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Lies of Omission
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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Christ Is Not A Socialist

Evil will reveal itself in a myriad of ways. The most destructive way is in the form of Christians themselves. There is a sect of Christianity that follows a liberal agenda, who profess Christ as a socialist. These socialist Christians vote for things like Obamacare, "because everyone should have access to medicine."

The Lord said: “If you would be perfect, go, sell what you possess and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven; and come, follow me.” Matthew 19:21

The Lord did not say: "If you want to be perfect, go, sell all of your neighbors things and give them to the poor." He did not say: "Take everything from your neighbor, sell it and give it to the poor, then follow me."

Charity is a personal thing; it requires personal sacrifice and a willingness to do so from one's own heart, with conviction. Charity cannot be found when theft is the first act in the chain of events.

Socialist Christians also believe that Christianity should not be defended through force, with the aid of weapons. But, they willingly use the force of weapons of the state to take from citizens the wealth they have created through their labor, which the state will then use to distribute through government to people it considers worthy of charity, usually those who will submit to the state.

They forget, or rather refuse to recall, that Jesus was a rebel. Jesus rebelled against the rabbis of the day who had lost their way. When the government of the synagogue had become wicked it was Jesus who confronted them, who sacrificed everything to confront them. In that time it was the synagogue that sought sanction from the government to destroy Jesus, not because he sought to "get along" with sinners, or to placate the evils of the rabbis, but because he challenged their authority, which they had lost.

There are denominations today who seek to placate the evils of today's society. There are denominations who seek to distance themselves from the Word in order to conform to a Godless society. Worse, they attack Christians who recognize that freedom to worship is worth fighting for; who understand that a society of liberty provides Christians the freedom to do the work of the Lord. Socialist societies permit religion so long as it serves the purpose of the state. Christianity serves only one master: God. 

It is the duty of the Christian to protect the weak, to defend the children, to offer charity, to lead as many to salvation as possible. Often this requires only a dedication to the church; to Christ and to ask for guidance in the ways to achieve these goals. Yet, it might require more. 

One is not in conflict with Christian values to fight to defend society from the evils of socialism and communism. While capitalism is not necessarily Christian, it does provide the individual wealth platform from which many, in fact, most Christian inspiration is drawn. It is the role of Christianity to ensure that the wealth created by capitalism is not wasted on the evils of pride, avarice, lust and gluttony. Christianity cannot be well-served by any other economic system. 

It is a crime to rob Christians of their wealth and socialism seeks to do nothing else. Socialists seek to remove God from the state and replace Him with police; remove charity and replace it with programs, remove education and replace it with indoctrination. What other evils must be evident in order to recognize that socialism is anti-Christian and should be resisted at every turn, especially in the church?


  1. NO, Christ was not a socialist and it is because of this touchy, feely, wussing down of Christ that I no longer attend any church. I t does not matter which one I went to. One place even went so far as to claim Christ was a racist in some way. I stood up. voiced my disagreement and walked out.

    You cannot take Christ, Jesus out of Christianity nor the fact that he was actually a warrior in so many ways.

  2. Some time back, a blog I read planted a seed in my head that has grown quite potent about accuracy of language. The word Captialism is becoming extremely objectionable to me, especial in a narrative involving socialism and Christ. America's greatness came from our Founders ability to pursue happiness of their own Free Will in a free market economy governed by the Rule of Law based on Christ's teachings.

    Socialism& Communism/Captialism are simply the opposite sides of the same coin, facsism. Captialism only exists when a free market economy becomes beholden/controlled/enslaved by a gov't/bureaucracy. Captialism is a concept created by Marx to demonize a group of people to unite another larger group against them.

    1. You're mistaken: free enterprise and capitalism are one and the same. You seem to be making the same mistake that many today do: confusing corporatism with capitalism. Corporatism is what we get when a formerly capitalist economy "becomes beholden/controlled/enslaved by a gov't/bureaucracy." Corporatism is the economic policy practiced by (among others) Germany in the 1930s. They referred to it then as fascism. It is the system by which government does not own, but controls private enterprise, either by law, regulation, or other coercion. It leads to higher prices, bigger government, the aggrandizement of large corporations at the expense of small business, and greater disparity in wealth.

      I hope you will stop referring to corporatism as "capitalism" – which is what the left does in order to vilify the free enterprise system.

  3. Some time ago I learned that the important thing about writing is to communicate. General terms hardly ever provide the accuracy that one might like, but it is better to communicate the point than to spend 600 words educating the reader on particulars and lose the point altogether.

    But, I find nothing offensive about capitalism, our society is based on capital. That Marx used the term as a pejoriative does not change my vision of its virtue. In fact, the fact that Marx hated it and saw it as a bad thing sort of lets me know how good capitalism must be, when it is not corrupted by government.

    1. I try to say "free enterprise" instead of using "capitalism", but old habits die hard. Phelan Kell is referring to what is usually called "crony capitalism", which bears the same relation to free enterprise or "capitalism" that "social justice" bears to justice. I.e., it is a mockery of the term.

  4. FYI, "Rendering Unto Caesar: Was Jesus a Socialist?" is a new, free e-book available in multiple formats (including audio) at


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