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Lies of Omission
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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Dark, Hulking Figure of Government

My experience with the IRS came at the height of what we now know was a period of intimidation and discrimination against conservative groups. At the time I was involved in organizing a political event in Washington, D.C. Perhaps I was naive enough to think I had to do something wrong to be targeted by the IRS.

I knew that Guardians of Liberty would shake some people up, that we would get the attention of liberal groups, labor unions, etc. I expected that and prepared for it. When the local Guido from the IRS entered my place of business, I didn't give him much thought. He demanded my records, which I explained were with my CPA. That is why I had a CPA; to get it right. The CPA did the payroll taxes and sent a package to me to sign and put in the mail with a check. I had done nothing wrong and felt no guilt or shame, it would all get worked out. No matter what he thought I had done, I knew I had not.

That began a year-long period of harassment, demanding records after records until they found a mistake I had made, an honest mistake. I still feel no guilt over that mistake, but it was that day that I go back to time after time when I think of our government.

He stood in my outer office, hovering in a dark overcoat. He demanded my records as if I were supposed to nervously fumble through my filing cabinet to comply as soon as possible. I was supposed to get nervous; that was the reaction he needed to send the message he was sent to deliver. I was supposed to re-think my latest actions and put two and two together.

That is the face of our government: hulking figures in dark overcoats; masked men with guns and tanks; men weilding tazers at the slightest provocation; SWAT teams acting on liberal tipsters. This is what they want us to see. They record our conversations, they sift through our e-mails looking for terrorist links, but "terrorists" today are defined so as to encompass a large percentage of the population, i.e. conservatives. A church-going conservative with a gun might as well be the leader of an Al-Qaeda cell.

This what our silence has purchased.

Tyranny cannot be voted out of office. The problem is systemic, not incidental. There is no single candidate who will turn this around. There is no party that will stop the systematic corruption that has grown on the fertile ground of Washington D.C. We cannot just pull the weeds around our precious republic, the weeds have grown to choke out the crops.


  1. Someone once told me "The only thing left to do is shoot the bastards".

    They are eating the elephant one bite at a time. If they continue to chip away at us without causing enough outrage to warrant a mass reaction, then they will win.

    I am no "operator", but there are such men among our ranks. Perhaps operating is something which should already be occurring. Perhaps shadows and rumors of punishment for these grievances would give the SS pause. Perhaps a visit from a concerned citizen every time a person is harassed or a dog killed would cause the stooges to think twice. Maybe, just maybe.

  2. I also went through "a year of Hell" by the IRS for my "activities". I won by filing a court case. Once the case was scheduled on the docket, their attitude quickly changed. The IRS settlement was literally done withing three minutes and the supervisor laughed when I asked how he could resolve this so quickly after a year of harassment. My total settlement cost: $60 to file the case and $0 to the IRS.

    But the point is not about my experience either. Tyranny will not stop and T.L. is correct: it cannot be voted out of office. What will good men with Sacred honor do to fight evil?

    David DeGerolamo

  3. Time to send the message - This IRS agent should be swinging from a street light.


  4. I am in the battle now. It started in the year 2000 when I looked at the IRC and could not find a description of me and my circumstances as being subject to any tax. I then took this to the IRS via letter asking for verification of their claim that I owed them money.The reply varied from "our records show that you do" to "Give us the money or we will take all your shit now and future and throw you in jail!!!!!"
    As they would provide no evidence or affidavit to prove their claim, I ceased sending them money or "returns". Then In 2009 I published a book on the subject. It's "Are you a Taxpayer? Really? Prove It!" available on Amazon Kindle section. Then in 2011 I opened Nontaxpayer.US So I could help folks get free of the most controlling mechanism in America. That got their attention. In August this year they indicted me on 3 counts of "Tax Evasion" with the penilty if convicted beeing 15 years in the pen and $750,000 in fines. A big stick for being rowdy enough to question authority, wouldn't you say. I have been cataloging the progress on a blog at if you would like to keep up. Also there is a donation page at This deal is going to require me to be going to and from New Jersey /Omaha where the case was filed. Sure could use some gas money. My next motion goes to the lack of following forth amendment procedures and counter-suing for $3,000,000. Things are bound to get interesting after they read it.
    Strength and Honor!

    1. Good luck! You've got balls of steel Chet..This usually doesn't end well for anyone who questions them or tries to fight. I don't trust the Government's courts so I just stay out of the system and don't produce enough to owe them anything. Effectively doing my part to starve the beast but I respect the hell out of people like you who morally understand that we do not own the government a red cent on our labor and will fight them on it!! Good luck but if they get you, don't go into their prison system willingly!!! Go to Brazil and live a nice long comfy life in spite of the bastards!!!

  5. Look..I grew up defending my honor, my little sister and virtually all of my friends from Bullies. I know how they react if you do nothing. They increase their bullying and harassment until they are finally stood up to and stopped. What totalitarian system has ever backed down of their own accord? In my experience, all thugs need to be put down and PHYSICALLY STOPPED. It's basic Jungle law but the problem here, is that the Government is well versed in this psychology and eats away at our honor just enough so as to not awaken the sleeping giant. Will they ever make a mistake, overstep their approach and unleash the righteous indignation of patriots? That remains to be seen.

    For those of us who believe in the tenets of our founding fathers I suspect there will be a line and if crossed some of us will act. We will die but will take a few with us and it's about the only thing that may possibly wake up patriots on the fence because if they take us, then they'll take everyone. I pray that local AO's start to effectively get cleaned out of traitors once it starts. What have we done besides strive to live our lives unobstructed by the chains of overbearing government? To their thinking, if we don't bend the knew than we should be removed. I find this abhorrent in the United States of America, that our forefathers liberated and founded. God help us.

  6. Someone needs to build a website that lists the Names and addresses of these individuals. Citizens could upload names of gov functionaries they are dealing with and the circumstances involved. Just for educational purposes of course.

  7. Frightening, T.L. Its good to have you back.

  8. The Proglodytes aren't making quite the kind of progress they were seeking, which if this continues will likely prompt the Left's use of false flag events. But even that isn't guaranteed to have the desired results since such tactics are now fairly well-known. All that said, the Left fears its agenda is getting side-tracked. They need to feel a more visceral fear, a fear that all their lies and provocations and sticks-in-the-eye will in fact begin resulting in simple, unpredictable bodily harm. I'm amazed at the self-restraint conservatives have shown despite covert krystallnacht-like provocations. The Left won't let this 'moment' slip away. Expect more than verbal in-your-face vitriol. I don't doubt the Left will resort to violence first, large-scale violence.

  9. This has been going on for decades. It didn't start with Obama and it won't end with Obama.


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