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Lies of Omission
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Friday, January 3, 2014

A World of Destitution

Some of the greatest political events in America, perhaps the world, were initiated by Christians. When Christians fled Britain to gain freedom from the dictates of the Church of England, they went to America; populating a far-off land under dangerous, even deadly circumstances. They established religious freedom and infused the New World with the concept of liberty.

Once in America, Christians developed the earliest educational and humanitarian organizations, most of which survive today, though many have shed their religious cloak and have taken up the task of destroying religious endeavor.

Early Abolitionists were also almost exclusively Christian. Many of the great movements that brought America into enlightenment were founded by the clergy. The Boy Scouts were Christian, once.

Why is it then that Christians are absent from the great debates of today? Have they lost their voice, or have they simply been bullied from the public stage?

Great questions as to religious freedom are being answered today in a vacuum. Aside from the sole voice of Phil Robertson standing on principle, no other outcry has come from the religious community. Certain organizations have requested exemptions from the contraceptive mandate of Obamacare, but Christians as a whole have not risen up to demand respect for their First Amendment rights.

Where is the Christian zeal that has inspired so many world-changing events in the past?

A protest over a television program is not exactly founding the Abolitionist movement, is it?

It is the obligation of the American Christian to defend religious freedom. Christianity is under siege by the same forces who have come after all freedoms.

Sadly, too many of the Christians in America endorse a socialist world-view. They mistakenly believe that giving other people's money to the poor is a Christian act. It is not. Whatever a Christian does with their money is their own business, but voting for taxes, Obamacare, welfare, etc is not the same thing as charity, it is enslavement.

America as a Christian nation did more for the poor than it will ever do as a secular nation that refutes the word of the Lord. What we do with the power of Christianity is our choice, but the loss of America as a Christian nation, a free nation, will plunge the world into destitution.


  1. "Once in America, Christians developed the earliest educational and humanitarian organizations,"

    The earliest educational organisations? The modern version of colleges goes back to the 12th and 13th centuries, before that monasteries and private tutors provided education for those who could afford it or work it off.

    Regardless of your feelings on slavery, listing the abolitionists as a group to be proud of tells me you know little about them.

    1. I wish you would take the time to read it. "Once in AMERICA," this means after arrival in America, the supposition is that they developed these organizations in America, not that once in America they developed these organizations in Europe.

      As for Abolitionists, I didn't say I was proud of them, but since I consider slavery to be a bad thing, for anyone, it is worth note that the impetus to abolish it came from Christian organizations.

      But the point of the post was not to support Christians, abolitionists, or boy scouts for that matter, but to ask where their voice is in these crucial debates on the future of religious freedom.

    2. ..."the earliest educational and humanitarian organisation" in America. OK. I have been reading history over the past couple weeks and my mental POV is more Euro-centric, I had to shift gears.

      The abolitionists were Christian only in name. They were the original "social justice" crusaders in America. Brock Townsend's Free NC blog has posted several interesting things recently about abolitioinists.

      Other than being founded by a Christian culture, I don't think there has really been a Christian voice in many political or social debates in US history. If there had been, we would not having these debates today! Christianity is not a revolutionary position in a Christian society, any "progress" will be driven by anti-Christian voices.

    3. The point was not necessarily movements I agree with, but political activism that has been traditionally Christian in the US until very recently. I did not agree with Prohibition, either, but it was as much a feminist movement as it was a Christian movement, so I left it out of the list.

      My point was that Christian activism is absent, not whether they are doing things I like or not. So, now they get a chance to actually stand up for religious liberty and they seek individual waivers from those restrictions.

      I guess I should have pointed out that I don't agree with a lot of Christian activism, but if I have to put up with the stuff I don't like, like prohibition, why are they not active when they should be?

    4. The defact world view of the majority of US society has been Christian since the beginning. All the examples you give are progressives masquerading as Christians. The temperance movement was extremely unpopular, at least as unpopular as obamacare is today, it was forced through like most unpopular legislation.

      Being the default, Christians have never really been activist, at most they have been reactivist, resisting the push for "progress". Orgs like the Boy Scouts (before their recent "progress") were simply social organisations based on existing societal values, their purpose was not activism, per se, but providing a social outlet for boys who were already being raised in the same values.

      For the record, just because some group is registered as a church doesn't mean they're actually Christian. Wolves in sheep clothing.

  2. When the first English Protestants landed in America to flee "religious" persecution in England from the Anglican (Church of England) Church, they proceeded to persecute the Catholics. All thirteen original States passed laws proscribing laws and regulations against Catholics, in all practicality it was forbidden to nearly be a Catholic, and no Catholics were allowed by law to hold office or positions of any authority or rank.

    At the start of the Revolutionary War, less than 1% of the pop. of America was Catholic, however, studies have shown that Washington's army was from between 50-80% Catholic. Even the French and Spanish, who assisted in the American Revolution, of whose help made our victory possibly, sent their "Irish Catholic" regiments to help the revolutionaries. In near all the early colonies Catholics by law were even forbidden from owning weapons, and yet they came to the aid of the founding of our country under extreme prejudice and in numbers out of all proportion to their population.

    Consequently, we have the Puritans fleeing religious persecution to turn around and immediately persecute those of other religions.

    However, the hidden, if you might say that, enemy of the continuation of the American experiment, the element that was and is the bale and demise of the American Republic, is the Constitution, which guaranteed the freedom of all religions and the "separation of Church and State"

    The Constitution officially separates America from God, in that no religion is recognized officially by the State and "all" religions are given, by law freedom of expression and practice. Now, that the fools in this country opened up immigration to non-Christian countries, now that we have Muslims, Hindu's, Oriental Pagans, and increasing numbers of Atheists emigrating into America, we now have come to the inevitable realization that the separation of Church and State and the opening of the flood gates of non-Christian emigration, spells the demise of our nation or the coming violent confrontation.

    Now that Atheists, Hindu's, Muslims, Pagans, Jews, and the like are assuming positions of legislative powers as Senators, Congressmen, State Legislators, etc, whose beliefs are beginning to find themselves in the new laws of these United States. Let's face it, although Protestants and Catholics, not always equally friendly, have given tolerance to non-Christians, these same non-Christians have no tolerance for the latter.

    In the early 1960's, legislators, including Ted Kennedy, purposely formulated immigration policy's that would dilute and eventually destroy the cultural identity of
    America. Marxist (Russian) infiltration into American politics and society beginning especially in the 1930's, began planting the demise of our Republic with the introduction of massive atheist propaganda, abortion, homosexuality, contraception, pornography, etc, all affronts and attacks on Christianity - and how many "good" Christians have not only allowed this but participated in the war against Christ. The election of B. Obama, Muslim/Marxist, of the Democratic Party, which openly and publicly espouses, supports, and protects, homosexuals, contraception, pornography, abortion, etc, who publicly oppose God and His Commandments, is the telling tale of a nation that has lost its identity, its faith, and its soul. And God have mercy on all those who voted for this Communist/Muslim Obama whose soul goal is the demise of America and the establishment of a Marxist Dictatorship.

    1. The immigrants were not just Protestants, but largely Puritans, who were also guilty of the witch hunts. There is no loss of hypocrisy in the Christian faith. See the above reply to better understand the point I was trying to make.

  3. The tax exempt status (and the requirements of that status) of churches has castrated the american christian. We are taught from youth the total submission to the authority of the state as a duty of the christian. Even when that authority goes against every law of God. We render unto Caesar, while convienently forgetting that everything is Gods.


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