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Lies of Omission
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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Christian Role in Resistance

There is no definitive "Christian." It is not a class, or race, or gender. There are different classifications of Christians from the devout to the "I believe in a greater power" sorts. Just as there are no "whites" or "blacks" or "Jews" or "homosexuals." These terms defy definition, because there are people behind the terms with their own minds about what is right and wrong.

So, the Christian role in the ongoing political disaster also defies definition. As a Christian, what am I supposed to do? Is it right for me to fight as King David, or to count myself as a martyr like Peter? If one believes the United States of America to be a Christian nation, founded by Christians, safe for Christianity, known for religious freedom and charity, is it not right to fight to secure those blessings?

The founders often referred to the "blessings of liberty," which were not the blessings of a government, but of the Lord. We are endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights. Is it not right to fight for he blessings of the Lord, to secure them for all posterity? Obviously these are not my words, but the words of the founders of this nation, but they are infused with the need for faith to be built into our motivations.

On the other side of the political divide there are those who say: "I am not doing anything wrong, so I don't see any danger from the government viewing my e-mails, tapping my phone, etc." They can say this, because they are short-sighted and actually interested in the destruction of freedom for whatever purpose they might have. But, that is not the society that is interested in privacy for the sake of liberty, because anything one does can and will be considered wrong in the future.

Right now, today, all across this once free nation, Christians are becoming wrong and they don't even understand it. Christianity is being outlawed and it is conceivable that in the future speaking out for Christianity will be associated with hatred and hate speech. I don't need a crystal ball to see this coming and it is so pervasive that no one else does either. It is in the process of becoming what Christians are doing "wrong" that will land them in jail or worse.

Is it not right to fight for Jesus? Is it not right to fight for the freedoms that allow Christians to practice their religion?

To some the purpose of the Revolutionary War was to secure freedom from the British; from their oppression. The Brits were also Christian, so most don't make the connection that Christianity was in large part the ideal to be secured by that war.

Man was created not in a state of servitude (other than to serve God), but of liberty, with one or two caveats such as: "Do not eat of the tree of knowledge." Just as there was no guarantee that with freedom from British rule that all patriots would be able to violate the laws of society without fear of reprisal, so was early Man not free to be in liberty and violate God's laws. But, at the core of it all was a sense that God had given the new world a fresh start at the garden of Eden, where hard work and faith would produce blessings nowhere else available.

So, it is not enough that the Marxists in political office seek the destruction of the Constitution, they must also destroy the Christian zeal that brought it about in the first place. If Christians finally identify the United States as a creation of God for the faithful, to strike out from that secure base with Christian ideals and charity into the world to secure for the world liberty to do the same and reap the benefits of a free society, they must also come to the conclusion that such a society is worth fighting for. It matters less how each individual Christian "fights" for this sacred land, but that they do so and that they start now.


  1. "Is it not right to fight for Jesus? Is it not right to fight for the freedoms that allow Christians to practice their religion?"

    Those are questions that have only one answer.

    The destruction of all "intermediating institutions" between the State ans its subjects is a mandatory part of the Left's program. Sources of doubt of the legitimacy of the Omnipotent State are the greatest threat to its tenure. This is particularly important as regards the "Formation" of the minds of the young. (Cf. James Clavell, The Children's Story)

  2. I think a central tenet/problem of today’s churches/congregations is their malleability, their willingness to go along to get along. Political Correctness has taken advantage of their respectful, polite natures, over time and has pushed them into a box that has neutered them to the point they won’t even express an opinion that differs from the ‘mainstream media’ for fear of hurting someone’s feelings.

    Now you suggest they fight, especially when they do not perceive themselves as doing anything wrong? Sadly the analogy of Christ as our shepherd has become so misrepresented that modern Christendom has quite literally become sheep in total instead of lamps in submission to His will. As if they could even argue their position any longer much less peacefully resist or fight a tyrannical gov’t.

    Whatever happened to the Christian warrior tradition? Strong, Wise and Courageous, but Meek and Humble before God alone?

    1. A very good point, one that I will address.

  3. For the Christian man, submission to an ungodly government (one that defies and/or violates God's law (Jefferson's, "the laws of Nature and of Nature's God...") is an affront to God. Very few (relatively speaking) men who call themselves Christian can comprehend their duty before God to protect innocents against tyranny, which by definition, whimsically requires violation of God's law (see above on Jefferson).

    A very good couple of books on the subject have been written by Chuck and Timothy Baldwin, and are called, "Romans 13: The True Meaning of Submission" and "Why Christians Should Keep Their Guns".

    Bottom line is that a Christian man should, in fact, BE a warrior, ready to defend innocent people against tyranny. At all times.

    Will be glad to read your post on such.


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