, unless it is propaganda designed to dispirit supporters of the president's choice for the Supreme Court.

The intent of all of it is to delay the confirmation of anyone Trump might choose until the communists can regain control of the process and demand that Trump name someone the communists will approve. There's nothing else here. The communist propaganda team is busy doing everything it can to ensure that the communists take over Congress, delay Trump's policies and protect those who participated in the coup in the DOJ, especially the FBI.

Project Veritas has done a good job of exposing the Deep State culture in the DOJ and FBI. I'm sorry, it is not just the leadership of these organizations that are participating in the coup. They are doxing enemies (those faithful to the republic), revealing investigative information about average citizens. This is no different than the IRS targeting of individuals, except that they feed this information to Antifa, the violent wing of the communists in government at all levels.

So, we have a private army of government goons feeding locations of enemies to the violent fascists intent on intimidation and injury and this is still somehow a republic? I don't see it. It is too far down the road to turn around now. We are exactly in the place that our forefathers were. Like us, they waited to have their grievances addressed; they appealed to the king for mercy; they requested responsive governors for their colonies.

The difference between then and now is the media: the communist propaganda team. All of these things that they promote, we know are intended to defame the republic or to make communism the logical response to the evils they expose. Everything is directed at reducing the Bill of Rights to ashes in the minds of the people; it is directed at melting individuals into the commune; it is directed at bankrupting the economic system to prove that capitalism is a failure.

But, there is built up pressure for a confrontation, a clear and open division between the communists and the republic. The corruption and exposure of the DOJ has increased the pressure. The only thing missing now is a watershed moment to create that ultimate division.

Are we going to rise up? No. That's not the way this works. I've tried. How it works is this: there will be a moment when the communists go too far. It might be the removal of Trump, when they prove that the republic will never get a political solution to the violations of principles that built this nation into a powerful foe to collectivist genocide. It might be after that when they finally express their evil in terms that resistance to them is recognized for what it is. But, no one is going to go out on a limb only to have their efforts seen as something ignoble and pathetic.

But, look at the power of the communists already and still they hesitate, they hide behind the legitimacy of the republic, afraid to step out and declare their true ideology. There will come a time, they cannot resist the celebration of their conquest. 

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Kavanaugh in the Clutches of the Communists

Classic communism in play at the Kavanaugh confirmation. The communist organizations and the communists in government will do anything to keep the death cult alive, part of that is Planned Parenthood. They have sold the idea that if Kavanaugh is confirmed that he and Gorsuch will combine to eliminate Roe v Wade, this has led to the desperate attempt of Christine Blasey-Ford to derail the nomination through an accusation of teenage sexual misconduct.

What else can the communist left in this nation do, but make specious allegations against their enemy? Understand, it is in the communist playbook to lie. Lying to them is a tactic, not a sin. A talented liar is highly valuable. Look at the way they responded to Clinton when he lied about having sexual relations with Monica Lewinsky. It wasn't just that he lied, but the propaganda media swooned over how well he lied.

The same goes with Obama, they loved the way he looked them in the eye and lied with conviction and with the smoothness of a used car salesman. Lying well is to be aspired to. All of us rubes; the fools that we are; the hopelessly convicted believers in Christ who view lying as a sin are just easy prey. But, after all of that, if they think we believe that they are above a good lie to derail a Supreme Court nomination they are the fools.

It is not difficult to imagine Christine Blasey-Ford with all of her social justice warrior armor wrapped up in her pink hat, remembering Kavanaugh from some distant party and knowing that the proximity gives any story she chooses to make up credibility. With this arrow in her quiver she asks us to believe that she would not lie, on principle; that her virtue is greater than her political objectives. But, we know their tactics that all of these death cult devotees value the lie above all else, that it is a tactic to be used to destroy political opponents, which is what she has decided to do. By failing to "remember" the exact place and time of the assault, she removes any opportunity to debunk her claims with a substantiated alibi. This is a common tactic of the liar.

It is transparent. Our understanding of the left, their devotion to using the media, the courts and Congress to advance the collectivist agenda, that each and all support abortion as a sanctified rite of the death cult leads us to this conclusion. The feminazis with all of their insane and desperate proclamations of doom should Kavanaugh be confirmed makes this conclusion the only rational conclusion.

The communists forfeited the benefit of the doubt long ago, when accusations of blatant rape were leveled against Bill Clinton and there was no loss of continuity of agenda with the National Organization for Women (NOW). None. The principles they claim all fell subordinate to the leader of the communist agenda in America at the time, Bill Clinton. To treat any accusation of sexual misconduct with more vehemence than they did for comrade Bill, is a lie, a tactic, a communist ploy.

