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Lies of Omission
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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Nation: A State of Non-existence

It is my opinion that there is no way to vote one's way out of the current political situation. I make this statement recognizing that there are those who will continue to seek a political (peaceful) solution to the current political situation until the very moment they are dispatched at the edge of a large pit filled with their neighbors and loved ones.

One must understand the political situation as it exists. There is no reverence for the Constitution, the only thing that decides who does and who does not wield the power and authority the citizens have placed in the government. There is a means by which to elect representatives, but representatives and senators who refuse to obey their oaths of office, who turn a blind eye to abuses of power and outright usurpation of their own powers can not be functioning as representatives or senators and therefore, whether duly elected or not, are traitors and subversives.

There are no separation of powers, no equality of governmental branches. There is a president acting wholly outside the Constitution, usurping and abusing power without limit or consequence. Once the Supreme Court signed off on Obamacare, it effectively ruled that whatever the government wishes shall be done. The decision, in that case, was so sloppy and contradictory that it demonstrated an absolute disregard for the rule of law, the Constitution, stare decisis and any number of other judicial instruments of justice.

The system is broken. It is no longer a system of government at all, but rather a system of power.

But, if one insists on trying to vote the nation out of non-existence, the only answer is to vote in a president so inspired by the Constitution, so dedicated to republican principles that they will do exactly as Barack Obama has done. Whomever it might be must enter the office of the president without an ounce of political concern. They must begin writing executive orders disbanding the Department of Homeland Security, ripping out the Patriot Act by the roots, giving waivers to everyone for Obamacare, so that it sits as a law with no one obliged to obey it. Gone would be the individual mandate, gone would be requirements on the insurance companies.

This saviour president would have to be someone absolutely dedicated to the Bill of Rights; dismantling any and all Second Amendment restrictions, done merely by signing an executive order. They would have to be willing to lock up the traitorous media, imprisoning or exiling television and movie stars for subversion to the republic. They would have to be willing to demilitarize local police departments, to enforce the border with U.S. military against subversive incursion. They would have to be willing to expose the NSA and employees to criminal charges and see to it that they spent time in prison for their violations of privacy, for their willingness to subvert the Constitution and for treason.

Show me that candidate. Tell me who I can vote for who will do all of that, or even a small portion of that and I will agree with you that there is a way to vote ourselves out of non-existence.

The fact is, unless we are willing to become tyrants ourselves, for our cause, as just as it truly is, there is no way to do this peacefully. Since I hold there is no way, I see no other alternative than to become subversives to the system in order to secure liberty and justice. Ourselves.


  1. Burn it to the ground. I will bring the hotdogs and coat hangers. -55six

  2. There is no candidate like that.

    The American Empire will do just as empires have done for millenia: crumble from within. There is no way the mesmerizing power of the media can keep it together. They will try force, yes, but this time, it won't be a declared secession of states; counties and areas will just refuse to obey Federal law, and dare the weak and crumbling Federal government to make them.

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  4. I'll never understand how America fell so far so fast. I suppose in part it was passing the 'necessary' measures to fight terrorism (Patriot Act etc), which the Democrats then turned around and started using against Americans (NSA, IRS). But maybe it goes deeper than that? Is it the socialism? Well, Canada, Australia, NZ all have socialist policies in place which have NOT destroyed or corrupted their systems of governance, yet this has apparently happened in the USA. Thus it can't solely be Obozo's socialist policies. Is it the gangster wing of the Democrat party? Consider this. In no other democratic state are members of the legislature allowed to do insider trading. In the US members of Congress do practice insider trading and become millionaires doing it. They were shamed into passing a law in 2012 outlawing it, then last year they quietly rescinded that law. Which House member has acquired the most in this manner? Nancy Pelosi. There is no single reason for America's decline, it's a perfect storm of phenomena that is all too real. I agree with the blogger here, it appears to be irreversible.


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