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Monday, December 23, 2013

The Miracle of America

I know there are Christians who believe they are without sin. There are hypocrites. There are evangelists who take advantage of the gullible. I know these people exist and exhibit their Christianity as some form of personal advantage. That is not the Christianity of Christ. That is the same as government officials who claim to represent America. It is a fraud.

Christianity appeals to me, because I am flawed; because I need work. Christians, for the most part, are the humble; the sinners who seek to be better; to draw strength from their faith to overcome their human weaknesses. I know that without Christ, I am a much worse person. I work every day to keep that other T.L. in check and a belief in God and Christ help me to do that. When my inner anger and hostility seek vent, I ask if that is really the sort of reaction I want God to see.

So, having said that, the link between our founders and the Christian faith cannot be denied. I believe that it was with Christian humility that they formed a government that did not place one single man at the head of government. Yes, they were drafting a charter to distance themselves from a monarch, but also, humility must have played a part. Somewhere, our greatest minds did not seek to rule over us themselves. Out of a million different forms of government, they chose one which shared the power across a spectrum to give every soul a voice.

To watch Obama act as a dictator, with our friendly media to back his every play and to divert the attention of the people away from his open abuse of power is an indication how far we have come, not just from the founders, but from Christianity itself. Were we a more vocally Christian nation, would we tolerate the actions of a president who has not once stood to protect Christians in Egypt?

Since the overthrow of Mubarak in Egypt Christians have been openly murdered, their churches destroyed without a word from our supposed Christian president. I say "supposedly" because his bona-fides have not been documented. Visiting the church of Jeremiah Wright is not exactly proof of Christian values.

The juxtaposition of all of this is that through our wealth as a nation, due to a republican form of government and the capitalist system,  America has helped untold millions of people in dire need. One cannot visit Africa without encountering some missionary endeavors. The creation of wealth must benefit all. Anyone who has ever had a great deal of money knows that there is no way to keep that money from benefiting the poor. There just isn't. Even if the richest individual does not offer a penny to charity, those they employ do. In a Christian nation this is true, because it is the Christian ethic to do so.

The miracle of America itself is the joining of a republican form of government with a capitalist economic system. This produces a free people with the capital to endow the greatest number of Christians with the ability to act on their charitable instincts.

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