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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Re-living History

American society today is almost identical to September 10th, 2001, before the terrorist attack that took down the World Trade Center towers. It is a society whistling past the graveyard, knowing deep down that a reckoning is at hand. The difference is: the United States Government is the enemy to be revealed in one shocking attack that few anticipated.

Just as the WTC was attacked in 1993, but survived long enough for the forces of terrorism to regroup and return with a greater, more elaborate plan, the citizens of the United States were attacked by its government on October 3, 2008 when it passed the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP), choosing to support banks and investment firms over its citizens. It chose to stabilize the economy by washing away crimes and bad practices of banks to the detriment of the people, thereby washing away trillions in equity in homes and investments. Instead of seeking to replace the people's money, they (the government) took more of the people's money and gave it to the banks.

TARP did stabilize a shaky financial system, but at the cost of everything America stood for. Just as the Patriot Act stabilized a shaky political system, but at the cost of everything America stood for.

Since October 3, 2008 the government has empowered the IRS, militarized police departments, changed the definition of "enemies" to include returning veterans; Christians; believers in the Constitution; those preparing to survive the obvious next attack; and many others. It has stacked the military with commanders who understand their role as defending the U.S. Government, not necessarily the people or the states of the United States.  

The Constitution, the only protection the people have against a tyrannical government and the only peaceful recourse the people have against intrusion into their private affairs by government, has been discredited, ignored, violated and diminished through direct actions of the president, congress and the federal court system, effectively trapping us all in our towers until the plane can get off the ground.

After the first financial attack against the citizens of the United States (TARP legislation) there came a backlash in the form of the Tea Party. The propagandists (U.S. media) have focused on the unveiling of Obamacare as the impetus for the Tea Party, but that is just to label it with racist and bigoted viewpoints to discredit it. The actual beginning of the Tea Party was in reaction to TARP and other bailouts before Obama could take office, so it was as much a reaction to Republican initiatives as it was to Obamacare.

Obamacare, however, was another motivating factor recognized by the Tea Party as being unconstitutional, devastating in effect, massively expensive and offering little to no benefit. In response to their reaction to Obamacare they were labeled racists and bigots. They were confronted by labor unions who helped to elect Barack Obama and were enlisted to support every initiative he might devise.

(It is interesting to note that every group, including labor unions, who fought so hard to pass Obamacare, have sought waivers from its effects; waivers willingly given ((unconstitutionally)) by Barack Obama.)

American citizens are right now sitting on September 10th, 2001 unaware that war has been declared against them. They know that their government hates them, that it considers them stupid and weak, as other terrorists have done in the past. Americans know that their rights are being violated; that the Constitution cannot stop those in power from implementing any sort of plan they wish; that plans are being made by the government to handle civil unrest; that the government has been snooping into their e-mails and phone calls (compiling an enemies list?). All the signs are there of an impending attack against the people, just as the signs that Jihadists were taking flight lessons were there before

To all of this the average American citizen has remained silent. Yes, there are some rabble-rousers here and there, but the media has dealt with them fairly effectively through misinformation, disinformation and missing information. Just as the media labeled anyone nervous about the Jihadists taking flying lessons as bigots.

The political answer to all of this appears to be: vote Republican. Go ahead, see what good it does. You see, for those who hate America (a good portion of those in government) it is an opportunity for a little "creative destruction" of their own. In order to create a better America, they have to destroy it. One should be careful to define what a "better" America means to them, but a peek at the IRS should be a hint.

On election day, when the people are supposed to have their voices heard, they will be given a choice of Marxism or Marxism-lite; i.e. Democrat or Republican. There is no candidate that will make the final cut that will support the Constitution and be willing to enforce its authority by ridding the government of all of those who have violated their oaths to it. That choice is not there, so all of us who believe that it should be, will be allowed to vote for something else, or to not vote at all.

Most likely, our votes will be discarded, or nullified by those who should not be voting at all (non-citizens who have been given the go-ahead to vote anyway, citizen or not, by the major political parties). The push for amnesty is a means of making these illegal votes legal just prior to the election, but what is legal is of little consequence to a government that has discarded the rule of law.

It is time to stop playing what-if's and should-be's in the face of such revelations as we have been witness to over the past decade. Yes, start as far back as the passage of the Patriot Act in October of 2001. What has taken place is battlefield preparation and psychological operations to condition us to react, or rather, fail to react, to the next attack on America and its people.

No one knows for sure when this attack will come. There are no mystical means of divining the exact moment, but like September 10th, all the signs are there. Even then, there was a moment on September 11th that it all could have been averted. The intent was known, the suspects (many of them) had been identified by one government agency or another; most had over-stayed their visas, etc. 9-11 could very easily have been prevented, but the war declared on America by the Jihadists would not have come to an end.

Republicans have the intelligence that unconstitutional acts are taking place; they know the suspects acting against the interests of American citizens; they know there are laws being violated and so are just like the INS agents who did not deport the Jihadists before September 11. As such, they are no allies. They are at best incompetent public servants and at worst collaborators.

A Constitution that does not bind government officials to its limitations cannot invest them with authority. Without authority the only weapon left to the government is force. Have you ever spoken to a government official, be it clerk at the DMV, or police officer, or representative who did not, behind a shallow veil, have force readily at hand? Now you know where you stand.

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