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Monday, January 20, 2014

Supporting Our Own

A couple of valuable links today. All for the future, which is coming faster than time can measure.

Jebadiah Fisher Seed
Founders 1911 at III Arms

When thinking about these products consider the critical times we live in. The media elected Barack Obama, they have supported him, even when he calls us all racists. They will never let the gains they have made toward communism slide back, not until every one of those who remember freedom are gone.

Time is on their side, not on the side of freedom. Every generation brings a lessened understanding of liberty, just as I cannot fathom the liberty my Great Grandfathers knew in the frontier of Kentucky of the 18th Century, neither can our grandchildren fathom the liberty we had in the 20th Century.

We are dying; they are winning. Timing is the only relevant factor.

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