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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Certainty of Oppression

American patriots can look to Ukraine to understand how this sort of thing needs to go. We like to think that people in the streets will do nothing, but that's only if the protesters do nothing. It is not hard to provoke a line of protest-busting cops and reveal the dark heart of the government. That is the purpose of the front line soldier, to show the evil forces for what they are.

Read this post via WRSA and tell me you do not understand.

There are always objections; always principled excuses for failing to do what we all must know is necessary to re-establish the Constitution. Let me tick off a few:
-protesting doesn't work
-the protests are backed by or will be corrupted by Soros
-the media will make us out to be racists
-that's what they want, to get us all into one place and exterminate us
-I don't want to be associated with (Tea Party, Christians, militias, etc)
-we need a trigger
-we need a leader
-we will be supplying a false flag for the government
-I support the (First, Second, Fourth, Fifth, Ninth or Tenth Amendment) I do not support the (First, Second, Fourth, Fifth, Ninth or Tenth Amendment)
-I don't worship at the feet of the Constitution
-I don't want to go to jail, what if someone does something illegal?
-we just need to elect Republicans
-we just need to elect conservatives
-we need to elect Libertarians
-if I participate I will leave my family and friends exposed

Those are a few that I have heard. They all spell one thing: "let's sit around and complain rather than act."

There are a few hard facts: the people are the only ones who have ever been able to make a difference. That comes with the risk to one's life. That comes with making sacrifices of every kind and yet, we lose a little at a time and that seems better.

We watched the government and the bankers take trillions of dollars in homes, property and cash without much more than the creation of a law-abiding, low-key Tea Party, one which, if it had proceeded to demand rather than ask politely of the government, could have changed the very structure of the nation in a few short months. But, they didn't capitalize on sentiment and reaction, rather, they chose to spend their time deflecting accusations of racism. Out of fear of looking violent, they chose to strap a yoke on their neck and were quickly co-opted by establishment Republicans looking for a way to win elections.

When it happens again, when they steal even more trillions from nationalizing IRSs, 401ks, bank accounts, or restrict deductions from any or all of these, we will all again sit silent as we have done before. We have already established our credentials.

Whenever I write such posts I am accused of doing nothing. I have put efforts into such actions at great expense to myself. I have gone to Washington, got permits to hold a demonstration, been followed around by scrubs through the streets of DC. I have written a book to distribute to get the message across, most of the time free of charge or minimal charge so I could re-print. I have created organizations to do these things. I don't blame anyone for not coming along, for not sharing my vision. It is not important that they see things my way, I am willing to see things their way, but something has to happen. I have done all I could and been left with two others on the day of the big demonstration (the three of us are in a picture somewhere).

Ukraine is an example of what action looks like; Libya is another; Egypt is another; Syria is another. It is not that we do not know how such things are done. It is uncomfortable, some people get hurt, some killed, the demonstration is always in jeopardy of betrayal, of being co-opted by larger forces bent on taking that initial impulse and turning it to their ends. There is no safe revolution, or (in our case) counter-revolution. There is no guarantee that we will get what we want, but in every other political protest and action, it has caused, or may cause the fall of the government.

By inaction we have allowed the actions of the DHS, the IRS, the FBI, the NSA and the bankers. We have put the tools of our own oppression in their hands. They have challenged us and we have fallen silent. I stood on the mall with about a million other people listening to Glenn Beck. One word from him at that moment would have changed everything and he gave not a word of action.

Peace is delivered by only two methods: 1) the legal and binding contract between the government and the people which details the rights of the people and the rights of the government and respect for each; 2) absolute oppression and suppression of the human right to life, liberty and property (pursuit of happiness).

The patriot has the law on his side, no matter how well it has been bent to the aims of the government. It is our great desire to live under the contract that should motivate us. It is the government that is in violation of the contract, not the people. Yet, we sit idle, waiting for the chains; for the pits to be dug so that we can act. We watch while police departments are militarized, while the military trains to subdue us and we pay for it with our taxes, believing ourselves to be rational.

I have lost everything in pursuit of these goals. After I formed Guardians of Liberty, my business was audited by the IRS until they found one little mistake; the government made survival of my business impossible by protecting banks instead of individuals, preventing me from reorganizing debt that would have been manageable. I have been forced to leave my home state in search of employment.

There are risks of action, but there is absolute certainty of oppression in inaction. 

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