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Communism In America

Those who believe in a republican form of government are incapable of understanding a communist. Their lives are designed specifically to distance themselves from politics.  They might hold opinions, but think nothing more of it than to express those opinions on occasion. Their opinions are not their agenda.

Communists live their opinions; breathe them in; they are given to them by their leaders and they become part of their soul.  It is their duty to express those opinions, because they are relaying the message of their leaders to the rest.  They need to use these opinions to sniff out enemies and confirm the identities of comrades.

Communists have spent generations upon generations to stand where they do now; in the land of their enemy, growing stronger and stronger.  People in the United States who are not communists, joined the fight against them yesterday in relative terms, if they have joined it at all.

The fight is something small "r" republicans detest. It is politics taken to the furthest extent. What gives the communists strength is an effort for republicans.

Antifa, the representatives of communist strength in America, breeds in universities among the easily impressed and coerced children. They have set up a convincing battleground between Anti-fascists and fascists.  Communists need an evil enemy and just as in every other conflict, they choose to fight the Nazis, which they call fascists.

This is confusing to Americans who think of fascists as Hitler or Mussolini with all of the baggage that come with those names.  Americans don't feel like Hitler or Mussolini supporters.  They don't seek power over others or world domination.  Americans want largely to be left alone to live their lives.  This only makes them easy prey.

The truth, the thing Americans need to get keep in mind when they see things happening in their world is that it is all connected. There are several different social efforts aimed directly at their comfort zones.  Kneeling during the national anthem during football games is intended to denigrate the flag and the patriotic, especially the patriotic.

America, as constituted, must be destroyed if communism is to be instituted in a way that operates openly.  The communists have been in power in the United States Government for decades, even the whole of the Twentieth Century, but the people rarely see the effects of it. The principles in the FBI and the Mueller investigation and what is referred to as the Deep State are merely spikes in activity that rise off of the normally flat line of concealment.

But, now that it is out there, that the deep state is acknowledged by Americans, you notice that none of them bat an eye at their obvious illegality, or accusations of treason. Do they hide, or refute? No, they go on television and lie without concern for consequences, because anyone who might make them suffer the consequences are in as deep as they are. Their arrogance is indicative of how entrenched the communists are.

What Americans need to understand is that these are the forces aligned against them, because they have allowed themselves to be considered fascists. Knowing it is a lie is irrelevant. They are building a stage upon which you play the evil fascist to their communist hero.

Americans are being denied their humanity, the first step on the road to genocide. I don't know if all of this leads to genocide, by the time that is known it will be way past time to resist it. The key is to identify the enemy, their methods of coercion, their weapons against you and to resist every single one of them.

They use guilt. The power and wealth of America is used by communists to turn that strength into a weakness. Fear of being called names and the guilt of being fortunate enough to have been born into such a culture is being turned against Americans and they are allowing it, encouraging it, but that is not American. It is not American tear down the successful and criticize strength. It is American to recognize those things and work to replicate success and strength.

All nations are guilty of atrocities. Americans can not absolve themselves of their atrocities by embracing the atrocities of the communists or Islamists (which, in effect, are the same thing).

One does not devour an elephant with a fork. No single enemy of the United States can successfully attack, kill and consume America. Even taking over the government has not allowed them to subdue the individual American. Being individuals is the strength of Americans, if they will embrace it for what it is and refuse the collectivist mindset. It is already too late for many, but they can be reclaimed.

The communists are intent upon coming under different banners to cause confusion and to disrupt resistance to their message. Ignore their insistence on being referred to under their banner. Recognize their nature, how they deal with enemies. No matter how they are disguised, they all reveal themselves through their tactics.

Anyone who opposes their goals are phobic. Enemies are not allowed to debate. No other message can come through but their message. Lying is a tactic. Those who oppose them must be labeled and defamed. They never counter an argument, but label and defame their opponent.

Notice that nowhere in this text have I called communists anything other than what they call themselves openly.

The truth is this: we have all bought into some form of communism over the past hundred years. Identifying those communist principles, programs or organizations are not attacks on the individual. We have all done it, our fathers and mothers have bought into it. Communism is not bad because it appeals to the working man and woman, it is bad because it is a death cult that in full force is nothing other than absolute control, the destruction of the individual and the annihilation of independent thought. That is why it always fails and in failing commits genocide.

Those things: the individual, independent thought and uncontrolled action are the things that make society healthy and powerful. The individual who thinks of a product, who is free to build it and free to sell it is the very engine of a free society and the communist will always fail, because they cannot duplicate this. Their need for control and coercion always get in the way.

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